10 Best Sun Hats for Kids in 2019

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Sun hats for kids are essential because they will protect your kid from the harmful effects of life! Sun is the source of life, but it can cause some big problems if you don’t take the necessary steps to protect your baby. Your kid can quickly get sunburns or harmful UV rays of the sun if you don’t use proper protection. You’ve to be careful and pick the most suitable hat for your kid! I’ve listed the 12 best seller sun hats for kids in the market and hope you can find something ideal for your kid!

Top Seller Sun Hats for Kids

I play. Flap Sun Protection Hat

  • It’s made of a hundred percent polyester.
  • There are nine different designs on the seller’s page!
  • The pull-on closure works well. It provides a secure fit for the kids.
  • The cloth can be washed in the machine, which is pretty good!
  • The extra-neck coverage protects your kid and toddler from sunburns!
  • The material dries out quickly, which allows for long hours of gameplay for your kid!
  • The liner is wicking, which is specially designed for comfort!
  • The adjustable toggle is excellent for a custom fit. You can adjust the hat for your kid!
  • The hat is pretty lightweight so that you can carry it around easily during your trips!

This is one of the best seller sun hats for toddlers in the market right now! It can do almost anything you can expect from a sun hat. I suggest this one for parents out there!

Sunday Afternoons Kids Play Hat

  • The product is imported from Asia, but it still has excellent quality!
  • There are over twenty designs on the sales page! You can find a sun hat suitable for your kid!
  • You have to wash the hat in your hands. It’s not suitable for machine wash!
  • The neck veil is enormous, and it protects the kid! The size of the veil also changes according to the shape.
  • UPF +50 certified sun rating is excellent for protecting your kid from the sun!
  • The mesh ventilation is excellent for children! The attribute only made for children sizes!
  • It’s doesn’t hold any water, which is excellent for rainy summer days!

The safety strap also works pretty well if you have an active kid! This sun hat is perfect for daily activities.

Home Prefer Kids UPF50+ Safari Sun Hat

  • The hat comes with UPF50+ sun protection, which is pretty cool!
  • This one has better material quality than the one above!
  • There are ten different designs on the sales page!
  • The sun hat can easily block %98 of the UV rays.
  • The wide brim area is 7 centimeters, which provide enough protection for the front area!
  • The chin strap is adjustable so you can set it for your kid!

The hat works great for any trip. You can use it for camping, safari, or traveling with ease! The chin strap works pretty well compared to the one above! This one has better material quality, and I like the funky designs on it!

2pk Kids Safari Hat Sun Protective Zone UPF 50+

  • The design is pretty cute for a sun hat!
  • The hat provides UPF50+ sun protection, which is the standard.
  • If you want your toddler to look cute and attract the eyes, you should get this one!
  • This one is suitable for beach events, travel, or outdoor play.
  • The hat is made from ultra-protective micro-fiber and mesh, which is also great for long term usage!
  • The brim patterns are great for reminding the parent’s sun protection!
  • The chin strap can be fastened, which doesn’t bother the kids compared to plastic chin straps!

This sun hat looks pretty good compared to other sun hats for kids in the market! If you are looking for a superior product, you can prefer this one!

Connectyle Kids UPF 50+ Bucket Sun Hat

  • There are six different color options on the sales page!
  • The hat is made of soft and breathable polyester, which is great for long summer days!
  • The UPF50+ protection is standard for this sun protection hats for kids!
  • The circumference is 53cm-56cm/20.9″-22.0.
  • The hat is suitable for most of the kids between 5 and 10 years of age!
  • The elastic string in the front works pretty well. This one also has toggle at the back, which allows for an adjustable fit!
  • 10 cm wide brim is great for protecting your kid!
  • The big floppy back is excellent for providing extra protection!

There are mesh side vents on the hat, which are great for providing extra ventilation for your kid! If you are looking for an alternative product, you can prefer this one!

Muryobao Kids Girls Ponytail Summer Sun Hat

  • If you have a bigger kid who has long hair, you should pick these because it allows your kid to use a ponytail hairstyle!
  • The hat is suitable for head circumferences of 19-21 inches.
  • There are six different designs on the sales page, and they look quite beautiful!
  • The ponytail hole design is specially made for girls! The kids between 3 and 9 years of age can quickly wear these hats without any problems!
  • There is an elastic buckle behind the hat, which allows for comfortable wear!
  • The wide brim length is 2.7 inches, which is a significant number. It allows better protection for your kid over other hats!
  • The adjustable chin strap is excellent for providing a secure fit for your kid!

The material quality is top-notch compared to other products in the market! The product also has a fully crushable design, which is excellent for traveling! I definitely suggest this one for big girls out there!

SNW Kid Baby Summer Hat Baby Sun Hat

  • The design of the sun hat is fabulous, in my opinion! It looks pretty classy for little girls!
  • It’s made of cotton, which is excellent for sun hats!
  • There are different sizes on the sales page. Each size is suitable for different age groups. You should check them before you make your final purchase!

The soft cuddly design is excellent for everyday usage. The hat works pretty well for toddlers. The chin strap is adjustable, which is my favorite for comfort and safety! I definitely suggest this sun hat for toddlers out there!

Home Prefer UPF 50+ Boys Sun Hat

  • This is another sun hat from Home Prefer brand, which is specially designed for the boys!
  • There are also colors specially designed for the girls, but I like the design of the sun hat. I resemble a soldier hat.
  • The wide brim is great for providing sun protection.
  • There are mesh vents on the hat, which is excellent for air ventilating.
  • The detachable chin strap is great for comfort. The lightweight and durable design is great for summer usage.
  • The circumference of the sun hat is 50-54cm/19.7”-21.3”.

I suggest this lamp if you are looking for a high-quality sun hat. This one has excellent design, and it’s unique, providing maximum protection from the sun!

accsa Kid Girl Brim Summer Beach Straw Sunhat

  • The hat is made of a hundred percent natural paper straw.
  • It’s imported from CHINA.
  • You can wash it in the machine with the most gentle settings.
  • The product is designed in the UK.
  • It’s a 30+UPF summer protection sun hat for kids. The style is perfectly fine for girls.
  • The weight of the product is pretty light. It’s great for storage and travel.
  • You can use this straw hat for summer, safari, or traveling with ease.

If you need higher sun protection, you can look at other sun hats for kids! This one has adequate protection, but it might not be enough for some parents out there!

accsa Toddler Kid Boy Newsboy Flat Cap

  • Your boy will look classy in these flat caps.
  • The product is made of hundred percent cotton.
  • It’s imported from CHINA, but the quality is excellent.
  • The fitting is pretty comfortable. The texture is fully breathable.
  • There is an elastic part at the back of the cap, which allows for a comfortable fit.
  • There are four color options on the sales page. Each one looks elegant, in my opinion.

How to Pick Best Sun Hat for Kids and Toddlers?

Tons of sun hats are specially designed for kids and toddlers. You have to find something suitable for your toddler if you want to provide the best sun protection for the kid! There are various factors you need to check before making the final purchase if you’re going to avoid future problems. You have to know about hat types, chin strap systems, material quality, and price. These factors are pretty important when it comes to finding the best possible sun hat for kids! Let’s hop right on the subject to learn about the products in the market right now!

Lightweight and Compactness

Some products can be heavy because of their design. These are bad for travel situations. If you are looking for a hat for travel situations, you have the make sure the hat is foldable so you can store it easily! The compactness is a crucial function for little trips! You can carry a compact product around with ease!


The design of the hat can be necessary, depending on your needs. Some parents need fancy products which can be hard to find sometimes. There are right looking products in the market, but they do not provide the adequate protection your kid needs! You should never sacrifice the safety and health of your kid for the design. You can still find good looking sun hats for kids if you do in-depth research!

Material Quality

The material quality of the products is paramount when it comes to sun hats for kids. Some products are made from linen, polyester, and cotton. Most of the hats are made of polyester, and these are pretty good, in my opinion. They provide a considerable amount of breathability, which is excellent for long term usage. Cotton might be a better choice if you are looking for higher quality. They generally have better texture and last longer than polyester products.

Comfort and Fitting

There are three types of chin straps when it comes to sun hats. You can prefer standard elastic chin wraps if you are not concerned about the fitting of the product. These are the standard ones and don’t require any special attention.  There are also plastic chin straps that can be adjusted for your kid’s chin, and these are quite useful! However, I prefer the chin straps, which can be fastened. These are better for long term usage, and they are comfortable for the kids! If you are looking for the best adjustment and comfort, you should prefer the last ones!

The comfort of the sun hats is essential, especially if your kid is going to wear the hat for long hours. Some hats are used for sports, which makes this factor more important than ever. You have to make sure the hat you are buying enough mesh vents to ventilate the heat. The airflow is crucial for your kid’s health and comfort.


The price of the product is an important and deciding factor when it comes to picking the best possible sun hat. Most of the sun hats for kids are starting around ten dollars. These products are the most basic ones and provide you with everything you need. There are better products in the 15-20 dollar range, which are pretty good. These products are better if you can afford them.


These are the most important things you have to be careful about. There might be additional factors, but they are not as important as these. The most crucial factor is the comfort and material quality, in my opinion. You have to be careful about your kid’s health if you want a pleasant experience. The material quality and comfort provide these benefits beyond your needs! You should always aim for products which are the top sellers in the market so you won’t face any problems at all. Please make sure you leave comments below to contribute to the topic. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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