Vktech Colorful Bathroom LED Light for kids Review

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Vktech Colorful Bathroom LED Light for kids
Bathroom Led Light For Kids
  • Best colorful bathroom led light for kids.
  • Time to party for your kid! This Led Light Converts bathtub to a fun time!
  • The durable plastic used during the creation of this product. It’s safe to use in water and has LED light display
  • You can make your child play between 3 different led lights.
  • Comes with three different light shows so the party never stops!
  • It’s only suitable for ages 3 and up

If you are having a hard time keeping your kid in the water this product is definitely the thing you need. It’s really a good colorful bathtub LED light. It’s really durable and low cost, you can easily buy it by clicking the link at below. We only suggest using this item for 3 ages and up.


  1. Brand new and high quality.
  2. Suitable for ages 3 and up.
  3. Size: 90mmx90mmx45mm.
  4. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).
  5. Simply turn it on, drop it in, and let the fun begin.
  6. Watertight plastic with water-safe LED light display.
  7. Party in the Tub turns bath time into fun time with a LED light show.

Underwater Bath Lights

In the market, there aren’t many choices. Colorful lights for bath tubes can make it look very attractive. Surprisingly, kids keep calm when there are colorful lights around.

A bath light should be waterproof and LED. The options we show are safe for kids. They are non-toxic and BPA free. Their edges are smooth and they do not weigh much. Therefore, they are very safely used by many families.

The colorful glow and flashes show things even more beautiful. You can also use them for patio ponds. That makes a great pool party material by colorfully lighting the pool.

Kids like bath and can stay longer without crying. Giving it a try is a good idea for parents who have hard times with their kids in the bathroom.

Although the market has not many options, the sellers are trustable and they refund without any difficulty.

How to use:

  • Connect the parts and twist anticlockwise till it fits.
  • Take out the cover and put AAA batteries.
  • Pressing on the switch turns it on. Then, it turns off if you push and hold the switch button.
  • Make sure you connected parts tightly. Otherwise, because of the battery parts, the product gets damaged.
  • They are meant to float, do not try to sink them. It’s still waterproof but if you force it to stay underwater for too much time, it gets broken.

Swimming Pool Lights

There are multi-color swimming pool lights that can be alternatives. However, good swimming pool lights are solar-powered and rather big. That’s why people use them outdoors. Still, they can be used indoors because they are waterproof and dustfree. These have a better place and variety in the market. Most people use the as bath lights, too.

Solar Garden Lights

They charge themselves in 8 hours. They are very efficient and eco-friendly. The remote control allows you to switch on and off from a 13ft distance. There are sixteen different color options. You can change the color and the mood of your garden or pools. Weddings, celebrations, or birthday parties can be better with such decoratives.



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