Best Gymnastics Equipment for Toddlers and Kids

I assume you are interested in gymnastics since you are reading this article. Having a good knowledge of gymnastic equipment for toddlers is essential. Buying these kinds of toys and tools are really important for the parents! This is a huge area with a variety of devices, and you definitely need to know! I’m going to give information about general categories and some standard equipment information for you!

When you think about gymnastics equipment, your mind will probably remember the types of equipment at the Olympics, and you are right! These equipment are where people show their coordination and strength skills! You will want your toddler to have these skills with the help of the best gymnastics equipment! You probably didn’t know the names of the stuff in the Olympics, so I’m going to list some of them for you!

Essential Equipment for Toddlers’ Physical Progress

One of the most favorable products is a balance beam! You might have imagined and remembered the equipment I’m talking about. There are few variations to it, but the beam is generally the same. It’s only a few inches wide and forces you to stay balanced on it! For beginner levels, a gym will have a beam that is only a few inches above the floor. As your toddler progresses in terms of level, you can move across to higher ones! Your kid will use the same skill set freely of the equipment.

Vaulting is another kind of exercise in gymnastics. They can be easily overlooked since the people performing this, is not generally in the spotlight! But vaulting is excellent for your toddlers’ general strength and coordination development. It’s also a great toy to mess around. You must also have a piece of proper landing equipment with mats and other products! Landing mats are essential because they are the equipment that saves your toddler from injury. Without a correct mat set up, your kid can get seriously injured. You have to scrutinize these mats and make sure they are made of solid material yet still soft enough for absorbing the impact of your toddler!

My favorite types of gymnastic equipment are rings and parallel bars. I also use them as a part of my sports routine. These are the most popular gymnastics equipment since they are mostly used in the Olympics. We have to admit it, we all watch this part of the gymnastics! They are generally used by male gymnasts; however, in training, women also use them! They are great for improving strength! As long as you follow the safety precautions, you won’t come across any problems. Make sure you warm up properly before using this kind of equipment! There is also a lot of padding on the rings for toddlers since they will have a hard time squeezing the rings!

If you are interested in gymnastics and want your kid to start gymnastics, there is plenty of toys that you can start with. You can also check the local gyms for some idea about the equipment you are going to buy! You can also ask them for a professional opinion if you still can’t decide after this article! However, after reading this article, I bet you’ll choose to design your mini gym for your kid!

4 Benefits of Gymnastics Equipment for Toddlers

gymnastics benefits for kids

Gymnastics is a challenging sport for your toddler. It’s going to be hard for your kid, but once he/she gets used to it, it’s a piece of cake. It needs your kid to be concentrated and forces oneself to develop strength! It also improves the perseverance of the toddler if you push oneself reasonably. However, you must always be careful about the injuries, since gymnastics has a high injury rate. It’s still lower than soccer and some contact sports, but there are still some risks. You can overcome this by buying the best mats for your toddler! Now, let’s go back to the benefits of this gymnastic equipment!

Social Benefits

This kind of activity promotes the growth hormone in your toddler, which results in a night of better sleep! It also improves the emotional and physical state in children, which prepares them for the challenges of life! Gymnasts quickly develop skills of following directions, listening, and taking turns! The most respectful person I’ve ever met is a gymnast. This might be because of their training regime and respecting their partners! If your child can attend gymnastic classes, that’s even better for them because it will allow them to engage in communication with other kids! Sometimes they might also practice with adults who can improve their social skills! Every time they go to practice, they have to adjust their new environment! If you want your kids to be independent and secure with themselves, gymnastics is the answer!

Improved Coordination and Balance

Now you got the best gymnastics equipment for toddlers, and you are looking for ways to train your kid! Through gymnastics exercises, you can quickly develop your toddlers’ coordination and balance. These will result in better motor skills! Body awareness is a crucial factor in most humans! It can even save you from accidents in the first place! Improved flexibility is another excellent function of gymnastics. Flexibility will decrease the risk of injury. You can also easily change the sports after some age if you raised your kid with gymnastics!

Improved Fitness

Since we live in an obese country, it’s crucial to keep your toddler conditioned! Gymnastic exercises are vigorous and taxing on the body. However, they will reduce the risk of heart diseases and obesity quickly! I guarantee this if you let your toddler participate in gymnastics, you can quickly increase their endurance and general fitness level. Gymnastics based sportspeople are more likely to succeed in their later career. You can even switch your kid to other sports. They will learn it easily and perform very well because of the gymnastics skills they learned at an early age! Reinforce this by having gymnastics equipment within easy access.

Self Confidence and Determination

Practicing with fellow people will surely increase your toddlers’ determination. It will have a positive effect on the person for a whole lifetime! A determined person will easily overcome the obstacles life throws at them! It’s like vaulting. Your kid will eventually endure the obstacles and pass them easily! Having determination and self-confidence is so important in today’s life! If you think of all the factors I’ve listed, you will understand how much gymnastics is important for your toddler! In relation, your choice and usage of gymnastics equipment for toddlers are important, too.

Top Rated Gymnastics Equipment for Toddlers

They are top-rated because they have years of usage. In other words, even when toddlers become kids, these gymnastics equipment for toddlers will still function, and they’ll keep sturdy.

We Sell Mats 9' Folding Floor Balance Beam
IncStores Toddler Gymnastics Kit8,6
Kids Playground Play Set for Floor & Ceiling / Indoor Training Gym Sport Set
Balance Beam by Children's Factorybalance beam for toddlers8,2

Best Balance Beam for Toddlers

We Sell Mats 9′ Folding Floor Balance Beam


  • This a perfect gymnastics equipment for a toddler, it will allow your toddler to improve his balance skill indoors.
  • The total length is 9 feet, which is enough for most of the toddlers.
  • The top surface is 4 inches wide, which is what is used in competitive gymnastics.
  • Foam core build is high-quality; your toddler can easily practice gymnastic skills on it.
  • 2.5 inches high from the ground.
  • It has six different color options, most of them look pretty cool. The colors include; purple, red, black, blue, yellow, and pink.
  • You can fold it easily and carry it around.

Opinion: I think this should be sufficient for practicing balance, maybe some handstands for your toddler. Other gymnastic skills should be avoided until a reasonable age, like 10-12. The balance beam is made of quality material, and it’s one of the best in the market! Therefore, I can suggest this one to any parent who is looking for an entry-level balance beam for their toddler!

Best Gymnastic Kit for Toddlers

IncStores Toddler Gymnastics Kit


  •  This is one of the best-combined products out there for toddlers.
  • It comes with a folding pad, balance beam, and inclined mat!
  • Perfect for improving your toddler’s gymnastic skills.
  • %100 safe for toddlers, and it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients!
  • It has two color options, including; pink and blue.
  • Mold resistant.
  • The balance beam is 9 feet long, and the folding mat is 8 feet long.

Opinion: This stuff works great; it’s all in one gymnastic equipment for toddlers. It has all the things you can expect from a gymnastic kit! If you want all of the things for a little price, I can suggest this beautiful product!

K-Roo Sports Children’s and Gymnastics Tumbling Mat


  • The best-selling tumbling pad in the market!
  • It’s 6 feet long, and it has different color options, including; blue, pink, and rainbow!
  • 47.5 inches wide and provides enough space for gymnastic skills.
  • It can also be used for martial arts and other stuff!
  • Four panels can fold together for easy storage.
  • You can also carry the product with the handles on the side!

Opinion: This is a very sturdy product; your kid probably can enjoy this product for five years without any problems. If you want durability for gymnastics equipment for toddlers, this one is the best in the market! The product is made in China, but it has the quality as I said before, you don’t have to think about it twice. You can also practice your yoga skills on this tumbling mat with ease! It’s also very easy to carry around or store.

Kids Playground Play Set for Floor & Ceiling / Indoor Training Gym Sport Set


  •  This model has a built-in climbing rope, which is durable. You can help your toddler to practice some skills on it.
  • Rings are easy to hold, doesn’t cause any blisters at all.
  • You can easily turn your toddler into a gymnast with this simple playset.
  • Installed Length x Width x Height: 30″ x 34″ cm x 89″(Maximum 118″)
  • The product is made of metal with anti split stair steps.
  • Adults can also use this product; it can carry up to. You can do pull-ups on it.
  • It can expand up to 118 inches. You won’t have problems installing it!

 Opinion: This is a great gift for your toddler. I bet your kid will be surprised the very moment they saw it! The rings are great for your toddler’s strength development. You can also guide your toddler through the climbing rope or stairs! The product will probably have positive effects on your toddler!

Norbert’s Athletic Products 15″ Mini Gymnastics Octagonal Tumbler


  • This is a mini-sized octagonal tumbler that is suitable for toddlers.
  • The small size of the tumbler minimizes the risk for your toddler!
  • Dimensions: 15″ x 15″ x 24
  • It is made of polyurethane, which isn’t harmful to your kid!
  • The product is fairly sturdy and doesn’t have any flaws at all!

Opinion: If you are looking for an octagonal tumbler for your toddler, this one is the answer. Its mini size allows it to be used by your little toddler. The material quality is great. You can use it outdoors without any problem. It also doesn’t contain any harmful material at all! 

Balance Beam by Children’s Factory

balance beam for toddlers


  • This product is made for 2-5 years old.
  • It’s 9 inches high from the ground and 48 inches long.
  • I listed this one because the balance beam at the top might be too big for some toddlers.

Opinion: If you are not too serious about the skills of your child, you can get this one. It’s cheaper from the one at the top and suitable for most of the toddlers!

Types of Toddler Gymnastic Equipment

As time passes, the gymnastic equipment almost stays the same. They had some changes, of course, but it’s limited to the materials and other small things. There are no newcomers in the market, as I know. Now let’s take a look at the gymnastic equipment!

  1. Balance Beam
  2. Monkey Bar
  3. Swing Bar
  4. Tumbling Mat
  5. Vaults

Balance Beam

Balance beams are especially great for female gymnasts. They are used to develop balance and coordination. You can also check the best balance beams for toddlers here.

Monkey Bar

Monkey bars are a great way to develop strong and flexible muscles. It’s a great task for any child out there who is looking to engage in gymnastics. Toddlers can train on monkey bars with the help of parents!

Swing Bar

Swing bars are the hardest and the most popular gymnastics equipment. There are really fun to watch and hard to train! Swing bars should be trained under the guidance of a professional!

Tumbling Mat

Tumbling mats are always essential for gymnastics equipment for toddlers. Therefore, every gymnastic gym has plenty of these. It’s the same for you if you are thinking about building a small home gym. You can check these tumbling mats.


Running on the pointed toes can be hard for kids. But with the use of the vault, it can be developed quite easily. The vault generally helps the hand and eye coordination of your kid. He or she must learn to slow down and jump over the board!

How to Pick Right Gymnastics Equipment for Toddlers and Kids

There are many gymnastics pieces of equipment available in the market. However, picking the right one is hard. You should always seek out the best equipment for your kid. Whether you are going to purchase it for your toddler or a local gym, you should always compare the prices. There are many companies and sellers online. There might also be local resources for that. If you are looking for individual equipment, you should contact your seller about that, and sometimes they can help you. I’m going to give you sometimes about how to find the best gymnastic equipment retailer!

Types of gymnastic equipment for toddlers and kids

You Should Know What You are Looking for

Before hitting up the market, it’s really important to gain some expertise about the topic. I covered almost all of the basics for you. However, I’m going to add more things to your arsenal, which you can use later! For simple tumbling exercises, you can begin with buying mats—there different kinds of mats in the market. There are also many quality mats on the market which cost very low. You should always pay less for a tumbling mat. Because quality-wise, they are not too different. However, if you want to buy something high-end, you can still purchase it and enjoy it for a long time!

When deciding on which gymnastics equipment you are in the market for, it is important to know the level of expertise you are looking to attain. For simple tumbling and stretching, many mats are available for purchase at a variety of price points. Quality mats can be purchased for a very low price, but more high-end, customized mats can also be purchased if you should decide to stay with the practice over a long time.

Gymnastic kits can be great if you are a serious parent about training. When you buy everything in a package, you can probably buy it cheaper. There is some circuit equipment that you are going to need when you are building your gymnastic gym on your own. You should also start with cheaper products and advance from there as your kid’s skill level develops. If you see the talent and star in your kid, then you can easily upgrade your gymnastic equipment.

Don’t Neglect Skill Level.

The skill level is obviously the most important thing. As you can guess, most of the toddlers can’t use most of the gym equipment. It takes serious training and time to enjoy the hardest equipment. It’s really important something suitable for your kid’s level. You should assess your kid’s level and make your purchases according to that. You can start by getting a low balance beam and a hanging bar for basic practice.

Safety Precautions for Gymnastic Equipment

Gymnastic consist of a lot of difficult movements which are comparatively hard on joints. It requires a lot of training and skill level to perform these moves. Most of the time, athletes can be reckless and go the easy route. However, in gymnastics, a simple mistake can result in a serious injury. When you watch the Olympics, you are going to see the standard safety features I mean.

Shock Absorbing Materials: This is seriously important when getting a tumbling mat. A gymnast is only able to touch the pad with only hands or feet. If gymnast fails during a performance or makes a mistake, the gymnast is consequently going to crash on his head, so the material used is really important in case of these kinds of accidents! Most of the tumble tracks are made of foam and provide an adequate amount of protection. You should always check the materials or read reviews about the mat before buying the product!


We do this so seriously that we follow the products that we recommended and update our reviews frequently. In particular, we have checked this post several times. As our followers can realize, we’ve updated it several times since June 2017. So, we are open to criticism and discussion.

Gymnastics are really beneficial for your kid’s health! If you are looking the get the best gymnastics equipment for toddlers and kids, you can use the ones we suggested with your mind at peace!

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