Balance Beam Tips for Your Daughter

There are various of gymnastics equipment for women out there. These can be listed as the balance beam, vault table, uneven bars, and floor exercises. These gymnastic equipment have different criteria and skills needed to perform on them. For example, you need extreme strength and endurance for the vault table. Floor exercises require a lot of flexibility and athleticism at the same time. Uneven bars are the rings of female gymnasts! Each performance requires a different sets of skills so You need to follow specific guidelines if you want to make your kid a better gymnast! In this article, I’m going to give your information about balance beams and how to make the best use of them for your daughter!

Balance Beam

Women’s balance beam is generally the hardest equipment to perform out there. ¬†They are used by only women and competitions are only for women. Your daughter really needs to have a lot of concentration and courage to perform on this gymnastic equipment! It also needs a great balance skill to perform things without any pressure. Balance and momentum are really important when it comes to performing balance beam skills!

The balance beam is a piece that is raised off the floor. It’s generally covered by leather or foam to keep gymnasts from slipping. There are different types of length for the balance beams. Standard ones are generally sixteen feet and four inches wide. You can always try to pick something suitable for your daughter. If you don’t have any idea about picking the best balance beam for kids you can also check this article.


Balance beams are the hardest thing to perform. The judges generally deduct points easily if there is any kind of unbalanced rhythm. The rhythm of the kid can be developed by training routines and classical music. Music is always used during the gymnastic series which is great for improving a sense of rhythm for the kid! Your kid won’t even be able to stop for a single second but also need to do the steps in a fashionable manner!

The gymnasts have generally a choreographed routine which they have to complete. There is an exact same routine for everyone which has to be completed by every single competitor. It might be blatant for coaches and judges but it’s really different and stimulating for the competitors. Each skill level has a different balance beam routine and time limit depending on the level. If your kid won’t be able to complete the routine in the limit they will get a point reduction. So you have to work on your kid’s timing for more points! The timing is really important which can be improved by constant practice!

The Sequence

Each balance beam routine starts with the mount. It also ends with a dismount. There won’t be any music played in the background when your kid is performing! They have to be highly focused on this kind of effort! You can train your daughter with music but you should keep in mind that, they are going to compete without any music on! You can use these helpful tips to train your daughter to be a better gymnast!

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