How to Pick Best Balance Beam for Your Kid

You can pick between tens of balance beams available in the market. They have different designs, sizes, and shapes that are specially designed for your kid. There are some things to consider when it comes to buying a balance beam for your kid. You have to know how your kid is going to use it, the skill level of the kid, the materials, size, and price.

Age and Skill Level

The age of your kid is also really important. Skill level and size are also really important when it comes to choosing the best gymnastics equipment. The balance beam is the most basic gymnastic equipment out there and you have to be careful before picking the right one! Generally, gymnasts are able to determine these factors for themselves. However, for your kid, this might not be the case. You have to be careful while picking the size and height of the balance beam! The balance beam should provide a good covering and grip for safety. You should also know if it’s going to be used outside or inside.

For smaller kids, you have to buy a lower and wider beam. The balance beam for kids should also be shorter than the normal ones! As your kid grows you can get a more advanced balance beam for your kid! This will help your kid to improve his or her skills to another limit! High beams are another choice if your kid has a certain level of skills you can start with high beams! They are generally made for more established gymnasts. If your kid is a beginner you should get a flat balance beam for practice. After some time you can advance to standard balance beam height which is 1.25 meters.

Keeping Things Steady

You have to improve the skills of your kid perseverance but you also need to be careful and do not rush the things. You must learn how to use the gymnastics equipment properly for real good training. As your kid improves his or her skills, you can adjust the balance beam according to your kid’s skill level. You can increase the height of the balance beam as the time passes. The height of the balance beam directly affects the difficulty and courage levels of your kid. If your kid is still an apprentice you should keep the balance beam close to the ground which will directly affect the confidence of the kid. You can also increase the height of the beam without telling your kid. This will be better if you make small improvements in the long run! Your kid won’t even notice the difference in height!


The width of the beam is another crucial thing when it comes to getting a proper balance beam. The standard width of the balance beams is 10 centimeters. There are wider balance beams out there for kids. You can also get wooden balance beams since they are wider than the usual ones! Wider balance beams are generally suitable for beginner kids since they are easy to hold the balance. However, if your kid is getting into an advanced level yous should invest in thinner balance beams since they will challenge your kid more!


The length of the balance beam is another thing crucial! You can pick the length of the beam according to your training space. If you are buying it for outdoor space you can pick the longer ones. The standard length is 5 meters long. However, if you are buying something indoors, a balance beam with a length of 2-3 meters will be enough. The training space is also important for that matter. If you have space in your house, you can still use long balance beams for that purpose! This is all you have to know before buying a proper balance beam for your kid, you can also check this article if you don’t want to spend time with all of these!


These are all important factors which are pretty necessary for a well functioning balance beam. If you follow my steps exactly you can easily find a suitable balance beam for your kid. I also suggest you check out my post about balance beams and gymnastic equipment for kids. These posts have all of the basics you need to know. If you have any questions feel free to ask them below!

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