Swing Set Parts of Replacement and Improvements

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We prepared reviews of swing set parts in case you might need them for several reasons. For example, you can change the swing seats if there’s a newcomer to the family. Or maybe, some parts need to be stronger because of grown kids. Even more, there might be many other reasons to replace the current components. Whatever the reason, you’ll find the best deals here.

Previously, we’ve reviewed many swing sets and made useful lists for those playsets. Our prior concerns are quality and getting the most performance from the money spent. So, these swing set replacement parts and fixing parts might save you from buying a new one. Some pieces would also work for your current jungle gyms.

Swing Set Replacement Parts

Swing set replacements parts can vary depending on your needs. The most popular products are seats, of course. Ropes, connection parts, and base frames follow.

The following products are top-rated. In particular, people get them to replace their current swing seats for better use. Some of them are for kids and adults, while others are mainly for toddlers and little kids.

Swing Seats for Replacement

Seats are the most replaced parts. The reason for that might depend. Sometimes, parents change them as the children grow up; sometimes, time tears seats. We’ll see some different types of seats for a replacement here. Trusted swing set replacement seats are as follows.

Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Seat Heavy Duty 66″ Chain Plastic Coated

Swing Set Replacement Parts - Seat by JGK

  • The chains of the swing seat are 66″ long for the best convenience. (2x 66″ chains and snap-hooks in the pack)
  • This would be a great attachment to your current jungle gyms or swing sets.
  • The seat part is made of copolymer plastic. The chain parts are zinc-plated and copolymer grommets.
  • Thanks to the material quality and the excellent artistry, these won’t harm hands or fingers. There’s no space for flaws and severe injuries.
  • It carries up to 300lbs, but it is meant for residential use.
  • It is compatible with many of the swing sets or jungle gyms. Also, it is specially built for the “Jungle Gym Kingdom – Swing Hangers.”

It had the most logical price and quality when we featured this in our article in October 2019. One of the most eye-catching features of this product is it is made specifically for kids. If you do not have a set but still liked it, you’ll have to choose among one of the hangers below. Or simply search for its genuine swing hangers made by the Jungle Gym Kingdom.

Squirrel Products High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat with Plastic Coated Chains

swing set parts - swing seat by Squirrel Products

  • This one is an ideal product for younger kids and toddlers.
  • It is one of the safest seats with safe holding protectors. It’s probably the best choice of bucket-style swing seats.
  • The very durable chains are covered with plastic coating halfway long to protect hands. In other words, strings are 60″ long. 30″ of both sides are covered with safety cover. It functions very well for toddlers and kids because the safety measures are all taken for the young ones to use safely.
  • The length of the chain is adjustable.
  • It can carry up to 150lbs.
  • It’s made of high-quality 60″ chains (adjustable). The pack includes carabiner clips and high-quality plastic covers.
  • There’s another option with triangle pinch protection technology if you’re looking for it.

You’ve got a lot of reasons to love this swing seat. In particular, the back part of the saddle is higher; therefore, feels safer. The chain length is more than sufficient. It gives a lot of freedom to adjust to your environment.

Little Tikes 2 in 1 Grow with Me Swing

swing set parts secure swing seat for toddlers

  • The t-bar and the design hold toddlers safe on the seat. The t-bar can be removed when the child grows up.
  • Shoulder straps reinforce safety.
  • It carries up to¬† 50 pounds.
  • The pack includes the yellow ropes but not the anchors.

It’s an OK choice for small kids.

SUMMERSDREAM Rigid Blue Child Swing

swing set parts - riggid blue swing

  • It’s an excellent anti-slip swing seat to use indoors or outdoors.
  • Its durability allows up to 190 lbs.
  • The seller gives a satisfaction guarantee. In other words, they pay back without questioning if you want to return it.

It’s one of the most logical seat replacements in the market. Especially the hustle-free return policy sounds excellent for buyers. It’s free to give it a try.

Fun Tree Swing Outdoor Wooden Hanging Swings for Kids to Adults

swing set parts - wooden swing set seat

  • This pinewood swing seat looks fantastic and feels very nice.
  • It’s suitable for kids and adults to use because it can carry up to 300 lbs.
  • The nylon rope is eco-friendly and durable.

Wooden is always favorable.

Jungle Gym Kingdom Climbing Rope with Platforms and Disc Swing

  • This one is an impressive design that can be pretty attractive for kids.
  • This swing part allows climbing and can be delightful for kids.
  • The toy can carry up to 150 lbs.
  • It is as it is seen in the picture, rope, disc, steppers, metal ring, and locking carabiner are in the pack.

If the base of your set allows, featuring a swing seat and a climbing rope like this would make it more attractive for kids.

The Best of Sleeve Anchors, Hangers, Harnesses, Buckles, Hanging Kits, Brackets, Frame Brackets, Connector Screw Locks, and Frames as Replacement Parts for Swing Sets and Jungle Gyms

If you want to design your type of swing sets or jungle gyms, you’re reading the right place. It’s possible to choose the best parts for your sets here. The cost will be similar to buying a ready-set. It’s more likely that you’re reading here to fix your current set. From the thousands of options for the parts, we’ve picked the very best. I hope this will help you, too.

Heavy Duty Swing Hangers Playground

  • These hangers are the trustable hangers that can carry up to 2400lbs.
  • The high-quality locking snap hooks with sleeve anchors provide excellent stability and safety.
  • It has its installation guide to DIY.
  • It won’t make noise while using and will work smoothly.

It’s one of the best picks for you if you want to fix something once and forever or create your exceptional product by yourself. Each of the hangers can carry 2400 lbs, and each of the snap hooks can carry 600 pounds. So, simply double the number if they carry equally at the same time. One more thing, it has had flying colors from over 2k users.

Boon Flair Harness/Buckle

In case you need a harness for your infant seats, swing seats, etc .you can pick this convenient and affordable one.

TianXi Tree Swing Hanging Kit – 5ft Extra Long Straps

  • It’s pretty durable and safe. These straps are made of industrial materials to fit anywhere for your swing seats.
  • This one is 5ft-long and can carry up to 2200lbs.
  • It fits all swings.
  • The seller gives a satisfaction guarantee.

It’s convenient for camping or picnic situations. You can always set a swing somewhere stable. Also, you can use it on your base frame to replace worn-out hangers without spending much money.

Elevators 4×4 Brackets for Deer Blinds

  • It’s a strong type of brackets and surprisingly easy to do it yourself.
  • It goes well with the swing sets, treehouses, jungle gyms, and similar play yards.
  • The pack includes eight of them.
  • They’re made of construction grade steel.
  • With all its parts and design, it’s the most reliable choice for brackets.

Even the angle is given to make things strong. It will be a permanent fix if you’re buying for fixing something yourself. Almost everything else can get worn out before it.

Baby High Chair Straps – Replacement 5/3 Point Harness Seat Belt Stroller Buckle

  • This one is a sturdy harness with more than enough width.
  • It’s adjustable to fit your purpose.
  • Almost any swing seat or seats for toddlers can turn into a safer one with such a buckle.

You won’t spend much and get a very versatile tool which could be a lifesaver sometimes. Such devices may ease it a little bit.

Quick Link Snap Hook Carabiner Connector Screw Lock Clip

  • These hooks have threaded-nut closure to install easily without cutting.
  • You can connect or disconnect it pretty fast.
  • It’s durable against outdoor conditions. It won’t get rusty.
  • You can use it for hammocks, swing sets, jungle gyms, or climbing sets.
  • It can easily carry 250 lbs.

You might have strong hangers and strong brackets, but still, you’ll need strong hooks to make it sturdy. There’s a familiar proverb: “we’re only as strong as the weakest link.” That’s correct. This would be the thing you’re looking for to hang almost all sorts of ideas decorating home.

How far apart should the two swing chains be mounted from each other?

Hello, Per the ASTM F1148, add 4% of the swing beam height to the Swing Seat width for your center to center spacing. In other words, if the horizontal beam is 84″ (i.e., 7′) in height, multiply that by 4%, which equals 3.36″. Add this 3.36″ to the width of the Swing Seat, which is 26.75″, giving you a total of 30.11″ center to center. I hope this helps you.

Can the length of the chain be adjusted? (Shortened).

The ‘top’ 24″ (or so) of the chain is not plastic coated, so it’s possible to cut and remove links. No need, though, as it comes with heavy-duty snap hooks that thread through the mounting hardware. Instead of hanging the chain from the link on end, just slide the snap hook through a loop that places the swing at the height you want it.


These are the materials you need to fix your swingset. I hope this article is helpful for you and you gathered some necessary information!

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