12 Best Wooden Toys for Toddlers in 2020

Wooden toys have existed for years! They are changing shape since the beginning of the time. Even the first tools and toys are made of wood since the beginning of humanity. So we understood that wooden toys have a real importance in our life! There are a variety of wooden toys, including education or entertainment ones! Every one of them has a value and plays a significant role in the lives of our toddlers! Toddlers are flooded with tons of toy choices, and because of these, wooden toys are at the end of the line! This is a terrible thing if we mainly think about the heritage of the wooden toys left for us.

Most of these high-tech toys are not as innocent as well. They are made of metal and plastic material, which can be harmful to your toddler from time to time! There are also too many harmful things like video games that produce extra dopamine. Extra dopamine is really bad for your kid, especially in the development stages. Most of the companies also offering really great deals on most of the toys because of the manufacturing techniques. They can easily pull the price down and make you buy these toys without any effort! We all fall into this prey of sweet deals! However, you can always go with the cheaper and better toys for your kids, and wooden toys are one of that! You can quickly get a wooden train set for your toddler and make him or she enjoy the process!

Top Toys

 Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube – Classic Wooden Toy With 12 Shapes

  • 12 different sized, shaped, and colored geometrical shapes!
  • Each shape fits a specific hole that encourages motor skill development.
  • Perfect for educating children with a classic wooden toy.
  • Sturdy and durable wooden construction doesn’t break easily.
  • You can teach the colors and shapes to your kid with this toy!

This toy is one of the best sellers in the market. You can easily teach different sizes and shapes to your kids! It has really bright colors, and they all look perfect. The wooden construction is outstanding, and it’s not that hard. The painting on the toy doesn’t contain any harmful material, which is excellent. Melissa and Doug is a well-known company. You probably heard about them. It’s up to you whet you buy this or not. This is a great toy for toddlers between ages 1 and 3.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Wooden Toy With Mallet

  • Suitable for ages two years and up.
  • It promotes excellent physical activity for toddlers.
  • The product is made of durable wood.
  • You can teach colors to your children.
  • The toy is one of the best wooden toys for toddlers.
  • You can also get personalized pounding tables, which have your toddlers’ name written on it!

This one is a great physical activity for your toddler! It enhances his or her coordination skills with the help of the parent. You can play various games and teach your kid the colors on it. For example, you can say: let’s hit the blue one or a yellow one. This is a great toy to play with your toddler! I definitely suggest this one to parents!

Lewo Large Wooden Toddler Toys Circle First Bead Maze for Boys Girls

  • The product is really lightweight and sturdy. It’s only 1.4 pounds.
  • Painting is water-based, which doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients!
  • Builds hand-eye coordination and mathematical skills for your toddler!
  • ASTM and CE tested.
  • Beads do not come apart, so you don’t have to worry about choking.
  • If you are looking for a wooden maze toy for toddlers, this is the thing you need!

Bead mazes are really great, this one is made of wood, and it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients! It can quickly develop your kid’s mathematical skills! You can also teach the colors of this beautiful toy. I definitely suggest this cheap wooden toy for parents!


Melissa & Doug Food Groups – 21 Hand-Painted Wooden Pieces and 4 Crates


  • 21 Pieces of different foods. Perfect for teaching your kid something new!
  • Great colors and all harmless to baby!
  • You don’t have to assemble the product.
  • You can teach the colors and different shapes with this toy.
  • The toy is suggested for ages between 1 and 3 years old.
  • Great wooden toy for toddlers, it will definitely entertain your baby boy or girl and teach them a few things!

Most of the customers really keep their toddler busy with this simple toy! This is a great toy, especially toddlers, who are around one year old! I definitely suggest this toy to parents!

Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set – Wooden Play Food Kitchen Accessory

  • Another great toy from Melissa and Doug.
  • Perfect for teaching your kid fruits and vegetables!
  • It has different colors and shapes for educational purposes.
  • You can easily combine this toy with the one âbove for a better result.
  • There are no harmful ingredients.
  • If you are trying to teach your children foods, you can get this wooden kitchen toy for toddlers!

This toy is similar to the one above! You can combine two of them and acquire a real grocery bag with these two. You can even play pretending games with your children!

Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Blocks – Stackable Hollow Shape Block Toys – 7 Piece Set

  • First of all, this wooden toy is not suitable for kids below age 3, because of choking problems!
  • All of the blocks filled with colored beads. Each block produces different tones!
  • Different colored blocks for educational purposes.
  • It is made from rubberwood and non-toxic paint.
  • Wooden shape toy for toddlers is an excellent alternative if you don’t know what you are looking for!

Your toddler will definitely enjoy this toy! It promotes different sounds, and it’s really cool. The toddler can also stack the blocks and play various games with it! They are also really durable to damage, so throwing or smashing won’t be a problem. I can definitely suggest this one if your toddler is above three years old!

Hape Walk-A-Long Puppy Wooden Pull Toy

  • This one is a perfect toy for active toddlers!
  • Adorable puppy dog with shiny bright colors.
  • Your toddler is going to love this puppy.
  • Made of quality wood, doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients!
  • Solid build.
  • Wooden pull toy for toddlers is generally excellent if you want to keep your toddler active!

Most of the toddlers really love this product! This toy promotes excellent physical activity for any toddler! It can also encourage the love of animals in your toddler, which is unique and necessary. I can definitely suggest this toy for active toddlers!

Wooden Toys Cars Bus Engine Emergency Vehicles Educational Toy for Early Learning for Toddlers by NimNik

  • It’s a perfect toy for teaching your toddler emergency vehicles.
  • It comes with a train engine, ambulance, police car.
  • Your toddler can play various role play games with this wooden car toys.
  • Wooden toy cars are made of quality material and don’t contain any harmful ingredients.
  • Extremely cheap product.
  • They are suggested for toddlers above one-year-old!

This one is a great beginner toy for any toddler! It’s really cheap, and you can easily teach educational stuff to your child with this one! The colors are bright and shiny, which is also great for educating the colors! I can definitely suggest this toy to any parent!


Lewo Wooden Educational Toys Magnetic Art Easel Animals Puzzle Games for Kids

  • Perfect wooden puzzle filled with animals!
  • Double-sided artboard, 100 different animals.
  • Wooden themed and magnetic backing.
  • ASTM and CE tested.
  • If you are looking for an educational best wooden toy for your toddler, this is the answer!
  • A perfect puzzle game for kids.

Choking can be a problem, so you do have to control your kid during the playtime. It has some small magnet pieces, which can cause some troubles. Other than that, this product is really great for educating and improving your kid’s motor skills! You can create close to 100 different animals, and they look absolutely gorgeous! I can definitely suggest this wooden puzzle for any parent!

Melissa & Doug Dinosaurs 4-in-1 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles in a Storage Box (48 pcs)

  • It comes with four different wooden puzzles for teaching your toddler!
  • The sturdy wooden design is perfect. It also has a storage box for secure storage.
  • You can easily use this one as a travel toy.
  • Great wooden puzzle for toddlers!
  • It will definitely improve your kid’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Puzzles are always great, and they make a great addition all the time. I definitely suggest problems for any parent out there! You can never go wrong with them!

Le Toy Van – Wooden Petilou Forest Stacker Puzzle

  • This one is the newcomer of 2020.
  • It’s perfectly suitable for toddlers.
  • Wooden puzzles are perfect for the education of toddlers. It will also teach your kid about animals, which is excellent.
  • The wooden puzzle can also improve the dexterity, coordination, and skills of your kid. Your kid can also develop confidence as the puzzles complete!
  • It’s a perfectly suitable gift for kids above two years of age!
  • There are nine pieces per set! You can also find more sets on the sales page!
  • It’s made of premium quality material.

If you are looking for a green toy that is also educational, you can prefer this wooden puzzle! It’s perfect and comes with the necessary stuff!

Hape Pound & Tap Bench

Xylophone Wooden Toy


  • It has two different color options including; yellow and red!
  • Your baby will enjoy the sounds the product makes!
  • Pound and make noises! It’s so simple and fun!
  • It’s suitable for ages between 12 months and 3 years old.
  • Xylophone materials provide easy sliding for better playing experience.
  • Other parts made of hundred percent wood, doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients at all!
  • This toy is wooden and color parts have water-based inks.

I can definitely suggest this musical toy to parents who want to play with their children in their spare time! The balls also can be played separately which is a cool function. Hape company is really great when it comes to replacing broken parts. As you know, the xylophone part of the balls can get broken. In one case, the company instantly replaced the balls with a new one. I can definitely suggest this one if you are looking for a good wooden toy for your children. You can also read about the best wooden toys in this post. 

Types of Wooden Toys

Classic wooden toys are a really great place to start. There are many wooden toy brands and choices in the market. You can definitely find a great toy in the wooded area. There are wooden kitchen sets, wooden puzzles, wooden dollhouses, and wooden alphabet blocks. Most of them are really perfect for the development of your child. They also don’t contain any harmful material, which is excellent for the health of your child! You can even find some handmade tools on the internet, which are also cool and unique! You should always go for natural wooden when you are buying wooden toys for your toddler!

Wood is an excellent raw material, and sometimes it can have a great texture! Most of the wooden toys don’t even need painting, and that’s really good. Since artificial painting is terrible for our beloved ones, we should always try to stay away from these chemicals! This is the first thing that separates wooden toys from plastic and cloth toys!

Why Wooden Toys?

Plastic toys are generally coated with a toxic painting, which is really bad! Stuffed toys are also another problem. Their cotton part be for your toddler! When brought into contact with the mouth of the toddler, it’s awful for the toddler! Since children are curious, you can’t get prohibit this behavior. We should always go for wooden toys for the love of Mother Earth. It will also reduce the carbon release of the earth. So now, let’s take a look at the reviews and find the most suitable wooden toy gift for your toddler!


Buying wooden toys are generally straightforward. There are tons of them in the market, and they are really cool to have. Most of the time, they don’t contain any harmful ingredients at all. If you still have questions in your mind, you can always buy the ones which are water painted. Water painting is cool and doesn’t contain any harmful material. Choking can be a problem if some parts of the toy are tiny. So, you should be careful before buying the best wooden toy for your toddler. I listed and reviewed some of the best toys available in the market. Please also leave a comment below, if you had any trouble with one of the toys I’ve reviewed!

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