Best Science Kits for Kids

Science is always a great topic to dive into. You can introduce your kid to science with a simple, beautiful science kit for kids. These kits are specially designed for a kid’s needs! It’s so easy for the kids to run their own experiments with these sets!

Learning is a natural behavior of children. Indeed, they are very curious and love playing games. You can connect games with science, thanks to science toys for your kids.

They are also a great way to have fun. They can also teach your children new stuff without boring them. Science kits for kids might be cheaper than other toys, and they are generally straightforward to use! There are a lot of science kits for kids on the market, and you should know which one to pick! You wouldn’t want to choose a bad one. Since there are too many bad ones on the market, let me list the best science kits for kids on the market for you!

Best Science Kits for 5 Years Old

It’s an excellent time to introduce them to the basics of the scientific approach. You cannot teach them the names and phenomena of science. However, the following science kits for kids can mean a lot thanks to the hidden curriculum.

Kidtastic Microscope Science Kit for Kids

  • This is perfect to get your kid to start their science journey.
  • The product is play-based which makes the learning process fun for the kid.
  • If your kid constantly focuses on learning new things science kits are really best for their progression.
  • It’s also perfect for improving fine motor skills since the toy requires precise placement of the slides.
  • The product comes with different slides of animals and nature.
  • It’s perfect for teaching your kid about how microscopes work.
  • If your kid has a short attention span this type of toy is perfect for the kid because it gives the entertainment your kid is looking for.

I suggest this kit if your kid is just starting their science journey. It’s perfect for beginners since it allows kids to understand the basic concepts of science.


The human is a great functional thing, and we all love to explore it.  This toy allows your kids to experiment and explore the whole human body in a realistic environment.

These experiments are guided by the toy with step by step instructions. The toy can easily teach children how the human body works. It also has a unique telescope building game, which is also fun for kids!

Thames & Kosmos Little Labs The Human Body toy is a great tool to introduce your kid to the science world. It also has a staring contest game, which also explains to your kids how eyes work. If you are looking for a science kit that can teach your kids anatomy, this should be your choice!


Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

If you are looking for a starter science kit for your kid, this is a great choice. This set is really perfect for starters because it comes with 20 different kits, and all of them allow your kid to experience the basics of science.

Your kid can quickly learn the basics of science and how to use science tools with this simple set. The toy represents stem principles.

The set includes chemicals like; red cabbage powder, citric acid, three color tablets, baking soda, and some other stuff in it.

The set is suitable for kids between ages 5 and 8. If you are looking for a high-quality starter science set for kids, you should get this one immediately!


Thames and Kosmos Little Labs Intro To Engineering by Thames & Kosmos

I love engineering more than anything else. It helped humanity to build the world’s most significant things. This science kit helps your kid to learn to engineer and have fun at the same time!

It educates your kid about pulleys, levers, and forces within a simple set. Your kid can easily engage in engineering projects which are educational and fun. The set is also effortless to use because it has step by step instructions which guides your kid throughout the play.

If you are looking to buy an engineering set for your kid, you should buy it immediately because the product is new on the market, and it contains all of the equipment your kid needs for engineering!


Best Science Kits for 7 Years Old

4M Volcano Making Kit

It’s always a funny thing to build an erupting volcano. This is a great project to make your kid create an erupting volcano. The set comes with fast-drying plaster and volcano mold, which makes it easier for kids to build volcanos. The set also has detailed instructions to help your kid during the quest.

If you want to have a perfect volcano, you have to get baking soda and vinegar, which is not included in the package. The set is suitable for kids above eight years of age. 4M is a great brand. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the product. If you like volcano stuff, you should get your kid this product!



4M Illusion Science

This is another fascinating science set from the brand 4M. The illusion science is a great way to introduce your kid to 20 different optical illusions! The set comes with 20 various optical illusions. The set also has 3D cards, markers, and 3D glasses.

The 20-page instruction book is straightforward to use. This is great and easy to use set for the kids by the 4M brand. It is recommended for kids above seven years of age. If your kid has an interest in optical illusions, you should get this product immediately!

Optical illusions are a great way to introduce your kid to the science world. It can be a hard topic, but with the help of this set, it gets easier. The set is also effortless to use because of the 20-page instruction book. If you are looking to improve your kid’s intelligence and thinking ability, you should get this optical illusion set for kids!


Best Science Kits for 8 Years Old

Actually, we can also call it 5-8 because it is hard to tell exact understanding levels of kids. The content of the best science kits for 5-8 year-old-kids should be like cartoon-themed. However, if they look very childish, even 7-year-old kids can name them ‘for babies.’ Therefore, take your kid’s interest into consideration.

Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit

I’m in the toy business for long enough to know you can’t go wrong with the best sellers. I definitely suggest you get this best seller on the market! With the help of this disgusting set, you can bring out your inner child with ease! You can easily teach your kid about the human body with the help of this set!

This set will definitely help your kids to take their science to a whole new level while letting them having fun! The set is disgusting and fun at the same time! The included sets are a great way to introduce your kid to science! There are slimy snots, stinky intestine, and fake blood in the set. Your kid can learn to grow bacterias and molds with the set.

The set is suitable for kids above age 8. Your kid also should be supervised during the playtime. Your young scientist will be fascinated by the set when you introduce it to him. This is a great set to teach your kid about body parts. You should get this set if you are looking for a high-quality science set for kids!


Thames & Kosmos Robotics: Smart Machines Science Kit

The set is great because it comes with two different options. You can pick the smart machines or rovers and vehicles version. Each set contains a different kind of items for your kid to explore! Robotics is also a great way to have fun with your kids! If your kids are interested in robots, you should get this set immediately and help your kid to improve their knowledge about robotics!

This set allows your kid to build eight different robots step by step. This science kit is so easy to use, which makes it a better option for parents. You can let your kid do this set on their own! The set also needs a smartphone or tablet to operate correctly. You will find everything you need in the instructions book.

With the help of the app, your kid can build perfect robots! The robots are also programmable, which makes the product more enjoyable. The manual is 64 pages, which makes the product really easy to use! It’s highly suggested if you are looking for a high-quality robotics science kit for kids!


Snap Circuits SCL-175 Lights Electronics Exploration Kit

This is a great set to start electronics for kids. The set contains several on-hand experiments that are perfectly easy to do by most of the kids. The electronic set includes about 175 different projects. Each project will toughen up your kid and improve their intelligence! The set also has 55 color-coded circuit components.

Your kid will experience the making of a real circuit! Your kid can plug the sets to an mp3 to see how they react. The toy is also in the top 100 toys on the market, and it’s also one of the best sellers in the science department. If you want to have a high-quality set, you should get this immediately!


ScienceWiz DNA Experiment Kit

The DNA is a great topic, and it changed the humans look to the world. Now with the help of this set, you can start getting your kid into the DNA world. It’s a great way to teach your basic blocks of life. The set contains components that are exciting and innovative. It’s also a really different toy than its peers.

Your kid can solve chromosome puzzles with the help of the manual on the set—extract DNAs from fruits and other stuff. The set also has eight different major science projects to improve your kid’s intelligence and problem-solving abilities!

The step by step 40 page manual is beneficial for kids. If you are looking for a DNA science set for kids, you should get this immediately!



Thames & Kosmos Magnetic Science

Magnetism always attracts kids because of its structure. It still amazes the kids when the magnets pull something. You can teach younger individuals about magnetism with the help of this beautiful science set.

The set contains 33 different games that are specially designed to teach your kid about magnetism. Children can use the product and experience a variety of outcomes. The magnets are also shaped and sized differently than each other, which makes it more interesting.

If you are looking for a fascinating science set for kids but don’t know which one to buy, you should get this immediately!


Best Science Kits for 12 Years Old

11-13 year-old-kids are real targets of STEM principles. Their curiosity climbs to the top because of consciousness in this era. You can help your child develop critical thinking and innovative approach. The top science kit picks are listed below.

Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing

Mankind is always attracted to shiny things, and crystal is one of them. Kids are the same too. They love the bright and shiny stuff. This set is a great starting point for teaching your kid about the geometry and structure of the crystals. Your kid can quickly grow their own crystals with this beautiful set.

You will be able to shape the crystals with the tools in it, and you can also dye the crystal whatever color you want. The manual is 32 pages long, and it will teach you everything you need about the product.

This set can also be used by 8-year-old kids without any problems, just make sure you supervise the kid during the playtime. Your kid can’t do experiments in an open area. I suggest using your basement for this activity because you are going to have to store the crystals you made for a few days. You will need empty glass jars to use the product at a hundred percent if you have all of the items you can purchase and enjoy the product!


Thames & Kosmos Biology Genetics and DNA

Genetic is always a fascinating field for kids. Since technology evolves every day, we learn something new about the human body every single day! This kit is the same, and it will teach the basics about the DNA to your kid! Your kid can isolate DNA from a tomato and learn about its structure.

The set also allows your kid to build simple DNA models. The set also has some kits which allow your kid to breed bacteria and experiment with DNA. If you have a kid who is interested in the genetics field, you should get this product immediately!

You have to buy alcohol and an immersion blender to fully use the product. Keep that in mind before you made the purchase!


Thames & Kosmos CHEM C1000 (V 2.0)

Chemistry is the base of science. You can teach your kid the basics of chemistry with this science set. All you have to do is set up space and introduce the kit to your kid. The kit contains everything your kid needs for basic chemistry. Your kid can learn to use chemistry stuff safely with the help of this product. The equipment in the set is really professional; you are going to love the quality of the product.

Your kid can easily use the product and learn about various foods like honey, starch, sugar. This is a great set if you want to teach your kid about proteins, fatty acids, and calcium.

The manual is great, it contains 80 pages total, and it’s full-colored. Your kid can easily understand the whole manual by single-handedly. The set contains 30 pieces of equipment and 125 different experiments.



SunFounder Basic Sensor Kit for Arduino UNO R3 Mega2560

If your kid is not interested in basic products and you want to teach the kid something more interesting, you can start with this nanocircuit board. This is a small computer, and it can teach your kid about the basics of computer science without hassle.

Your kid can easily learn about Arduino and sensors with this product. The product comes with a detailed manual that helps your kid to complete 11 different projects. You can also download the PDF from the website of the product.

IT comes with the Sunfounder Mega 2560 R3 development board, which is really a save. This might be a great set if you are just starting to learn electronics and computer science.



4M Weather Science Kit

Your kid is going to fall in love with this beautiful weather science kit. There are a variety of activities in this product. Your kid will easily learn how the weather works with this set. It’s a great educational start most of the kids if they are not interested in science. This toy will be helpful because the weather attracts most of the people, so your kid will be attracted too.

It teaches kids in a funny way, which promotes more fun during the play. Your kid can easily build a solar system with the set and learn about static electricity and water cycles. This is a great stimulation toy if you want to improve your kid’s creativity!



4m Green Science Potato Clock

This is a wonderful set that will open up kid’s horizons! It will teach your kid how to power up a clock with a potato! This is a great set to improve your kid’s creativity because the kid can find other stuff to power up the clock.

You are going to be amazed by the progress of your kid. The set comes with a digital clock with wires, pots, and transparent tapes. Everything you need is included in the set. You don’t have to buy anything sepeately! The set is suitable for kids above eight years of age. The product is highly suggested if you are looking for a basic science kit for your kid.



4M Tin Can Robot

If you are a greenie like me, you should buy this tin can robot immediately! You can teach the importance of recycling to your kid with the help of this tin can robot. This robot also provides a fun and functional way to teach your kid about recycling. You can easily assemble the robot and turn soda cans into funny looking robots.

The toy uses one AA battery which is not included in the package. It’s suitable for kids above eight years of age. However, I suggest it if your kid is above 12 years of age. Your kid doesn’t need any special knowledge. You just have to make sure the kid follows the manual.




4M Solar Rover Kit

This is another green science product for kids. Your kid can learn about the importance of nature with this recycling science toy.

The kid can easily turn the soda can into a self-powered solar rover kit within an hour! The toy is an extremely funny and educative one to play. The kit also contains all of the necessary things required. You don’t have to pay for anything else.

If your kid is a young scientist and interested in stuff like this, you should get this instantly! The manual also contains all of the assembly instructions required. Your kid won’t have a hard time during the assembly.

Suitable for kids above eight years of age. However, I suggest this one for kids above 12 years of age!



Best Science Kits for 14+ Years Old

Kids over 14 years can point their own interests to you. Simply ask about their opinions, then do your research.

Toysmith Rock Science Kit

You can get this set if your kid is above 14 years of age. The other sets are fun to play, but they won’t keep your kid interested long enough. This is a great set to introduce your kid to the real science world because it is real.

The kit comes with 15 rock specimens specially designed to educate your kid above the rocks. It also has a magnifying viewer, which helps your kid to use the set more effectively.

This set can also be enjoyed by kids above eight years of age. However, I suggest you using it together with your kid if you have time.


Our Criteria

We care about the design, educational value, and ease of the science sets for kids. The design should be user-friendly as well as being educative. Otherwise, the toy won’t be engaging. Consequently, playtime won’t be enough. So, we considered these facts.

Products must also be relevant to development. For instance, Stephen Krashen’s Theory of Second Language Acquisition states that activities should be challenging. So, he called it I+. I-plus means information plus. In other words, a true challenging activity is easy enough to relate current knowledge, difficult enough to develop the currents.

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