The Right Coding Books for Kids

Coding for kids brought a fresh look for education while the whole world had serious concerns about education. The traditional systems seem no longer to work. Education managers know it, but schools are too slow to adapt to the requirements of the present and the future.

Now that we have coding to contribute to kids’ development, we can invite coding into our lives. A simple way of doing so is by getting coding books for kids.

If you can encourage them and keep them engaged with these books, they will be able to write software codes. A high number of today’s kids tend to learn these faster. Every day, they already see many coded programs because of tablets and smartphones.

They already play games, and they’re quite used to the coding principles, but they are not aware. The books we choose for them must be entertaining and attractive.

Here we’ll see the successful coding books in the market. Then, we’ll talk more about how to use and how to encourage.

My First Coding Book Board book  Kiki Prottsman

  • This book is a great fun source to build a foundation. It contributes to developing critical thinking skills.
  • Kids will learn the vital basics of coding, like sequencing.
  • You can consider “My First Coding Book” as one of the best Kickstarter.
  • It is most appropriate for 5-7 ages.  (kindergarten to first grade)

If kids learn to find patterns in loops and behaviors, they can understand things better. Such brain training would work for many other life occasions besides coding. My first coding book aims to build three strong primary skills of coding: finding patterns, repeating loops, and storing data. The organization of the books is very appropriate. It has a curriculum and plan that make sense. It also features interactive games inside.

If you are looking for the first book to coding for kids, this one is literally the first coding book to start with.

Code Your Own Games! 20 Games to Create with Scratch Hardcover  by Max Wainewright

  • The book is based on SCRATCH.
  • Easy to follow instructions help children to keep interested.
  • Things are illustrated, so not dull for kids.
  • The author successfully included the key facts for coding.
  • Kids will learn to draw shapes, relate them, set rules, and finally make them playable games.
  • The most appropriate age range is 6 – 11 for this one.

The book aims to carry a basic beginner to better and even advanced situations.

Coding for Kids Scratch Learn Coding Skills, Create 10 Fun Games, and Master Scratch Paperback – July 2, 2019, by Matthew Highland

scratch based coding books for kids

  • This book is scratch based.
  • This one is similar to the previous one.
  • The product after finishing the book is an ability to build at least 1 0 simple games.
  • There is step by step instructions with a kid-friendly and comprehensible language. It is colorful and fun.
  • It can fulfill its aim that is to enable kids to create games.

If the kid is not good at drawing and has no interest in drawing, this book can be more appropriate because it teaches things with built-in graphics.

It is pretty inspiring and so worth adding to kids’ bookshelf.

Coding for Kids Python Learn to Code with 50 Awesome Games and Activities Paperback – March 19, 2019, by Adrienne Tacke

  • The previous book was for Scratch; this one is for Python.
  • Using this book is an ideal idea to reflect the advantage of game-based learning to coding learning.
  • This book, which is also rich in the number of activities, establishes the perception of programming.
    The book tastes like a friendly guide to programming.
    The most appropriate age for this book is 10-15. The manufacturer’s range is 10 – 18. This range corresponds to the 3rd to 9th grade.
    Here is an excellent design for children to enjoy the most necessary coding and programming skills. With interactive tutorials and step-by-step guidance, you can see that “a future coder” is developing without complaining.
    Coding for Kids: Python” is the right choice for those who want to give the Python-based book a chance. So you won’t be dependant on Scratch based books.


Coding Games in Scratch A Step-by-Step Visual Guide to Building Your Own Computer Games (Computer Coding for Kids) Paperback – December 1, 2015, by Jon Woodcock

  • One more starch-based book with visualized steps…
  • The recommended age range is 8 – 12.
  • The steps of the book are easy to follow. Therefore it is straightforward to understand.

You can achieve great results with this book, which increases the predisposition to the programming language.
Of course, you will also need to have an internet connection and an appropriate computer to follow the steps taught by the book. This book, which teaches coding while developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills, is a must-have for kids’ library.

Python for Kids A Playful Introduction to Programming Paperback – December 12, 2012, by Jason R. Briggs

python based coding books for kids

  • This book is available in Python for Kids, kindle, and paperback.
  • The specified age range of the book is 10+.
  • We are talking about an author who has made the programming language fun. Even with the Python-base, he managed to create colorful and fun content. This work could eliminate the reason why Python is less preferred for children.
  • The fictions in the narration of the book are also very creative. Full-color illustrations and games add delight to the learning process.

When children finish this book, they have the perception of map and pattern. They can customize the code they used, and they can logically modify to reuse. Kids gain inference and critical thinking. They can also learn to draw shapes. They’re equipped with a lot of talent that we haven’t mentioned here yet. Thus, they have the chance to become thinkers who can create games, animations, and creative multimedia works.


First Coding Book For Kids Coding Games and Worksheets to Teach Little Kids (4-7 Years) How to Code

fist coding books for kids

  • Again, this coding book for kids is Scratch based.
  • The recommended age range is 4-7. The book is appropriate for pre-schoolers.
  • In fact, it is more than appropriate thanks to its kid-friendly content. There are a lot of fun activities that teach alongside informative worksheets.
  • Creative thinking, problem-solving, analytical cognition skills are aimed.
  • The writer is very good at visualizing the coding concept.

You can count it as a playful introduction to coding and programming.

Things to Consider: Coding Books for Kids

If the idea of ​​buying Coding Books for kids is a new idea for you and you haven’t done much research on it, this will help you.

We have shared successful coding and programming books for children. These books really deserve appreciation. As a result of our reviews, we listed trusted books. They can be included in our lists because they earned admiration.

Are you aware that you are reading coding books at a toy guide web site? In fact,  Learning what we see as high-level skills is actually a toy for children!

Purposes of Coding books for kids

Coding books for children generally aim at providing computational, programming, and coding skills. Since our world is managed by computers, everyone has understood the enormous importance of this. Although everyone realizes, we don’t see many parents who behave equivalently to this importance scale.

Adults of our age are surprisingly able to continue their lives lacking some crucial skills. They do not know English and coding language, which is the language of the world. On the other hand, lacking these very same skills will be somehow deadly in the near future. Especially for the young adulthood of today’s children, these skills are vital.

Even if some school systems aim to provide acquisition to these skills from the preschool period, they are unlikely to be as effective as parent-conscious education. The coding taught in the school system may not be sustained in accordance with the child’s own skill and speed. Due to various environmental factors, kids have different levels of aptitude. This is why the fact that parents aiming to act consciously through coding books will bring more significant benefits to their children.

What  to Expect

Coding books for kids are considered successful when they manage to be resources for teachers and parents. They should guide aspiring children with less parental supervision, too. The attempt to write these books is serious. We can say that the authors who do their job correctly are precious people. A good book must meet and feed the curiosity, knowledge, and skills that make human beings successful and valuable. One of the branches that could provide this union is programming.

We need to keep things balanced about what to expect from Coding books for kids. Setting expectations properly is not only useful when buying books, but also for other purchases.

Expect: Table of Contents, Plan, Strategy

A sane person can actually look at the table of contents to see if the books are correct. Nevertheless, it is necessary to value the opinions of the authorities in order not to leave the business to chance.

An excellent coding book for kids has a holistic purpose, and every step of the plan serves the primary goal. It is relatively easy to prepare such works for adults. But in the case of children, a large laboratory is spent for each department. It would be very uninspiring to open the dictionary to explain kids the meanings by definitions of programming. A good book for children should be able to solve this with colors, visuals, and proximate to life examples.

It should be noted that children do not need to explain these academically when learning the basics of coding. Self-explanatory examples and should be given. Coding should be taught by simulating the spoken language. Entertainment should not be missing from any page.

Children should be encouraged to feel that they have produced something and understood the business as soon as possible. Therefore, the coding taught to children should start with actions. Immediately, even if they don’t know anything.  Persuade them that they can make video games, calendars, clocks, and cartoons. They should see the impacts they can make with small moves. In fact, the word “encouraging” explains the motto. Encourage the kids!

Fictions should be made to make children perceive the big picture and develop intuition. The habit of using logic should be gained when a problem is encountered. If you can visually illustrate possible approaches to a problem, you are a good writer.  When kids need help while learning, they should be provided with the ability to find human and technology-based aids. Of course, it is not enough to give children a command by saying do this. They will need to experience problem-solving processes with fun scenarios.

The Inconveniences by Misunderstanding the Purpose of the Coder Books

Some customers didn’t know that it required a computer after getting coding books. It sounds ridiculous, but there’s a distressing number of parents who don’t know it.  We make it clear that in order to avoid such complaints that all of these require an internet connection and a computer to be introduced. Besides, some programs like Scratch are entirely free. Also, there are paid programs. The producer of Python or a later possible program developer may wish to sell them to their please at their own cost, which is natural in the free-market.


Coding skills are not severely in need of programs. Nevertheless, when teaching children, interfaces such as Scratch have accelerating effects on learning. Therefore, coding books for children are written as a guide to the interfaces should be preferred. But, for example, if you think that the book writer or book vendor must give you computers and all the side software just for twenty bucks, the places where you start to look for your rights neither ever existed nor are far away.
Don’t be fooled by the comments of unconscious customers, but this is not the same as ignoring customer comments at all. Some customers can be as useful as the experts who write reviews. Maybe even more occasionally… So your comments are valuable to us.

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