Baby Care Tips For You And For Baby

If you are a mother to a baby, you are probably the busiest person on the earth. However, you can earn some time back and get back on your routine with these easy tips! After some practice, these baby care tips will become a habit and it will be easy for you to get back to your normal life!


Breastfeeding is a controversial subject all the time. Some countries think it’s normal and people won’t even look at you when you are breastfeeding. It’s a very common scene a mother sit down in a place and feeding their baby. However, breastfeeding in the UK and the US is a little bit different. People can’t tolerate this kind of behavior. I would like to feed my babies whenever and where ever I want and I was able to.

I’m one of the lucky mothers who can breastfeed their babies anywhere. But some too many mothers just can’t feed their baby for any reason. We live in a society where people have the freedom and can act independently if it doesn’t affect other people. Everyone has a right to choose what is best for their life. So you should be able to pick what’s best for your baby.

There are huge health benefits to breastfeeding. It’s not only limited to the baby, but the mom also gets some of the benefits. This is why it’s a key element in baby care. Baby’s first drink is also highly important, the colostrum has full antibodies which help the baby. They help to improve the baby’s immune system. It’s also full of macronutrients like protein and fat which help the baby to put on a few pounds during the first phase of life! Breastfeeding also helps the mothers as I said before, the mom’s uterus will contract more quickly if the breastfeeding is on point. You can also read the benefits of breastfeeding for mothers here.

If you think about logical benefits, the milk is always ready. It stays at the right temperature whenever the baby wants it! If your baby finishes the bottle or boob, there is always another solution waits for him or her! Co-sleeping is also a great option. You can feed the baby anytime during the night! Sometimes you won’t even notice the baby, the baby will latch on the boob by herself and feed oneself! It’s easy to that if you think from a mom’s perspective!

Bottle Feeding

I’m a fanatic of bottle feeding, it’s really easy and convenient. However, you should always sterilize the bottles and keep them clean. You wouldn’t want to come across any problems! There are many brands out there which producers bottle sterilizers for babies! You can also put some of the bottles in the microwave for sterilizing. They will come out sterilized for the next time you are going to use it! You should always have clean bottles on hand just in case.

The bottle feeding has a few important criteria for the baby. The ingredients of the formula is highly important. You should be aiming to find a suitable formula for your kid. The age of the baby is a huge factor here. You should always use the formula which is suitable for your baby’s age. Ingredients are really important you can learn more about them here.

Baby Sleeping

It’s a really important topic for putting your baby to bed! Most of us read tons of books about this subject! However, after some time you realize the most important things are keeping your baby safe and comfortable. You should also keep the environment not too cool or warm. It’s generally easy to make decisions about baby sleep care. Some babies prefer to sleep on their own, some of them will sleep with you, regardless of the situation you can handle this easily. Make sure the room is not too hot or cold! The room also should be well ventilated! Common sense is enough. However, if you want to learn more about baby sleeping you can check this article.


Clothing is really important. In summer you should be using light cotton clothes! If you want to take your baby out make sure, the sun doesn’t get to your kid directly! You can use hats or bandanas for that. Also, strollers generally have sun covers which are enough. If there is too much sun or you don’t have a stroll, you should use the ones I mentioned above! You should also cover your baby against wasps. Sun cream is also essential. You should use it even your baby is dark-skinned!

Winter is generally easy, you should keep your baby warm enough. You can use sweaters and woolens. If they are still in diapers make sure it doesn’t stay long! It should be easy to change, so pick your clothing according to that! You should also change your clothes often enough. Sometimes bad things can happen if you don’t change the clothing.


Changing diapers is every person’s nightmare! Whether they are disposable or not, you should do it regularly if you want to avoid complications. Babies generally have their way of letting you know about the situation. However, you should develop a habit of changing diapers every 3 hours if possible! After some time, you are going to probably learn about your baby’s toilet habits and you can adjust yourself according to that! If you want to learn more about changing check out this one!


Most of the babies hate bathing. You should use common sense when you are bathing your baby. You have to gather all the materials before you are going to bath your baby. Towels and other things should be ready on the changing mat. Make sure you everything set up on the side. You can also use baby bathing toys if you want to keep the baby busy. You should also make sure the water is not too hot or cold Generally, 90f or 30-32 Celsius is ideal!

Lastly, the parents should spend quality time with their baby together, you should also split up the work if it’s possible! Also, make sure you spend quality time together with your husband or wife!

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