8 Best Spy Kits for Kids in 2020

Spy kits for kids are a fun way to engage with your kid. There are a variety of kits out there, and all of them have different purposes. First of all, you need to check if your kid has the necessary skills for being a good spy. If your kid is interested in the topic, you can start with high-quality spy gears for kids. These sets generally have more complex items that are harder to use! If you have a little kid, you can start with basic sets. You can also check out explorer kits for kids if your kid is interested in the adventure! Let’s check out the top sellers in the market so we can make the right choice for you!

Top Sellers





SpyX Micro Gear Set

  • This is an award-winning spy set that is designed especially for kids!
  • The set comes with a variety of items, including micro ear light, invisible ink pen, and micro listener.
  • The utility belt is great for carrying stuff around.
  • Your kid can carry their utilities around and use them whenever they need it!
  • You can also check the other spy toys from this brand to experience it to the fullest!

I highly suggest this one if your kid is looking for a more realistic experience!

UNGLINGA Spy Kit for Kids

  • One of the best spy kits for kids, in my opinion. It comes with essential utilities like fingerprint detecting.
  • Your kid can collect the footprints with ease like a detective!
  • It will increase your kid’s attention to scientific researches!
  • Seeking analyzing fingerprints is such fun!
  • The booklet is excellent for guiding your kid through the whole process!
  • Your kid can create their crime schemes, which is excellent for improving their creativity!
  • The spy costume is excellent for any purpose! It comes with spy glasses, a hat, and a jacket. The materials are high-quality, but the magnifying glass could be better.

If your kid is interested in stem toys, you can try out this spy set for the beginning. It’s a great way to have fun with your kid while experimenting with scientific stuff! I suggest this one for kids bigger than seven years of age!

Spy School Sneaky Surveillance

  • There are eleven pieces in this set, but pieces are of low quality, in my opinion!
  • However, the set is excellent for beginners because it has the necessary stuff!
  • The set comes with an activity book that helps your kid to create the crime scenes they want.
  • The set is still impressive for most of the kids because of its design.
  • Twenty different missions are designed especially for kids around 8-12 years of age!
  • The spy kit can be enjoyed by two kids, which increases its value!

If you are looking for a guide book, this might be your best choice. The scenarios in the book are entertaining, but the pieces are not that good, in my opinion!

Kid Labsters Spy Alert Kit

  • Another alternative set that comes with the necessary items.
  • The spy kit is suitable for any kid above five years of age.
  • The spy kit has different clues in it, which helps your kid to solve the cases!
  • The tools in this kit is used in the quests, which shed light on suspicious activities!
  • The spy alert kit is amusing to play, but the pieces could be better.
  • If you are looking for an alternative, this one might work well!

It’s close to the one above in terms of quality. You can try out this one if you like to!

Melissa & Doug Secret Decoder Set

  • Melissa & Doug has a game for any kind of theme I guess.
  • This set is great for improving the brain capacity of your kid.
  • It allows your kid to crack codes and unlock clues in a fashionable manner!
  • There are more than fifty activities in this book!
  • There are sticker sheets and activity pads that can be used to increase the fun!
  • The price tag of the product is pretty low compared to other spy kits in the market.
  • The set is suitable for kids between 7 and 9 years of age!

If you are looking for basic product this one can work pretty well. It also costs nothing compared to other ones so it can be a better option!

4M KidzLabs Fingerprint Kit

  • Another basic fingerprint kit that can be used for spy games.
  • You can buy this fingerprint kit as an addition to your spy kit.
  • It works flawlessly to detect and collect fingerprints!
  • The kit comes with 10 fingerprint cards and twenty stickers.
  • The plastic case is great for storing away the items!
  • The instructions are pretty clear to use.
  • The fingerprint kit is suitable for kids above 8 years of age!

If you are looking to challenge your kid’s imagination and creativity you can try this out! It’s also a great addition to any spy kit out there!

Tigerdoe Detective Costume – Spy Gear for Kids

  • Costumes are necessary if you want to improve the playing experience of your kid!
  • The set comes with 4 pieces which are high-quality!
  • It comes with a spy hat and the look behind mirrored glass!
  • The mirrored glass is really fun for the kids. They can also do pranks with it!
  • Flashlight top works flawlessly but you might have to change the battery from time to time!
  • The invisible ink pen is non-toxic. It will disappear after you write but you can see it with the LED light!

I really suggest this spy costume kit for kids for any parent out there! It’s a good way to increase the playing experience and provide your kid with some variety!

SpyX Recon Set

  • This is another version of the one above the list!
  • It comes with high-quality items that is also used by adults!
  • The re4con watch is great for any mission your kid does!
  • It has 8 different functions including alarm, motion alarm, led spotlight, and other versions!
  • Night nocs are great for night time usage! Your kid can see up to 25 ft with ease!
  • Motion alarm is used to secure areas that create different playing opportunities!

I really suggest this product for any parent out there! If your kid is highly interested in the spy world, you can try out this product!

How to Pick Best Spy Kit for Kids?

There are a variety of items on the list. You should check out the skill level of your kid in the beginning. The spy kit should be suitable for your kid so your kid can experience the item to its fullest! Make sure you also ask your kid before you make the final purchase! Let’s check out other important things to make sure you get the best possible spy kit for kids!

Material Quality

The material quality of spy kits for kids are close to each other. There is not too much variation when it comes to quality. There are some well-known brands, you can prefer their kits if you’d like to!


The number of pieces changes according to price. There are some necessary items like binoculars, motion sensors, or alarms to make things more interesting. If you want your kid to experience the spy mission to its fullest, you should also invest in a fingerprint kit. These kits are suitable for any set out there. You can buy them additionally if you want to!

Skill Level

The skill level of your kid is important when it comes to buying the best spy kit possible for your kid. You need to determine if your kid can use the spy kit to its fullest. This is pretty crucial for any parent out there. If your kid is really interested in being a spy you can directly invest in an expensive spy kit for kids!


The price of the spy kits doesn’t vary a lot. It depends on the brand most of the time in my opinion. There are some really high-quality brands out there that have increased price tags compared to normal ones. If you are short on the money you can start out with the Melissa & Doug Secret Decoder Set. It’s not exactly a spy kit but it is a great way to start for any kid who is interested in the spy world. If you are willing to pay more you can try the top two since they are the best in this list! The bottom one also looks really promising. If you are looking for a high-quality spy kit for kids you should pay more than 20-25 dollars in my opinion!


Buying a suitable spy kit for your kid might be hard at the first. However, if you follow my instructions exactly you will have an easy time. You should also check the comparison table at the top if you want to avoid low-quality spy kits for kids!

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