10 Best Vet Kits for Kids in 2020

Vet sets for kids are handy when its time to teach kids about empathy and necessary first aid skills. Humans tend to develop their empathic skills in childhood, which is exceptionally crucial for any kid out there. You have to teach your kid about empathy as a responsible parent. Vet sets are great for this purpose. You can also show your kid about necessary health skills in a fun manner. There are a couple of brands in the market which specially produce vet sets for kids. In this article, we will inspect the top sellers in the market so you can pick a beautiful vet kit for kids.

Top Sellers





Melissa & Doug Pet Vet Play Set

  • There are two sale options on the sales page. You can also buy your kid a vet costume set for better roleplaying games.
  • The vet set is complete with all of the necessary equipment. It comes with 24 pieces of equipment and a plush dog plus cat!
  • The tote bag is excellent for secure storage, and it can also teach your kid about how to be organized.
  • Vet sets are great for developing empathy, and this set does it entirely!
  • The vet set is renowned by toy experts, and it’s recommended by most of them.
  • The set comes with essential items like a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, and ear scope. These are the most used items in any vet or doctor set for kids.

This set is perfect with high-quality materials. It’s also suitable for kids above three years of age. If you have a bigger kid, the kid can get quickly bored with this set! Melissa & Doug is a well-known brand, and you can buy this product without hesitation!

Battat – Dalmatian Vet Kit

  • This is my second favorite product in this list! First of all, you can carry the case anywhere you like. This attribute makes the set perfect. It can also teach your kid how to be organized.
  • The set comes with 15 different pieces, which might seem small at first. However, it comes with the necessary equipment.
  • The carrying case is entertaining for the kids. It will provide endless fun, and your kid can easily keep things tidy!
  • The toy is durable and suitable for long term usage.
  • It also makes a great gift because it looks big thanks to it’s carrying case.
  • If you like to pretend playsets, this one is going to work!
  • The dimensions of the vet toy carries is 10.75x 8.25×8.25 inches (LxWxH).

If you have a bigger kid than two years old, you can prefer this one without hesitation. It works well, and does the job effectively! Battat is a well-known brand that is operated by a family so you can trust their quality!

FUN LITTLE TOYS 34 PCs Pet Care Play Set

  • Another high-quality vet set for kids that works well.
  • I like this set because it has all of the necessary and additional equipment.
  • It will provide better fun for most f the kids since the set is huge!
  • It comes with a high-quality plush puppy who is ready for examination!
  • The set provides vivid pretend play experience, which is excellent for the kids!
  • The pet carrier is also great for little travels.
  • The materials are high-quality and made of toxin-free materials.

If you are looking for a more significant set, you can prefer this since it has additional stuff in it! The material quality is also top-notch.

MorTime 42 Pcs Examine & Treat Pet Vet Play Set

  • This set will be better for girls because of the color. It’s also beautiful for most of the girls because of the pink hippopotamus in it!
  • The medical toy kit is complete with 40 pieces! This might be the most significant set in the market right now!
  • The set is great for fun and education.
  • There are many different things your kid can do in addition to treatment!
  • Your kid can also act as a dentist. Some of the items in the set have sound and light, which doubles the fun!
  • It’s an excellent toy to educate your kid about doctors and vets, which promotes a healthy relationship between your kid and doctors!
  • The tote bag is sturdy, which makes the storage a breeze!
  • The materials are high-quality and suitable for long term usage. The toy also doesn’t have any sharp edges, which makes it perfect for little kids!

If you have a baby girl who is looking to improve their vet skills, you should get this set! The colors of the set is vibrant and shiny, which makes it perfect for little girls!

YIMORE Vet Set for Kids

  • Another basic set for little kids.
  • This set doesn’t have many pieces, but I like the quality of it!
  • It has the cutest plush toy, in my opinion!
  • There are 24 pieces in this set, which is enough for most of the kids. It has unnecessary items like dog food, dog bowl, and pets shampoo.
  • The set comes with a classic tote bag for storing items.
  • The materials are hundred percent trustworthy.
  • I like the colors of the set because they are more vibrant compared to other games!

If you are looking for an alternative, you can prefer this set since it’s almost as same as the others.


BEJOY Pet Vet Kit Pretend Play Pet

  • The set comes with a first travel cage, which is great for short travels.
  • The set is pretty cheap compared to other ones. If you re short on the budget or you want to try out a simple vet kit for your kid, you can get this one!
  • There are ten pieces in this set, but it has the necessary equipment.
  • This set is excellent for encouraging kids to take care of animals.
  • It’s excellent for the necessary roleplaying opportunities!
  • This one can be a great gift since it’s cheap and effective!

I highly suggest this one if you don’t want to spend too much money on a vet kit!

Kidzlane Deluxe Pet Doctor Vet Kit

  • There sixteen different pieces in this pet doctor vet kit!
  • The materials are charming, in my opinion! I like the design of this vet kit!
  • The plush puppy is high-quality, but you can replace it if you want to!
  • The set is excellent for basic pretend play games!
  • The crate is extra durable. However, the size of it is small compared to other sets in the market!
  • The material quality is perfect, in my opinion. The pieces look basic, but they re high-quality!

You can try out this one if you are looking for an alternative! 

Build Me Vet Kit for Kids

  • There are two plush puppies in this set, and this attribute separates this set from others!
  • Eleven vet tools look okay at first look, but there should be more items for this price, in my opinion! However, this set is adorable and attractive, which might make it the right choice for some kids.
  • This set is great for teaching empathy and nurturing since it comes with two puppies. There will be more roleplaying options for your kid!
  • The set has useless items like a food bowl, which has no place in vet sets, in my opinion. You can use anything in your home for this purpose!

If your kid is concerned about the design of the toys, you can try out this one! The set is perfect for the girls because of the attraction it creates!

Schylling Veterinarian Kit

  • This set is a little bit different compared to other vet kits! It’s more like an educational set instead of a vet set!
  • I suggest this set for kids who aspire to become a veterinarian! The collection is excellent for educating kids, and it’s realistic at the same time!
  • This toy can be classified as a steam toy that is perfect for teaching your kid about essential animals!
  • It comes with a high-quality doctor bag that can be used to store items.
  • The set is suitable for kids above three years of age!

I vouch for this one since it’s more education inclined compared to other sets!

Melissa & Doug Veterinarian Role Play Costume Set

  • This one is not exactly a vet set, for it’s excellent for roleplaying games.
  • You can buy this one in addition to your kid’s vet set to improve roleplaying.
  • The set comes with a jacket, mask, cap, and thermometer. The stethoscope looks pretty basic, but it has sound effects, which might be suitable for some kids.
  • The material quality of the set is excellent compared to other ones!
  • The set is easy to clean, which makes it a great option. You can easily wash the tunic in a washing machine.
  • The costume set is suitable for kids between 3 and 6 years of age!

If you are looking to improve the roleplaying experience for your kid, you can get this one!

How to Pick Best Vet Set for Kids?

There are a couple of perfect items in the market right now. The picking process is quite comfortable, in my opinion. You need to determine what kind of set you want in the first place. There are four high-quality sets at the beginning of the article. These vet sets for kids are suitable for different preferences. You should take a look at them and make your choice according to your personal needs. I’m sure those four sets will cover any person’s needs. Let’s look at other essential things to learn if the set is right for you and your kid!

Material Quality

The material quality of the products is close to each other, which eliminates this attribute instantly, in my opinion! However, you should stay away from low-quality products, but there are too many of them. I would avoid china products for this purpose. You can buy the first three products if you are worried about the quality. The first three toys on the list are pretty high-quality, and you won’t have any material quality problems with those!


The price of the sets is generally close to each other! Most of the games revolve around twenty dollars for some reason. There are some smaller sets around the ten dollar range, but they won’t be enough for some of the kids. If your kid is just starting, you can buy a basic set! If your kid is interested in animals, you can try out high-quality sets. There are some expensive sets in the market which costs a lot compared to these basic sets! If you are looking for more elaborate sets, be ready to pay more than thirty dollars!


The amount f pieces in the sets can vary a lot. Most of the sets have around 20-30 items, which is the necessary amount, in my opinion. You should check out to see if it has the required equipment in it! If you are looking for a set that can keep your kid busy for hours, you should get a set with more than 30 pieces, in my opinion.

Benefits of Vet sets for Kids

These sets are great for any kid out there. You can buy them whether your kid is interested in veterinary or not. They have a great purpose, which is teaching the kids about empathy. It’s one of the lost values in 2020, which is crucial for the future of humanity, in my opinion. You can start out teaching your kid about empathy for animals, which can turn into other critical things. These sets are also great for teaching your kid about necessary first aid skills and technology.


Thre are perfect sets in the market. Most of them can easily do the things you need! You should make sure it has the necessary equipment your kid needs. Some sets come with unnecessary equipment that increases the price! IF you don’t want to learn all about these primary products, you can check out the comparison table at the beginning. I’ve put in the top four products in the market right now. Those products will be suitable for any parent and kid! If you have any questions about vet kits for kids, feel free to ask!

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