Step2 Skyward Summit Review

  • If you want your kids to experience a very beautiful climbing experience, Step2 Skyward Summit might be the answer for you.
  • It has different and unique surfaces which are perfectly suitable for children! Your kids will have to overcome various of challenges before they pass on the next one!
  • It comes with 2 cargo nets and 1-floor net. 9 Different sized grip all around the toy for mixed activities.
  • Your kids can also play within the Step2 Skyward Summit as you can see in the picture.
  • Suitable maximum weight is 320 lbs. I suggest you do not pass this level. It’s also suitable for 4 kids at most. You should also be careful about the kid on the platform since the platform is able to carry only 80 lbs.
  • Your kids always enjoy this beautiful toy under the supervision of adults!
  • Adult Supervision Recommended

If you have a little adventurer kid, this toy is great for you. You can check out other toys if you are into physical development toys. If you are a serious parent you can take a look at the gymnastic toys for your kid to kickstart their fitness regimen.

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