Picky Reviews of the Best Space Gifts for Kids

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If you want to motivate your kids about the space studies, a part is to achieve with the best space gifts for kids. There might be several strategies to get the interest of your children to a specific subject.

To inspire children and recruit them for future jobs, many private space companies and NASA itself have projects. They provide space tools, tours, and games for kids because they know that their generation will take space studies steps further. In particular, NASA Kids Club or Brain Bites are pretty good jobs with such a purpose. Adults, too, can be keen on space, and they would like to inspire their own or relative kids as well.

The subject of tendency is something considerably related to childhood dreams. Many of the pilots, astronauts, and even other professionals on space studies might say that they had such thoughts when they were pretty young.

Some movies, earlier like StarWars and nowadays almost every popular sci-fi, manage to collect an enormous amount of interest on these. However, the vast majority of such investments might also turn into reading or watching sandboxes of cheap conspiracy social media influencers.

To be able to avoid these, directed productions like space toys for kids might help. Of course, they won’t be doing all the jobs. You know, it’s not accurate to expect a single item to provide with many things. Still, I might call the following tools like multi-functioning space toys for kids.

Options of Toys as Space Gifts for Kids

Of course, toys come to our minds as the first things when we care about gifts for kids. Our brains are right on this. I mean, toys are the most attractive things for kids. So, find the following toys that could be the best space gifts for kids.

Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector for Children

  • It’s straightforward to teach your kid depths of the universe with this simple toy. It can be used in a class or room anytime you want.
  • Even some of the teachers use this space projector. It’s a constructive and easy way to teach kids about the universe and planets.
  • The projector comes with three interchangeable discs and 24 stunning slides. All of them are fantastic and suitable for kids.
  • The projections can rotate up to 360 degrees, which leads to better understanding.
  • Your kid should use it carefully because some customers reported it stopped working after a few rough usages.
  • You can get this one if you are looking for a projector for your children!
  • Even without any discounts, I might sympathize the price for its quality.

Many users loved the slides in the discs. It strikes me that the brand should consider adding some more different discs, or offer something like extended edition with those additional visuals.

It’s a cool toy for visual-intelligence children. It wouldn’t be so easy to watch such an inspiring slide shows with the kids without featuring such incentives. This planetarium projector by Discovery managed to get attractions from kids of different age groups. I mean, we could see a five-year-old enjoying this toy as another twelve-year-old enjoys too. As a matter of fact, I found their advertising videos very stale and unconvincing. However, it has nothing pressing to do with the quality of the actual toy. So, we can congratulate the Discovery organization for the product they brought. After all, we can suggest it as one of the best space gifts for kids.

Aeromax, Inc. Get Real Gear Youth NASA Astronaut Helmet

  • There are four different color options which are suitable for different kids.
  • The design is incredibly realistic, which is great for kids.
  • Suitable for girls and boys between three and ten years of age.
  • It weighs 25-26 lbs.
  • The helmet is high-quality, which allows for long term use.
  • The visor is movable, which is cool.
  • There are detailed USA and NASA logos on the helmet.
  • You can easily play roleplaying games with your kid when you get this helmet.
  • If you are looking for an interactive toy which you can play with your kid, you can get this one!

Among the orange, silver, and white color options, pure white is my favorite. This item can also make a good cosplay costume for parties.

It was hard for me to categorize it either as a toy or a costume. So, I leave the decision to my readers. When you press the intercom button, it sounds like an astronaut commander radio signal. If the kid is specifically interested in astronaut stuff, this would be a good gift.

LEGO – 21312 – Ideas Women of NASA

NASA best space gifts for kids


  • Three different illustrations of NASA to build with logos are the main characters.
  • Women of NASA are Nancy Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride, and Mae Jemison. These characters are additional mini toys. These characters have their related items near them.
  • It has a booklet to inform about the characters and their brief stories. Of course, these could be pretty inspiring for kids.
  • The manual teaches how to play in twenty-three steps.
  • This logo toy has more than a hundred pieces.
  • They recommend age group as plus ten.

These spearheading women figures in science can be significant figures for young girls. The toy is also suitable for STEM learning and may even be materials for some homeschooling topics.

NASA Lego will be one of the best space gifts for girls.

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space

nat geo best space gifts for kids

  • I always love books when it comes to nerdy stuff.
  • Books are an extremely great way to engage with your children.
  • They intendedly made this book for kids who are interested in space.
  • The colorful pages are lovely for kids, which will keep your kid busy for a long time.
  • The texts are simple enough which your kid can read and understand easily.
  • You can also get the kindle version, but I suggest hardcover version!
  • This Nat Geo book is a great book to understand about basics of space.
  • There are five different chapters of this book series. Each chapter specially geared towards different planets and galaxies.
  • If you want to educate your kid about space, this book is perfect.

I must admit that wherever I see the NatGeo name, I get the halo effect. I had known and watched many productions of National Geographic. The real reason for this effect is their Do or Die series. But don’t worry. I am pretty aware of my mental state and made second and third looks on this book for little kids. Even more, I saw a pre-school-kid who got it as a gift. He wanted to bring it to school every day to show his teachers and friends. This book has five chapters. They did really well to keep it childishly enjoyable while giving information about the earth, moon, sun, solar system, dwarf planets, asteroid belts, Milky Way, galaxies, black holes, and early International space attempts. If these subjects cover your intentions, this book makes a good space-gift.

Options of Space Gifts for Kidsroom

Gifts in space themes can also be for the children’s room. We thought night lamps, blankets, or decorative tents might be okay, too. The convenience of such gifts is also notable in the market. The following items are very frequently sold, and overall happiness is pretty promising.

Star Night Light for Kids

star night light best space gifts for kids

  • This one is an excellent gadget for kids who have trouble sleeping at night.
  • One of the best sellers when it comes to night lamps for kids!
  • User can also use it as a nightlight provider, which makes it more valuable than standard products.
  • It comes with three different projections. The projection can also rotate, which is great for little kids.
  • There are six different light effects; they are easy to charge; a straightforward button press can fill the energy.
  • You can charge it by USB or use 3 AA batteries.
  • The product comes with a %100 satisfaction guarantee.
  • If you have a little kid and the kid needs a night light you can get this one!

The overall quality would be even better if they featured an auto-shutdown timer or something like that.

The lamp does not have changeable bulbs, but the durability of the built-in LED is satisfying enough.

It feels like the stars are calming blanket patterns. It has its three projecting films, and the light reflects those films to rooms’ ceilings. There are six different modes, but we can call two main functions. It would be soothing sleep light or party light at the same time. Again, this is a worthy gift for its price.

Dawhud Direct Solar System Fleece Throw Blanket

best space gifts for kids blanket

  • As well as the delicate space design, the blanket function is very satisfying. It keeps warm, and it is very soft
  • Colors look lively and vibrant.
  • Durable enough to use on a picnic.
  • Material is polyester so you can wash in the washing machines
  • Dimensions are 50 to 60.”
  • It has a very similar price to regular blankets with slightly better quality.




Rocket Ship Play Tent Playhouse

best space gifts for kids

  • Both boys and girls might like this tent.
  • Lively colors make it attractive.
  • Pretty easy to set up and clean up.
  • This tent playhouse is appropriate for cooperative playtime
  • It has a bag for carrying for travel situations.
  • The material is a mixture of fabric and polyester.
  • It is 51″ tall and 40″ in width.

For the children love space theme, this Rocket Tent Playhouse is an excellent choice. They can play many games with it, and it looks well as a decorative, too. There are mesh windows for ventilation so that it won’t get annoying. The manufacturer knows that such play materials must be durable.


Glow in The Dark Stars and Planets

best space gifts for kids stickers

  • This is a set of stickers to decorate a room for kids with a space theme.
  • There are nine glowing stickers for ceilings and walls.
  • They are likable for both boys and girls.
  • The colors are vibrant, and more importantly, they keep vibrant for a long time.






Star Sky Night Lamp

best space gifts for kids for rooms

  • It’s an excellent alternative to the other lamp we have already shown above.
  • Features and specifications are pretty similar to the other.
  • This one has a shutdown timer.
  • It rotates, illuminates, and has color conversion options.
  • You won’t use batteries; it has a built-in rechargeable battery.
  • When we compared it with the other lamp in this review and many others, we found it hard to decide.

The decision is yours.

How to decide the best space gifts for kids

Choosing the best space gifts for kids are more manageable if you know that the kid likes this stuff. However, if you intend to inspire them about the space for the first time, you should be more careful. Many cartoons and movies for kids can help you to introduce the concept.

We picked all the products in this presentation very carefully. Their functions and material-quality are perfect for their prices.

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