Top 6 Unicorn Bedding for Kids in 2020

Bedding is an essential factor in your kid’s room decoration. It’s the most obvious thing when you walk into a room. Therefore, you have to pick good looking bedding for your kid! There are various unicorn bedding for kids on the market, which are specially designed to enhance the looks of your kid’s room. You can also find gender-specific unicorn beddings if you want to. You should learn about the material quality and compare the prices of the products before you make the purchase! I compiled a list of best selling products on the market right now and analyzed them for you, so you can save some time! Let’s dive right into the subject and learn the best products in 2019.

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  • Thin design but keeps the warm easily.

  • Easy to clean

  • The hood part is great for providing protection for kid's ears.

  • Heritage Kids Kids and Toddler Ultra-Soft Magical Unicorn Bedding

    • The product is made of a hundred percent polyester.
    • There are two design options on the sales page! The white one looks pretty cute!
    • The product is ultra-soft compared to others. It’s also one of the best sellers in 2020 which makes it stand out!
    • The lightweight design makes it suitable for toddlers too!
    • The product is perfect for cold months because of 85 GSM and 5 oz fill!
    • The construction of the product is pretty good. It’s designed to last longer than standard products!
    • The microfiber design is machine washable! You just need to use the lowest settings!

    I definitely suggest this one if you like light pink colors, the product looks pretty good in real life! The price of it also makes it perfect for any scenario!


    BlessLiving Galaxy Unicorn Bedding

    • One of the hottest products in 2019.
    • You can pick the size according to your bed.
    • The product is high-quality; it allows for a breathable environment.
    • There are microfibers in the product designed to prevent shrinking after washing.
    • The design is different and looks elegant. There stars in the background, which is combined with a unicorn.
    • 90-days money-back guarantee is really great.
    • The material is fragile, and it can be washed in the machine without any problems.
    • You should use a blanket in the winter.
    • It can be used by itself during summertime!
    • The colors are incredibly vibrant and bright.
    • The set comes with a duvet cover and two pillow shams.

    Urban Habitat Kids Lola Full/Queen Comforter Sets for Girls

    • It is made of polyester.
    • It only has two sizes, including twin and queen.
    • The reverse part is colored turquoise, which looks fantastic.
    • It can be washed in the machine.
    • The material quality is excellent.
    • The set comes with a comforter and two pillow shams.
    • The price is a little bit expensive compared to other ones.
    • The top part is made of cotton. It won’t cause any irritation to your kid’s skin.
    • You must make sure you follow washing instructions; otherwise, you might have problems.
    • If you are not short on budget and want a quality set, you can get this one!

    Sleepwish Unicorn Bedding

    • There are four sizes on the sales page!
    • The set doesn’t have any inside fillers. It just has a cover and two pillow shams!
    • You can quickly put your duvet in with the help of a zipper.
    • The product can easily keep your duvet in place after a few washes. It’s exceptionally durable.
    • It’s effortless to clean. The product will keep its softness.
    • The design looks great, in my opinion. However, the black color is not my favorite.
    • 90-days satisfaction guarantee.
    • One of the best sellers in the market.
    • I can definitely suggest this one if you are looking for an alternative!

    Sleepwish Glitter Unicorn Bedding

    • This is another product from the same brand.
    • I think this one looks better compared to the one above because of the color scheme.
    • You can get all four sizes according to your needs.
    • It comes with a duvet cover and two pillow shams. You have to get your own duvet.
    • The zipper is handy.
    • You can easily clean this in the washing machine.
    • The rose unicorn design looks magical, and girls fall in love with it!
    • 90-days money-back guarantee.
    • This one is a great alternative.


    ARIGHTEX Chubby Unicorn Bedding

    • The design is really cool compared to other products on the market.
    • You can get different sizes.
    • The duvet cover has non-slip corner ties, which are excellent.
    • Breathing ability is really great.
    • Stain-resistant.
    • The product is long-lasting because of material quality.
    • The unicorn and donut combination looks funky. However, if your kid has eating disorders, you should look for other products.

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