Pick the Right Balance Beam for Your Kid

You are going to buy your kid a brand new balance beam but you don’t know which one to pick! There are various kinds of balance now beams available; they are available in sizes coverings and shapes. There are things you want to consider when picking a balance beam. You must understand where it’ll be placed for training and who’ll use it, how he or she’ll use it. You have to make the pick according to your kid’s skill level and age.

Skill Level of Gymnast

The size of the gymnast, skill level, and the gymnast is an important point to consider when choosing gymnastics equipment. Normally, the gymnast himself is the foundation to ascertain these variables, is he/she familiar with the size and elevation of the beam. Some balance beams are higher than other ones which makes it harder to use. You have to also check features like grip level. It is important to understand if the beam is going to be used for outdoor or indoor gymnastics practice.


You should base your choice on who’ll use it, of buying a balance beam. For children, you have to purchase a beam which is suitable for kid’s skill level. As the gymnast enhance her or his skills and grow, he or she will have to practice in a balance beam where he/she can push on his/her abilities to the limit.

If he/she has the abilities to do 24, as you can perform high beams are believed to be professional beams. For the expert competition type of balance beam, the elevation should be precisely at 1.25m (4.1 ft). For the practice of beginner, using balance beams which are suitable for kids are required.

Skills improve with perseverance in instruction there’s absolutely not any need to hurry things in understanding how to use the equipment. As the advancement in his training, You must increase the inches from the floor of the balance beam. There are lots of beams so it is easy to adjust the height based on its user’s ability level.


Balance beams should be made of materials which must prevent the risk of slipping. Slippery beams are composed of vinyl. The covers on the balance beams may provide enough landing, but they can be slippery in feet and the hands are sweaty, and this may be dangerous. Professionals use balance beams with good amount grip. You can check balance beams for kids if you want to improve the strength of your kids.

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