Outdoor Activities with Toddlers

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Certainly, the best gift for children is your time. With this in mind, you should get outside with them and get them active. Toddlers need at least an hour of physical activity every day. It’s the same for children.

Toddler and Children Outdoor Activity Ideas

Simply take them to park or walk around the neighborhood at least. Getting active might feel hard for you but it’s natural for toddlers and children. So, do not wait till you feel like going out with them. You might choose one of the following activities. First, you get one or two as your habits of the week. Then, you can also go for others to get rid of monotony.

Carrying some indoor activities outdoors

You sure have many things that are currently indoors. Why not make a difference by carrying them outdoors?

If you do not have indoor sets that can also be outside, you might consider getting jungle gyms, swings, climbing toys, music toys, painting stuff and etc. You can get outside with art toys and craft toys for toddlers. You might also take a look at my painting with toddlers topic. In particular, I had some outdoor suggestions there.

Art activities are famous for their fine motor development. Outside art means combining fine motor development with gross motor activity. In other words, you can create your own all-around activity by carrying activities from indoors to outdoors.

The main idea of taking toddler toys outside

Your actual aim is to let them explore as many things as possible. Toddlers should see as many different things as possible. They are constantly learning and exploring. To make it clear, exploring is not just about places. Exploring is perceiving things even without naming them. For instance, when kids see balls and bubbles fall down, they perceive the gravity rule and of course, they cannot name their exploration.

Children’s development depends on many different things. Therefore, you can increase the variety of activities you do with them. On the other hand, they love repetitions and habits. That’s exactly why I wanted to write on this topic in the first place. You might have certain things at home where you spend most of your time. When you carry them out and create new games, the mission of exploring and keeping safe habits is almost accomplished.

Running the errands

You can gamify the chores you already have to do and include them in those. Little ones won’t realize that those are actually chores. I wouldn’t know your specific yard but I know there’s always something to do.

Other errands could be done with toddlers. You see many people doing such activities not only because they have to but also they might enjoy and find it beneficial. So, you can do the same and your work turns out to be a beneficial game.

Sand games

Building a sand city might be a good thing to share. Actually, it doesn’t have to be meaningful. They can simply take some sand to places. If they feel like creating something, you can guide them to make roads for toy trucks. It’s really enjoyable to play caterpillars and dump trucks. Dry or wet, playing with sand is a good idea.

Chasing and hunting games

When we call it chasing and hunting, you know we don’t mean wild. You can hide something and enjoy till toddlers can find them. Balls and bubbles might also help. Little ones love chasing bubbles. These activities are very easy and require almost no purchase.

You can also carry it to one level harder by adding obstacles to your course. Boxes, chairs, and large toys can help you set-up a toddler military camp!

Hide and seek games can be good as well. If you just started playing hide and seek games with toddlers, start with easy spots. Make your hiding place very obvious to start.

Playing with balls

You can use balls combined with many activities. Kicking, throwing or crawling with balls can be quite enjoyable. Regular balls of all sports can be good. In addition, you can always use soft and small balls to crate games.

Enjoy the weather and water if possible

Playing with water is one of the most enjoyable games with toddlers. So do it whenever you can and do not miss the opportunity. At least take a walk.

Riding, Jumping, Walking

You can have a routine route to walk with toddlers. Sometimes, change the destination and see somewhere new together. When the main idea is to walk together, do not get toys with you.

Riding a bike should be a fun family activity as everyone gets moving. When bike riding skills are improved, activities will be more enjoyable. Remember that if you want your child to wear safety equipment, you must as well wear and show it.

Jumping is a very beneficial movement for kids. However, it takes at least 19 months to be able. You can start with the very basics. For instance, skipping things while walking can be a good start. We won’t expect successful skip-rope until the age of 5.


I tried to mean real outdoors writing all the things above. However, I am almost sure that many of the suggestions will end up in malls. Actually, malls are improving their facilities for toddlers to attract more customers. Still, seeing the sun, rain, snow and brown leaves are required experiences.

You can bring that balance to your toddler’s life. To do so, review the things you have done with them. Ask yourself a question: Has he/she been physically and mentally active so far. You should ask this question every week. Those who claim to be really really busy should ask it once a month at least.

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