The First Years Stacking Up Cups Review

The First Years Stack Up Cups

  • The First Years Stacking Up Cups has 8 different colours which be stacked together. It will definitely help your baby to improve his or her memory and recognization skills.
  • There are big numbers on the bottom of the cups. Your kid can easily practice counting and other number skills.
  • There are various ways in which you can enjoy these beautiful stacking up cups.
  • It’s also number 1 seller at stacking toys category which means it’s really useful!

Stacking toys are generally the best options when it comes to puzzle toys. They are fun to play and it will definitely improve your toddler’s skills. Most of the kids love fitting them together and have a great time while playing it. They can build pyramids with them and hide things inside of the cups. There are also larger numbers on the outside of the stacking cups which is great for improving math skills. You can also wash the cups in the dishwasher!

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