Best Baby Sleeping Bags in 2020

There are entirely new styles of baby sleeping bags on the market. The reason for that is because the baby care market changed utterly in the last years! They started a habit of putting new products on the market during these years! There are a variety of wholly revolutionized products which are waiting for you. We have compiled a list of bags for you to decide and buy. Now, let’s read a few facts about baby sleeping bags before you get one!

Baby sleeping bags become a part of the baby’s life. It’s inevitable to get a sleeping bag when it comes to a baby’s sleeping routine. There are various of baby sleeping bags in size because babies grow fast during the first six months of their development! You can pick a baby sleeping bag between sizes of 0-6 and 6-18 months. Some baby sleeping bags are specially designed for babies who are older than 18 months of age!

The selection of baby sleeping bags is crucial for the baby’s health! A big bag might possess some potential danger to your baby’s safety. If you get it too big, your baby might be at the risk of slipping under it, which can cause a suffocating.

Top Rated Baby Sleeping Bags in 2020

Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest Teddy Baby Sleeping Bag

Unisex Baby Sleeping Bag - 100% Cotton Wearable Blanket
OuYun Baby Organic Sleeping Bag
Woolino Merino Wool Baby Sleeping Bag
baby deedee Sleep Nest Lite Baby Sleeping Bag

baby deedee Sleep Nest Travel Quilted Baby Sleeping Bag

  • This one is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • The design of the bag is perfect for easy transportation. You can easily put your baby in a stroller within seconds!
  • You don’t have to wake the baby up during the moving process!
  • The material is water-resistant which makes it perfect for camping and nature trips!
  • The sleeves are removable which makes them extra useful for summer!
  • It’s designed with all environments in the mind. You can use it in any season.
  • The bag has a tog rating of 3.5 which is perfect for extra warmth.

This baby bag is one of the best sellers in 2020 which makes it a great alternative. If you are looking for a four-season baby sleeping bag you can prefer this one!

Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest Teddy Baby Sleeping Bag

  • Specially designed cocoon shape for a good night’s sleep for your baby.
  • It designed with breathable fabric, which is good for your baby’s health.
  • Shoulder straps are specially designed to keep your baby in the sleeping bag.
  • It also comes with the reverse zipper, which ensures your baby is double safe in the bag.
  • High-quality materials, the outside of the sleeping bag is made of hundred percent of cotton.
  • TOG Rating of 2.5, which means it’s designed for winter.
  • Recommended degrees of 64-74 Fahrenheit.
  • You can machine wash the bag inside out with cold water.
  • Suitable for 6-18 months of age.

Unisex Baby Sleeping Bag – 100% Cotton Wearable Blanket

  • The marque part of the sleeping bag is made of hundred percent cotton
  • The outside part of the sleeping bag is made of seventy-five percent cotton and twenty-five percent polyester.
  • The sleeveless design is great for keeping your baby not getting overheated in this beautiful sleeping bag.
  • Being unisex makes this sleeping bag valuable. You can even use it later for your other children.
  • You can easily unzip the sleeping bag from the bottom, which makes changing diapers a breeze.
  • The size of the sleeping bag is 32 inches, and it’s 19 inches wide.
  • You can use it for summer or winter since it’s sleeveless. It has a tog rating of 2.0. However, it’s sleeveless design makes it usable for both of the seasons!
  • The product is highly suggested if you are looking for a cheap baby sleeping bag.

OuYun Baby Organic Sleeping Bag

  • It is made of hundred percent cotton.
  • The sleeping bag is undyed, which makes it organic—highly suggested for parents who are looking for organic baby sleeping bags!
  • You can get between 4 types of different thicknesses. They all have different TOG ratings.
  • 2-Way zipper function is excellent. It helps you to change clothes or diapers with ease.
  • You can easily wash the sleeping bag with cold water with your hands.
  • The small size is great for 20-30 inches of babies. Medium is for 30-38 inches. The large one is great for 38-45 inches in height.
  • Removable sleeves are a great function. If your baby gets too hot in the night, you can remove the sleeves for a better sleep experience.
  • It’s highly suggested for parents who are looking for a quality product and brand!

Woolino Merino Wool Baby Sleeping Bag

  • Highest quality baby sleeping bag in the market if you are looking for something for the winter.
  • It’s the best seller in the US and CA since 2010.
  • The baby sleeping bag made of a hundred percent of Australian Merino wool, which is very high quality!
  • You can use it for four seasons. However, I suggest this sleeping bag for parents who are looking for something for winter.
  • The sleeping comes with a year’s warranty, which is excellent.
  • The two-way zipper is excellent for changing diapers and clothes with ease!
  • The removable straps are perfect for extra usage.
  • I highly suggest this one if you are looking to buy the best baby sleeping bag on the market!

baby DeeDee Sleep Nest Lite Baby Sleeping Bag

  • Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest Lite version is made of two layers of hundred percent cotton.
  • Cocoon shape for a good night’s rest. Highly breathable fabric.
  • It comes with a high-quality reverse zipper, which helps you to change the diapers with ease.
  • The safe wearable is a great alternative that can be worn in air-conditioned homes.
  • You can easily machine wash the sleeping bag!
  • Tog Rating of 0.6
  • Suitable for summer or spring usage.
  • The cotton of the sleeping bag feels cozy and high-quality.
  • It’s breathable, but it also keeps your baby warm.
  • It’s highly suggested for parents who are looking for a baby sleeping bag for summer.

Sleep nest fleece baby sleeping bag

  • Another great product from this lovely brand.
  • TOG rating of 1.2, which makes it suitable for spring.
  • You can use this one for a loose blanket. It makes your baby stay warm all night long.
  • You can easily wash the sleeping bag in the washing machine.
  • It’s highly durable, which means it holds up pretty well after frequent washings.
  • The zipper is two-sided, which makes it helpful for the parents.
  • I can suggest this one since it’s high-quality!


Baby sleeping bag “Minky Dot” blue

  • The product has a TOG rating of 2.5, which makes it suitable for winter.
  • It’s specially designed for room temperatures below 70F.
  • The inside part of the sleeping bag is made of hundred percent cotton.
  • It comes in three different sizes, which include; 3-11, 10-24, and 22-3T months.
  • The armholes are adjustable, which makes it super comfy. You can easily adjust the armholes for your baby and keep the baby warm during cold winter nights.
  • Because of the design, the sleeping bag is comfortable. Your baby can quickly move inside a sleeping bag, but he or she can’t get out of it.
  • The design is spacious, so it will allow your baby to stay cooler.
  • It provides insulation from both above and below.
  • The product is highly suggested if you are looking for a baby winter sleeping bag.


Selection of Baby Bags

Before selecting the size of the baby sleeping bag, you should consider your baby’s weight into consideration. There is also another factor, which is your baby’s head size! You should measure the circumference of your baby’s head and consider this measurement before you buy a sleeping bag! As a good parent, you should always read the product labels and size guides on the internet for purchasing your baby the best sleeping bag!

Tog Rating

You might be considering: Are there any other factors before buying a sleeping bag? Well, there is another important one, which is the TOG factor. This simply means which season the baby is going to wear the sleeping bag! Baby sleeping bags have a TOG rating, which indicates when the bag can be used.

The rating is determined by the local climate; of course, you should also consider the ongoing season. If you see a sleeping bag with a higher tog rating, which means it’s designed for colder environments! These kinds of containers will promote better heating! Bags with lower Tog rating it’s developed for spring or summer. Let me explain to you the tog ratings in a more fashionable way!

Tog ratings between 2-2.5 are designed for autumn and winter! They are specially designed to keep your baby safe from freezing temperatures! However, if you are in an unusually cold environment, you can buy the bags with a 3.5 rating of TOG! They are highly recommended. Tog also indicates how many layers of blankets can be compared to the sleeping bag you are buying!

Last Words

Lastly, you should always check the fabric of the sleeping bags! Cheaper bags are always made of low-quality materials that would leave the baby in poor conditions. They might even cause painful things to the baby’s body! You should always look for a hundred percent cotton baby sleeping bags, which are friendly to babies! They are great; however, they might overheat your baby. Always pick organic cotton sleeping bags instead of blankets. These are all I have to say about baby sleeping bags for now. You can check out the best ones below for future reference!

Other Important Factors


The zipper part of the sleeping bags is essential. They will allow you the change the diapers with ease. The classical sleeping bags might consist of just one zipper, which is not beneficial for the parents. You should look for always for two-sided zippers since they will help you to have more flexibility. Make sure also zipper is high-quality since they can get broken after a few usages. In our list, we’ve tried to gather products with better zipper quality.


The fabric of the bags is generally cotton nowadays. However, you might find some bags with cheaper content if you really search. I definitely suggest you get cotton baby sleeping bags. They are really more comfortable and won’t cause any rashes to your baby’s body. The other fabrics are generally not good for your baby’s health. You should always look for baby sleeping bags which has a hundred percent cotton. Especially inside of the baby sleeping bags is vital. Make sure you double-check the inside part of the baby sleeping bag!


The size makes or breaks a product. You definitely want to get something suitable for your little baby. You should always measure the sleeping bag and your baby’s height before you buy a product. The shape is also essential. If the sleeping baby is too tight, it might make your baby feel uncomfortable during the nights. I always suggest the parents getting something with a pear shape, which will make the baby feel comfortable!


High price doesn’t always mean a high-quality product. You should always compare the attributes of sleeping bags with other bags for better decisions. If you find out they have the same qualifications you can go with cheaper ones. You can also always buy from big brands which will help you to stay out of trouble!


Separatable armholes are great if you are living in a warm environment. You can remove it at any time if the weather gets too warm.

Tog Rating

Tog rating is the most critical thing in the baby sleeping bags section. There are various ratings that will determine the product’s ability to keep the baby warm. Lowest TOG ratings are suitable for spring and summer. The highest ratings are most ideal for winter and autumn seasons. You should at least aim for 3.5 TOG ratings if you are living in a cold environment. THE lowest TOG rating I’ve ever seen is 0.6, which is quite low, and this rating will only be suitable for the summer season.


You are definitely going to need to wash the baby sleeping bag. You can get ones which can be washed in the machines if you are a bit lazy. Hand washable ones are also okay. Most of the products are hand washable with cold water.


  • How can I make sure the size is right for my baby?
  • You should measure the height of your baby inches and check the product details. If your baby is a little bit overweight, you should also check the width of the baby sleeping bag you are going to buy. You should also measure the circumference of your baby’s head if you want to avoid all of the problems with the size.
  • What are these tog ratings?
  • TOG rating indicates a baby sleeping bag’s ability to keep your baby warm. Higher ratings mean they have the ability to keep your baby warmer.

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