The Best Smoothie Cups for Toddlers

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When it’s time to upgrade the pieces of equipment your kids use, the best smoothie cups for toddlers come to help. Toddlers can start using tools like those made for adults, but those tools need some measures for toddlers.

The best smoothie cups for toddlers are comfortable and safe to grip. They don’t easily spill and skid. It helps parents aiming to bolster autonomy.

To let them start using cups like grown-ups, the cups must be safe. There might be many secure options, but are they handy and quality at the same time? We brought you some pieces of the best smoothie cups for toddlers. They are washable, spill-proof, anti-skid, harm-free. Some options are even washable in dishwashers.

Contigo Kids Tumbler with Straw

  • This smoothie cup for toddlers is spill-proof even when turned upside down.
  • There are silicone seals around the circle to protect firmly and hold against leaks.
  • The material used is pretty safe and BPA-free.
  • This cup is easy to clean.
  • The ground part is anti-skid, which also provides anti-tipping.
  • Dimensions are appropriate for most car interiors.
  • The brand provides a lifetime guarantee for a wide range of issues to be solved in a hustle-free manner.
  • You have plenty of options for this product, such as replacement lids, mugs, and bottles.


Housavvy 2 Pack Kids Stainless Steel Cups

the best smoothie cups for toddlers

  • Editor’s Choice for many leading reasons.
  • Housavvy features high-quality, food-grade stainless steel (18/8).
  • It has double walls to keep drinks hot or cold for hours.
  • The material is BPA-free.
  • The product is very durable.
  • You must hand-wash this.
  • This product comes as a couple of cups.
  • The surface process is hand-made to ensure perfect quality for each product.
  • This is a very kid-friendly product to use with milk, hot chocolate, smoothie, juice, water, and many other similar drinks.
  • The pipette is very smooth for little teeth and mouths.

Kids 8oz Glass Mason Jar Drinking Cups

  • These look attractive with vibrant colors.
  • The pack includes four cups.
  • Cup has silicone straws and sleeves, but they are mainly made of glass.
  • These smoothie cups for kids can be washed in dishwashers, put in freezers, and available in a microwave¬† (without lids) if necessary.
  • They are straightforward to clean and assemble.


KEREDA Stainless Steel Cups with Lids and Straws

stainless smoothie cups for toddlers

  • KEREDA smoothie cups for toddlers are stainless steel. They are also Eco-friendly and harm-free.
  • They are safe to use for kids both for the material quality and the design. The design provides a secure grip for little hands. They are also leak-proof.
  • It keeps cold, but it is not meant to stay hot as well.


Contigo Kids 3 Pack Tumblers

contigo transparent smoothie cups for toddlers

  • The transparent design meets with vibrant colors to make these smoothie cups for toddlers attractive.
  • The materials used are harm-free.
  • They’re easy to clean and washable in dishwashers as well.


Key Features of Smoothie Cups for Toddlers

There are certain key features to serve valuably. You should expect some certain details from these cups for kids.

Material Quality

The best material for the smoothie cups for toddlers is a stainless steel base. That should be covered with silicone to provide soft and straightforward use. There are also good glass options but we suggest you prefer stainless steel. The main reason is protection against breaking. Some good glass options are really hard to break. Let’s keep in mind that the glass is always healthier. The products should be FDA approved and harm-free. You should check for food-grade products no matter what material you chose.


Because is for kids, the design is crucial for handy use. Kids and toddlers should easily grip those to start drinking things themselves. The design also enhances the durability of the products. Pipes and straws must be sustainable. The small hands need to be protected against hot or cold shocks. 

You should choose products that toddlers like. The design must be delicate. If carefully designed, smoothie cups for kids can be sturdy and lightweight at the same time. Even kids or teenagers might love using such cups.

There are silicone sleeves to provide comfort and leak-proof performance. When perfectly designed, these cups can work with no-spill or leak. It depends on the compatibility of lids and straw brushes. There should be a seal around the straws for cups to protect against leaks.

We also suggest you buy at least two pieces of cups because you might wash one while using the other one.


Some cups are for cold beverages and some are okay with both hot and cold drinks. Consider your needs and style of usage. Then, you can conclude with the best smoothie cup for your kids. Above, we’ve made a list for our readers. That list includes only the best quality choices that sold frequently. In addition, customers are very glad about their cups.

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