10 Best Kids Forts in 2020

The outdoor kid’s fort is pretty standard nowadays. The kids and their parents love them. There are a couple of reasons for that because it allows kids to have a safe environment to play outdoors without worrying about the parent! I’ve listed the top sellers in the market so you can compare them to each other.

Top Seller Kids Fort

The Original AirFort Build A Fort in 30 Seconds

  • One of the most comfortable kid’s forts to use. You can make it ready in seconds! If you are looking for fast build kid’s fort. You should pick this one!
  • The product only weighs 24 oz, which is pretty low for this type of product!
  • You can carry this one in its carrying bag, which is great for little trips!
  • The product is made of breathable polyester, which is a material used for most of the sports products.
  • The fabric portion is durable. However, you can still experience some sunburns on the product!

Pacific Play Tents 60801 New Club House Play Tent

  • The tent size is pretty suitable for 2-3 kids. They can easily enjoy this one since one has pretty good space.
  • The graphics inside the house are pretty fun for any kid. Most of the kids will find themselves like a pirate who can increase their confidence!
  • The mesh panels are great for ventilation. You can easily keep the play tent ventilated.
  • You can also use some kid-sized furniture in this product without any problems!
  • The physical activity level of this tent is pretty high! It creates an active vibe that helps kids to stay active!
  • The poles are coated with fiberglass, which makes them healthier and safer. You don’t have to worry about the safety of the toy!
  • The set up is pretty straightforward. You can do it in twenty minutes with two people! The takedown process is also easy.
  • The carrying bag works flawlessly. However, this one is heavier compared to other outdoor tents because of the poles!

LAVIEVERT Children Playhouse

  • The style of this tent separates it from the other outdoor tents! The materials of this playhouse is perfect!
  • It’s made of hundred percent cotton, which provides the utmost comfort for the kids!
  • The pine poles are healthy for the kids. They don’t contain any paint on them. The product is also mothproof, which is great for outdoor usage!
  • If you are looking for a sturdy outdoor kids fort, which is suitable for long term usage, you should prefer this one!
  • The five-sided design of the fort is pretty awesome. Your kids can do all kinds of activities inside this one. It allows for two additional kids, which makes it suitable for three kids in total.
  • The garden particular door is excellent for allowing kids to have their privacy! This can develop a sense of confidence and privacy in your kid!

Lightspeed Outdoors Kids Fort Pop-Up PlayTent

  • I like the simple design of this play tent. It promises simple things and does it with efficiency!
  • The price of the fort makes it suitable for all types of needs.
  • The lightweight design of it makes it suitable for all types of needs. You can carry it around quickly!
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors, which increases the convenience of the product!
  • It weighs just under 3 pounds, which is pretty low for this type of product.
  • The storage bag is great for short travels!
  • UPF 50+ protection is great for all-day plays. If you are living in a sunny environment, you should buy this one!
  • You can easily set it up within 5 minutes with a person.

Insta-Fort Inflatable Fort Castle

  • This one is suitable for little kids because of the design. It attracts the kids between 7 and 12 years of age with ease!
  • It’s suitable for indoors and outdoors, which makes it a great alternative!
  • You can easily assemble it within minutes!
  • The waterproof design makes it great for rainy day usage. You can use it all-season without any problems!
  • The three castle designed panels are great for enjoying the beauty of nature! The windows are beautiful to children because of their placement. They can play a variety of games thanks to this function!
  • The castle bunker will inflate up to 4 feet x 12 feet long.
  • Your kids can play games like laser-tag, water balloon fights, snowball, etc. This type of play is great if you want to keep your kids active. I highly suggest this one if you have trouble keeping your kid’s active!

Sunnyglade Princess Tent

  • One of the best fortress out there for the little girls! The attractive features of the princess tent make it suitable for the girls!
  • It looks like it came out straight from a fairy tale. This beautiful remarkable princess house can enhance the soul of your little princess!
  • If you are looking for a special gift, this one can work flawlessly! You should think about this one!
  • The fort is suitable for both indoors and outdoors because it’s made of polyester. If you have a garden, you should use it!
  • The installation process can be laborious for some people!
  • The starlights are included in the package. However, they only send the big ones!

LimitlessFunN Teepee Kids Play Tent

  • The design of the kid’s play tent is fantastic. The colorful design will attract the kids with ease!
  • The price of the tent makes it suitable for parents whoa re short on the budget!
  • This one is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. However, it won’t last long outdoors because the material quality is not that great!
  • The side window is enough for ventilation most of the time. However, you might have problems during hot summer days!
  • The space of the tent is suitable for 2-3 kids, which is great!
  • The assembling process is pretty straightforward.
  • You can carry a tent anywhere you want because it’s incredibly lightweight!

NARMAY Play Tent Space World Dome Tent for Kids Indoor

  • If your kid is interested in sci-fi, you should think about this one! It attracts the kid with ease because of the design. There are other designs on the sales page, which might be good if your kid is into music!
  • The capsule door is fun to use. Most of the kids will enjoy this feature!
  • Space is enough for two kids. It can work up to 3 kids at most, in my opinion! You can also have some kid-sized furniture for indoor play.
  • The material quality is okay compared to other products. Air circulation is great compared to other products.
  • The educative part of the toy is perfect. It will also encourage physical play and crawl, which is crucial for little kids!
  • The tent poles are high-quality, and they can be assembled easily. If you are looking for an outdoor kid’s fort with a different design, you should buy this one!

Kiddey Knight’s Castle Kids Play Tent

  • IF you are looking for an outdoor castle, this one can work effectively! The quality is not that high, but it can be a great starting point for most of the parents.
  • You can easily test if your kid is going to love the product or not!
  • The large design is great for 3-4 kids, which makes it more enjoyable!
  • Your kid and friends can develop their social skills with role-playing games.
  • The set up is pretty effortless. Most of the people can do it without any problems at all!
  • The price of the fort makes it separate from others. If you are looking for a cheap alternative, you should prefer this one!

OrangeA Hanging Tree Tent

  • This one is great for single kids. It can be enjoyed without any friends at all, which might be suitable for some parents.
  • The weight capacity of the tree tent is 220 pounds, which is enough for some adults.
  • The style of this tent is different because you hang it to the trees, which makes it extra adventurous for the kids. Kids love adrenaline, and this is the safest way to provide it!
  • The design of the tree tent is fantastic. You can set the led light provided to increase the fun for your kid! It will also help you to easily follow your kid!

How to Pick the Best Kid’s Tent

There are a couple of things you need to check before you buy a kid’s fort. These functions are pretty obvious things like material quality, price, dimensions, easy to assemble, and durability.

Material Quality

The general material is polyester for most of the forts out there. It’s the standard material that can be found at almost any kid’s fort. This one is great for ventilation and long term usage. Your kid won’t easily cause harm to this one, and it’s durable against the sun and other weather elements.

Cotton products are the best if you care about the comfort of your kid. However, you should keep moths away if you want a cotton product. They might have some ventilation problems, but it can be solved by a couple of mesh ventilations!


The price of the kid forts generally starts at thirty bucks, which is the baseline for this type of product. You can find normal quality ones at thirty and fifty dollar range.

If you are looking for a high-quality product, you should pay more than fifty dollars, in my opinion!


The dimensions of the product is also pretty important. You should determine how many kids are going to use the product. The kid’s furniture will also determine the additional space you need. You should keep these two concerns in your mind during the purchase!


The assembling process can be straightforward for most of the people for kid’s fort! The process is generally rotating around the poles. However, some inflatable models are easy to use! If you don’t have the necessary skills, you should look into inflatable models!


The durability of the product is directly related to material quality. You should make sure the product can withstand all types of weather. Otherwise, it can be worn out pretty quickly!


The kid’s forts are a great addition to any indoor or outdoor place. They are great for keeping kids busy and physically occupied at the same time! The attributes I’ve listed here are the crucial ones, so make sure you care about them!

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