10 Best Wooden Building Kits for Kids in 2020

Wooden building kits for kids are perfect stuff when it comes to education and fun at the same time. They are perfect for improving hand-eye coordination and necessary problem-solving skills.  Most of the wooden kits are not colored, which also makes them perfectly safe for the kids. Some brands have harmful paints on them, which we will talk about at the end of this article. Let’s take a look at the best seller wooden building kits for kids in the market so we can pick a suitable one for your needs!

Top Sellers

FAO Schwarz Medieval Knights & Princesses Wooden Castle Building Blocks

  • This building blocks kit is great for improving your kid’s creativity because it has different buildings like castles, bridges, and turrets. This will push your kid’s creativity into its limits!
  • It’s excellent for developing hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Building blocks are really great for improving the thinking capacity of the kids.
  • This is also a great educational experience while keeping your kid educated!
  • The sales page has two different options. You can pick the set with a bigger size if you want your kid to create more things. It also has a lower price, which makes it a better alternative! If you are looking for a well made wooden building kit for kids, you can buy this one!

ROKR Marble Run Kit with Balls

  • ROKR brand has amazing wooden products on their sales page, you should check them out!
  • There are six different choices of themes on the sales page!
  • It’s made of a hundred percent wood, and the material is high-quality.
  • Most of the products only take 4-6 To hours for most of the experienced kids!
  • This one will make an excellent gift for your partner or husband too.
  • If you are looking for an excellent stem toy for teenagers, you should definitely get this one! It provides enough challenge to keep kids interested!
  • Some of the parents can complete this one with smaller kids, thanks to instructions. If you can supervise your kid during the play, the kid can complete this wooden kit!

Darice Wood Model Kit

  • This is the wooden model of the ship titanic.
  • It comes with precut woods, which are perfectly suitable for each other.
  • The product also has instructions for7.25×2 inches version.
  • You can use glue, sandpaper, and paint to finish the product. The wooden parts come without any paint at all!
  • You can make the design you want, depending on your kid’s preferences.
  • The painting process is enjoyable for most of the kids.
  • The wood model kit is suitable for kids above 8 years of age!
  • It can be used as an activity for camps and scouts.
  • If you are looking for a wooden building kit that can stimulate most of your kid’s senses, you can buy this one. It’s excellent for improving creativity and imaginative thinking!

Toysmith Beetle & Bee Build A Bird Bungalow

  • This one is perfect for building homes for birds on your lawn. It will also teach your kids about animal care and our world.
  • The design is pretty simple, which makes it suitable for little kids. Kids above 5 years of age can use it without any problems.
  • The materials are pretty high-quality, and the wooden part is FSC certified.
  • You can color the bird bungalow as you want it. This will also keep your kid busy for extra hours!
  • The bird bungalow comes with 4 color options and a chain for easy hanging.
  • The nails and glues are pretty easy to use, you can do it with your kid.
  • Instructions are clear and easy to understand.
  • I can suggest this one if you are looking to help nature with your kid!

Build and Play Wooden Vehicle Kits

  • This is great for parents who are looking for a value set.
  • The set comes with 4 pieces that are easy to complete.
  • The set has few pieces which can be quickly completed by the kids. You should buy this one if your kid is above 5 years of age. You can put them together if you want.
  • Most of the bigger kids can do it easily thanks to their improved skills. However, they might need adult help!
  • Most of the projects are really fun and easy to complete. It has a pirate ship, fighter plane, helicopter, and a racecar. These toys are highly liked by the little boys!

ROKR Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle Model Kit

  • If your kid is interested in more complex wooden puzzles, you can get this one! It’s tough because of the 3D design.
  • Most of the people prefer to buy this one with their boyfriends or husbands.
  • However, teenagers can also do this one without any problems at all.
  • If your kid is interested in stem toys, you can prefer to buy this one!
  • The design of the wooden craft kit is exceptionally functional. It looks perfect but works flawlessly at the same. The 3D design will really attract curious kids.
  • The instructions are perfect and easy to understand.
  • The woods are laser cut, which makes them easier to use!

Zenius Master Building Set – Innovative Wood Blocks Toy Kit for Kids

  • This one is perfect for little kids because of the bright colors and the difficulty level.
  • It’s one of the best toys in 2020 for little kids. This kit is suitable for kids above 6years of age!
  • Each wooden toy has plastic holes that can be screwed with other plastics.
  • Your kid can align the holes and screw them together. This is great for improving the hand-eye coordination of your kid. It will force your kids to use their hands and improve their skills.
  • It’s also perfect for creativity, and the difficulty is not that hard!
  • The toy is also perfect for long term usage thanks to material quality. It’s going to last for years.
  • The product also has a 45-days money-back guarantee, which is perfect.

DISCOVERY KIDS 75-Piece Premium Piece Wooden Castle Building Blocks Set

  • Another wooden castle building block for kids if you are looking for an alternative.
  • It’s excellent for improving your kid’s creativity and imagination.
  • The quality is close to the one above. They are almost the same, but the price varies a lot.
  • The product is excellent for fun and satisfaction at the same.
  • If you are looking for an alternative, you can get this wooden castle building kit!

SES Creative Carpentry Wood Building Playset

  • The wooden components are real and high-quality.
  • The product comes with a hammer and peg set, which is excellent for improving your kid’s motor skills.
  • This one can be combined with the two models above to create different projects. They will be perfect for improving the skills of your kid!
  • It’s great for hand-eye coordination because your kid needs to do some precise work.
  • If you are looking for a perfect gift for your little kid, you can buy this one!
  • There are different DIY projects in the instructions book, and they have a level of difficulties. You can move your kid into harder projects as your kid improves!

Desktop Wooden Model Kit Garden House

  • There are eight different designs on the sales page, and they are all perfect.
  • It also has colors that make them perfect for showing off on a desk or table.
  • The product is made in Korea, and it has high-quality materials.
  • Most of the kids can do it within 4-5 hours with ease.
  • The product comes with instructions that make them perfect.
  • You can buy this one if you are looking for an alternative. However, you should help your kid during the process! The wooden model kit is suitable for kids above 12 years of age because some of the materials are pretty soft, which might not be durable enough for little kids!

How to Pick Best Wooden Building Kits for Kids?

Picking a wooden building kit might be hard for you if you don’t know what to buy. There are tons of different products on the market, which makes the process hard. However, I gathered my most essential tips which will be helpful for you and your kid. First of all, your kid’s skill level is the most important thing, in my opinion! You can take a look at other stuff after you know what your kid wants!

Material Quality

The material quality of the wood is highly essential. Some kits are low in quality, which makes them not to good for especially little kids. There are some delicate products which are suitable for only adult usage.

If you are buying the wooden building kit for little kids, you have to make sure it’s durable enough for rough usage. Most of the teens can easily do all of the kits without any problems at all!


The wooden building kits have a price of around 30-40 dollars most of the time, depending on the pieces. If you are looking for high-quality products, you have to spend more than 50 bucks, in my opinion.


The size of the product is also essential. Many wooden building kits come with more pieces than your kid needs. You need to think about your kid’s skill level and make your pic according to that! Most of the little kids don’t need big sets, so think about that!


Some wooden building kits are functional after you complete them. Some of the vehicles can be used by the kids, which makes them perfect for spare time activities! Your kid will also love these toys more because they can play with them! It will also increase their self-confidence, which is also critical!


The design of the wooden building blocks is also highly relevant. You need to pick a suitable design for your kid. Most of the kids have preferred designs, which makes them eager to complete the projects. Figure out what your kid wants and pick your plan according to that!

Difficulty and Skill Level

When choosing wood building kits for kids, consider the needs of your child and the age of your child. Most of the kids have preferred themes when it comes to wooden building kits. If you buy something, your kid doesn’t like the kid won’t even complete the kid.

The skill level of the kid is also essential. Some children are just starting to learn how to do woodworking while others have already learned that skill for years. If your kid is experienced, you can pick more complex projects. Most of the plans come with instructions, which also makes the process a lot easier! If your kid is just starting out making your kid is starting with something easy! You can move onto harder projects as time passes!

Before choosing the type of woodworking kits that you will use, make sure that it has everything that your child needs to complete the project. It is essential to choose a kit that has everything that you need as well as things that your child can add on to help them get it done. Some of the kits have hammers and screws in them, which makes the tasks harder. You should think about your kid’s skills and make your choice based on that! If you choose a kit that has easy to follow instructions, your child will be able to use it without too much trouble.


Wood building kits for kids have many different tools that you can buy that can help your kid to build the thing they want. However, they might cause some trouble for your kid. Some sets have hammer and screws in them, which might be harmful to your kids. You need to make sure your kid knows how to use these materials.

The painting of the wooden blocks is also essential. It is also necessary to look for wood building kits for kids that are safe for your child. Since some are not, you may want to consult with your child’s teacher before purchasing a kit that they can use. Most of the kids are aware of what you can buy for your kid!


You can find wood building kits for kids in many stores that sell all types of supplies for woodworking. There are different projects that you can do, like toy cars, trucks, castles, vehicles, bridges, houses, and other stuff!

. There are many kinds of wood building kits for kids, so take a look at the ones that you think would be best for your child. Your child’s preferences will determine what type of wood building kits for kids they would like to use. Remember that many people who build wood structures take pride in their work, and that is why they give it all. Give your child a gift that they will use for years to come.

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