Toy Safety Musts for Parents

Toys are extremely fun to play for children. They provide great opportunities for educating the kids. Most of the time we are looking for the perfect toy on the market but we should also be careful about the safeness of the toy! Some of the relatives bring some toy gifts to the special events and they don’t have the safety precautions you are looking for. Safety is a must when it comes to toys for kids and you have to learn the hazards waiting for you baby! You have to be aware of the potential dangers when it comes to toys! Now let’s take a look at my safety tips for toys.

Toys Must be Suitable for Your Kid’s Age

This is the number thing you should check because toys are designed for special age limits. If your kid is under the age of 3, you should be extra careful! All of the toys have a recommended age and you should be able to see it under the packaging. If your kid is above the age of 7, you can go with toys which are 1-2 years bigger for your kid. You won’t face a problem most of the time if your kid is suitable for these toys.

You Should Read the Warning Signs and Labels

Labels are highly important. Most of the parents don’t pay any attention to them and this is a really bad thing! You have to follow all warning labels and pick something suitable for your kid. There are special warning labels for toys which are suitable for kids under three years of age. You should look at these warnings carefully and make your purchase according to that!

Sharp Edges

Sharp edges are a huge problem when it comes to toys. It’s the most dangerous thing a toy can have since it’s directly targeted to their physical health! Most of the kids love to chew on things especially when they are small. This can cause some really bad problems if the toy has sharp points. Children also tend to move toys towards their eyes which is also highly dangerous! There is always a danger when it comes to sharp toys, the kid can fall upon the toy and injure themselves with ease! You should always guide your kid through playtime if you have toys like this!

Small Parts

Some toys have small parts which can be dangerous. As I said before, children tend to chew things especially the new stuff! You should avoid giving these kinds of toys to kids below the age of 3. Babies have a tendency to swallow things which can be dangerous! Some animal toys have loose parts like eyes and noses which can come apart easily! These parts can be dangerous too. You should also make sure the toy is made of nonharmful material. It can be dangerous because your baby is going to chew on it the whole day!

The durability of the Toy

If you want your kid to enjoy the toy for a really long time, you should look for toys which are strong and durable! It should be made of shatterproof material so it can last longer which results in you save more money in the long run! The toy should not break easily in case of an accident because the fall can create some sharp edges which can easily injure the child!

Make Sure the Toy Is Sturdy and Strong

It is important to check to see if the toy you are buying is sturdy and built of strong shatterproof material. In case of any falls or accidents, the toy should not break into pieces with sharp edges as this can cause bodily injury to the child.

The noise of The Toy

The toy should not make sharp noises which can be harmful to your kid’s ears! This is especially highly important for babies because they tend to have sensitive ears. You can also buy some earplugs for kids if you want to protect your kid’s hearing.

Toxic Materials

This is a huge topic which can be talked for hours but you should make sure toys do not contain any toxic chemicals at all! You have to check the labels so you can be sure about it. Allergies and other stuff can be dangerous too. You should know what kind of allergies your kid has and avoid the ingredients according to it!
>Magnetic toys are mostly safe because they use better plastic materials to improve the safety of the magnets! They are a great and fun way to learn but it can be dangerous if they are swallowed.

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