Painting for Toddlers

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In the early stages, we should actually call it coloring with toddlers rather than call it painting. In a way, it’s like grooming for their certain fundamental skills. I mean, even if you do not want your little one to be a painter, you can do painting with them. Similarly, you could play ball games without aiming NFL.

This is rather an informing post however I’ll try to use pictures as much as possible. Those ideas might make your day! Even better, you might find the inspiration to invent your own styles of painting for toddlers.

Benefits and Side Benefits of Painting for Toddlers

Natural skill is not a must-have ticket for painting. Every child can get benefits of painting. Painting with toddlers helps you communicate with children and vice versa. I know you love that look on their little faces when they enjoy doing things. Exactly, painting for toddlers can do it!

They explore and express themselves with colors. So, it psychologically makes better while your child physically develops fine motor skills. Similarly, it provides the acquisition of hand-eye coordination.

They learn about color mixtures and it’s really amazing. Knowing that even some adults might not easily tell the results of mixtures.

Learning sizes, shapes, colors, designs and patterns is easier with painting activities.

To sum the benefits, somehow, painting also plays a part in developing decision-making skills. They explore the fact that intended actions create better visuals. I guess nobody can make a complete benefits-list for painting.

Hints for Painting with Toddlers

I’ll be sharing useful tips for painting with toddlers. If you know some certain tricks, you can avoid stress and be more friendly. Furthermore, you can make this activity a lot more beneficial.

Mental Tricks for painting with toddlers

Do you also feel as if toddlers sensed where it hurts? In other words, they somehow find the places you care about and color there! To avoid this and do it better, read the things below.

  • Take off toddler clothes while coloring: If conditions allow you, do it because the skin is always easier to clean. No matter your crayons are washable, it shouldn’t turn into a habit to color wherever they see. Believe me, I’ve had many experiences about it.
  • Find bigger papers or surfaces: You can invest in big papers. 🙂 Toddlers love coloring great spaces. Actually, they need bigger spaces to play with crayons. I know some parents letting a whole room. I didn’t say I’d find it right. Yet, I say, providing bigger spaces is good. Jumbo kraft paper rolls might help.
  • Use tapes: There are painter tapes and you can use them. Especially, they are very good for the surfaces you really care about.  If you choose colorful tapes, you might invent unique activities with them, too.
  • Have a stopping strategy: It would be very specific to individuals. Still, if you do not want to go mad, build an exit strategy. If painting with toddlers is enjoyable, it’s a good thing until it needs to stop. You might have one million more important things with your little one. You can distract toddlers and vanish the crayons around. Maybe, you play a clean-up game alongside a clean-up song and put things into boxes while dancing. Do I sound stupid? 🙂
  • Reveal your love: Before, during, and after painting, show your instructions with your smiling face.
  • Consider excluding dark colors: Similarly, you can prevent colors like blue and orange together. 
  • Display the result: Hang some of them on the wall!

Some Easy Ideas for Painting with Toddlers

Indoor days can be better thanks to painting ideas. You can break up boredom wherever you have the right tools. Plan doing more than one of these ideas because multiple is better. You can use tempera or melted crayons for the followings.

  • Painting with brushes: You can use large brushes for toddlers.
  • Finger Painting: This might not be as lovely as it looks:)

  • Painting with Cotton Tips: If you ever do it with cotton swabs, please share the result with us or anywhere like Pinterest. Because I couldn’t find a creative one to display.

  • Using rollers: How lovely is it not!

  • Painting with potatoes: Are potatoes expensive in your region? Use a cheap fruit or vegetable for painting with toddlers:)

  • Outdoor painting:

  • Cookie stamps painting:

  • Painting with Bubble Wraps: If you ever could stop popping them, you can also use them for painting with toddlers. Therefore, I found a great help for addicts. You can pop virtual bubble wraps here! Of course, visit it after you finish reading our page, please. I wouldn’t like to cut my own throat. 

Crayons for Painting with Toddlers

When he/she reaches about 15 months, crayons will make good toys. There’s no upper age limit! Once, we enjoyed painting with crayons as full-grown-up colleagues.  OK, I’ve to admit I wasn’t enjoying at all. Maybe the reason is they called us at 8 a.m. on a day off. They supposed it could be a good team orientation activity.

Firstly, if you are looking for crayons to buy, you’re still reading the correct website. I mean, we’ve already made it. There, you can find the best crayons for toddlers. There are many reviews and useful info on it.

Crayons must be safe, durable, and big enough for toddlers. So, never underestimate the importance of a choice of crayons. In particular, a tiny hole in the middle of crayons could be life-saver. Likewise, a crayon manufacturer must certify their non-toxic ingredients.

When the crayons are worn out, you can even melt them to make art!  Actually, they aren’t necessarily be worn out for some crazy melters!

How to Melt Crayons

Hairdryer, a hot plate, iron, or oven… Whichever you choose, please learn to apply lest you burn. In this case, pictures will tell the story better.

This melting style with pans comes to mind first.

Grating might help before melting.

If it’s sunny enough, why not?

A technique is a technique.

Last but not least, melting crayons with hairdryers are trending recently. This picture is an artistic sample. Similarly, using a pot with a dryer can provide a cup of melted crayons.


I didn’t want to finish with a picture of melting crayons:)

We should keep painting and coloring in our lives for our kids. Maybe, we hadn’t had colorful lives but why not now?

Try not only painting but also all sorts of art. Actually, there’s always a way to apply arts to toddlers’ world. Simply search for it or invent it!

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