Usage of Darth Vader Costumes for Kids

The Darth Vader character is a highly popular character in the movie called “Star Wars”. The inspiration for this costume was that kids, just like their parents, would enjoy a walk on the dark side. As such, the Dark Lord of the Sith is associated with scary and bloodthirsty characteristics. This character gets pretty funny especially when played by kids! So the costume can bring your family very funny moments!

The basic idea of the “Power of the Dark Side” is as follows. The Emperor is wearing his mask to hide his identity, and then he glides through the stormtroopers at full speed, seemingly unaffected by their bullets. Then, after gaining his victory, he disappears into the smoke and darkness.

Effects of Costume

The purpose of all this is to show the power of the “Force” and to inspire the Dark Jedi – Luke Skywalker – to develop the strength that is needed to kill the Emperor. The costume for kids, having a futuristic look, is black in color and is designed to be very durable. The coloring is either black or grey, depending on the taste of the kid. The headpiece is also a distinguishing feature of the outfit. The costume will definitely enhance the character of your kid! It’s one of the best costumes out there for roleplaying!


The coloring has an unsettling, dark look, which includes black eyes and a prominent nose. Some of the features of the costume include black accents on the sleeves, and black bodysuit for the torso. The head is covered with a black skull mask. There might be other additional accessories to the costume which will affect the look.

The little black dress has a pointed neckline and black straps, just like the outfit of the adult. There are some variations to the design of the costume for kids. In the attire, the ankles are covered with a black belt with an Imperial insignia on it.¬†On the chest, there is a red cape with an Imperial insignia. On the boots, there is a red belt, and the overall appearance is similar to the “Rebel Alliance” costume.

Adult Options

For adults, the theme of the costume is mainly based on a black and red appearance, together with black accents on the black and red attire. Also, there is a dark effect in the skin colors, and there is a sharp contrast between the white Darth Vader costume for kids and the overall appearance of the costume.

Children’s costumes for adults will need to have black skin, and dark eye patches to accentuate the scar on the left eye. Darker skin will make the face appear more menacing.

A light eye patch is good, but a red-eye patch will probably be even better. This will not only help the children to look menacing but will also add a mysterious element to the outfit.

For the overall general appearance, a dark body and light skin would work best. Darkening the chest area and covering it with a dark belt will make the dark cloak look even more sinister. For the belt, a gold one is good, because it symbolizes wealth.

On the chest, the dark cape is needed, because this is where the real “dark side” is. The dark cape is there to emphasize the power of the mask. A red cape will be an even better choice since it will emphasize the light skin of the adult.

Dark effects on the chest will be emphasized with red highlights. Red highlights on the robes will give the appearance of blood, and the red cape will stand out in the dark.


There are many Darth Vader costumes for kids out there online. If you still can’t decide what kind of costume you need, you can check my post about Darth Vader costume for kids!

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