10 Best Rock Painting Kits for Kids in 2020

If you are looking to improve the creativity of your kid, rock kits for kits can be a great starting point. These little kits are developed, especially for kids who are into arts and creativity! They are straightforward to use and come with a bunch of benefits. First of all, rock kits for kids are direct to use. Your kid has to paint the rocks which come out of the kits. This is an enjoyable activity, and it gives your kid a sense of creation, which is excellent for developing their mental health! I like the creativity toys when it comes to improving the kid. I’ve listed the best ten rock kits for kids in 2020 for you to check out. Make sure you read all of this article and leave comments below.

Top Seller Rock Kits

Creativity for Kids Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit

  • This brand has lovely products, and this is one of them.
  • The price is perfect for the quality.
  • It’s suitable for both beginners and kids, which makes it a great starting point. If your kid is starting their art journey, you can buy this kit!
  • The set comes with everything you need. IT also includes ten rocks for your kid to start!
  • The supplies are waterproof, which makes it even better. You can store your rocks wherever you want!
  • You can express yourself by designing the perfect rock you want!
  • The set doesn’t contain anything toxic, and it meets all of the ASTM D-4236 standards!

If you are looking for a high-quality basic rock painting kit, you can buy this one!

Rock Painting Outdoor Activity Kit for Kids

  • This is the perfect art toy for kids to keep them busy. The set comes with everything your kid needs to keep him or her busy!
  • The set comes with 35 pieces, and it’s one of the most significant sets when it comes to the number of items.
  • The stones are colored white and they don’t contain anything harmful. They are actual stones that are collected from rivers. Your kid can easily paint them since they are colored white.
  • The playset is excellent for developing essential social and physical skills.
  • The motor function and hand-eye development of this set is excellent compared to other ones because there are two brushes in the set!

The product comes with a hundred percent money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you can return it anytime you want.

KipiPol Rock Painting Kit for Kids

  • This set is also huge when it comes to the number of pieces.
  • There are stickers in the set, which is excellent for additional creativity. Your kid can easily create the patterns they like.
  • Rock painting kits are great for improving hand-eye coordination, and this set can do it for a reasonable price. The price of it lower compared to other ones in the market.
  • You can use this one as a gift since it’s cheap and effective. The package could be better, but it still does the job.
  • The color of the stones is mixed, which might be a problem for beginner artists. You should look into painting kits with white rocks.

Overall, this rock painting kit for kids is perfect. The price of it makes it a great alternative if you are short on the budget, you might want to prefer this.

Capcouriers Painting Rocks

  • The set has different options on the sales page, and you should check all of them. You can pick the stone color, which directly affects the art your kid creates!
  • The rocks vary between 1.75 and 2 inches, which makes them perfect candidates for rock painting. They have a great size, which allows for different designs.
  • The surface of the rocks is evident compared to other sets.
  • However, this kit doesn’t contain any brushes or any other items. You buy the rocks which are specially designed for rock painting.
  • You can also buy large signing stones that allow for different styles of creativity!

I suggest this rock painting rocks for any kid out there. They have a better size compared to other products. If your kid is moving through intermediate levels of art, you might want to think about these!

CREATIVE ROOTS Paint Your Own Rock Pets

  • The set allows for creating cute rock pets. They all look fancy and have bright colors.
  • You can transform simple stones into art objects with ease.
  • The set comes with an extra layer of varnish to protect the art your kid has designed.
  • There are red, yellow, green, blue, and black colors inside the set.
  • The stones are sized 10mm-10mm, which is a little bit small.
  • The price of the kit makes it an alternative if you are not sure if your kid will like it or not!

If you are looking for a basic rock painting kit, you can try this one! It does the job as advertised. The price of it also makes it a great bargain.

Cra-Z-Art Shimmer & Sparkle Metallic Madness Rock Art Crafts Kits

  • The style of this rock craft kit is different from other rock painting kits. It creates metallic and shiny rocks that are attractive for the girls, especially.
  • The vibrant and bright colors of the metallic madness rock kit will attract kids with ease!
  • Your kid can improve their social skills with these rocks because they will make perfect gifts!
  • The set comes with eight rocks and clear coats, gems, detailing tools.

If you have a baby girl who is interested in arts, you can think about this one! The metallic colors make it a perfect candidate for gifts. Your kid can create unique stones with this rock painting kit!

Li’l-Gen Magnetic Tile and Rock Painting Kit for Kids

  • The set is complete if you think about its price. It’s a full set with everything your kid needs!
  • Craft sets are great for improving the creativity of your kid, and this rock painting kit is the perfect candidate for that!
  • The set is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • It’s one of the rarest kits that come with an instruction guide.
  • Painting rocks is a great way to improve your kid’s social skills. This set can be used by more than two kids, which encourages them to play together and improve their social skills.
  • The rock painting kit meets all of the ASTM-D-4236 standards. The paint material is non-toxic and safe for kid usage.

If you want to develop your kid’s essential excellent motor skills, this rock painting kit will be great for your kid! Hand-eye coordination can be improved with this painting kit easily since it comes with different types of brushes! If you are looking for a high-quality rock painting kit for kids, you can buy this one!

Jar Melo Rock Painting Kit

  • There are two different kits on the sales page. Both of them have various design options. You can buy the Christmas version if you are close to the holiday session!
  • There are ten river stones in the kit which can be used for different artistic purposes. Their colors are clean, which allows your kid to use his or her full creativity on the stone!
  • The painting sources are waterproof, which allows your kid to store their stones in nature. Your kid can quickly leave surprises for the neighbors!
  • The instructions are beneficial for beginners. Your kid can easily create masterpieces thanks to clear instructions!

If you are looking for an open-ended crafting activity for your kid, you can pick this one! There are bright colors in the set which are attractive for the kids! The price of the kit also makes it a great alternative.

KRAFTZLAB Non-Toxic Rock Painting Kit for Kids

  • The rocks in this set are black colored, which is an excellent alternative for the kids! If you continuously come across white stones, this might be a good thing.
  • The sizes of the rocks vary, which makes it harder for the artist. However, it will challenge your kid, which will result in increased creativity and skill set!
  • The rock painting kit meets ASTM F963-17 standards.
  • The rock painting kit is suitable for kids above eight years of age. If you have an older kid, you might want to try other art toys!

The price of the kit is a little bit expensive compared to other ones. However, I like the quality of this set. The colors look fantastic because of material quality and black river stones. I can suggest this one if you are looking for a high-end rock painting kit!

Kinderific Rock Painting Kit

  • If your kid enjoys painting and colorful design, this set will be perfect for the kid. It comes with 12 different colors that allow your kid to express their creativity to the fullest.
  • The price of the rock painting kit is on the high-end, but I like the quality of the paints.
  • The rock sizes are massive compared to other kits in the market. This is a great advantage if your kid is into this type of art.
  • All of the materials are non-toxic and BPA free.
  • The set comes with color ideas that will guide your kid through the process.

How to Pick the Best Rock Painting Kit for Kids?

There are tons of art toys when it comes to developing a kid’s creativity and art skills. However, rock painting kits are a great alternative because they will encourage your kids to love nature more. IT will also increase the likelihood of your kid sticking to art projects because of the harder nature of it. There are some factors you need to consider before you finalize your purchase. The factors can be listed as kit size, material quality, price. These things are straightforward to notice, and you won’T have a hard time during your purchase. Let’s hop right into the subject.

Kit Size

This is an essential thing for most parents. First of all, if your kid is starting to paint rocks, you will be better off with smaller kits. They cost lesser compared to other rock painting kits, which makes them an excellent alternative for starters. There is the main problem when it comes to buying toys for kids. They don’t have the necessary drive power, which results in commitment issues. If you are buying a rock painting kit for the first time, you will better off buying small kits.

Material Quality

There are safety standards for rock painting kits. If you don’t want to cause any harm to your kid, make sure you buy rock painting kits with safety standards. Other than that, the painting quality of the kit is also essential. Some paint options are resistant to weather conditions. If your kid is going to leave the rocks in nature, this can be a great alternative. Indoor and outdoor usage of the product also determines what kind of usage your kid will do!


High-quality rock painting kits have a cost of around 15 and 25 dollars in 2020. This can change, soon but this is the situation for now. If you are looking for a primary product, you can find them around 10-15 dollars, which is not that much. The quality highly depends on the price of the product. You can also get bigger kits if you pay more!


Rock painting kits for kids are a great way to improve a kid’s creativity and hand-eye coordination! You can buy a beautiful rock painting kit for your kid if you know what you are doing. The comparison table is also really helpful if you don’t want to spend too much time! You don’t have to read all of this article in my opinion because most of the products are close to each other!

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