Best Origami Kits for Kids in 2020

Origami is an art which is applied for centuries. You can teach this beautiful art to your kid by getting them an origami kit for kids. These kits are specially designed for kid’s skill levels, and they have instruction in them so kids can easily make the patterns. Origami is a creative activity that makes it hard for some kids. However, you can overcome this problem by getting an origami kit for your kid! There are tons of origami kits in the market, and you pick one of them quickly! The quality of the kits are close to each other, so you don’t have to worry about it. You have to pick an origami kit you like, and you are done!

Top Seller Origami Kits for Kids

Gamenote Colorful Kids Origami Kit

  • The Gamenote is a cool company that designs origami kits for kids.
  • This origami kit contains ten sheets of practice paper. The sheets are double-sided, so keep that in mind before you make the purchase.
  • There are 108 double-sided origami papers. The colors are vivid, which makes them attractive for little kids.
  • The sizes of the origami kits are 5.5×5.5 inches, which makes them perfect for school activities! Your kid can easily carry them around if they want to!
  • The 55 paged instruction origami book is excellent for kids. The instructions are clear and suitable for kids between 7 and 15 years of age!

The origami kit is suitable for kids above five years of age. However, I suggest this set for kids bigger than 7. The instructions are clear for bigger kids so your kid can enjoy it without any problems at all!

Kool Krafts Origami Paper Kit 300 Sheets

  • The number of sheets is perfect for any person out there. Both adults and kids can enjoy the kit.
  • The colors are not vibrant, like other origami kits. However, the papers work well compared to other products!
  • The instructions might be harder for some kids to understand. You can get this one if you have a bigger kid!
  • There are 300 sheets in this origami kit. The paper size is 6×6, which is the standard for origami art.
  • There are 25 different origami illustrations for your kid to enjoy!
  • The quality of the paper allows for different kinds of folding styles.

If you have a kid who is more prominent than nine years old, you can prefer this origami kit. The paper quality is excellent compared to other origami kits for kids!

Creativity for Kids Origami

  • The papers are extra bright, which makes them perfect candidates for origami.
  • The color of the papers is going to be loved by the kids!
  • The set is complete. It comes with everything your kid needs. It contains fun stickers to improve the creativity of the kid!
  • There are 60 papers inside this beautiful origami kit.

This brand produces high-quality items for kids to enjoy. I like other products. If you want to improve the creativity of your kid, you should think about these stickers!

SpiceBox Folded Fun Beginner’s Oragami

  • This kit is perfectly suitable for beginners out there.
  • The set comes with 100 different sheets.
  • The instructions are clear for any person out there.
  • The set is not suitable for children who are smaller than three years of age.

The instructions are pretty clear, which makes the kit easy to use. The quality of the paper is also excellent compared to other ones. However, the colors are not that nice. If you are looking for an origami set with bright colors, you should pick something else.

TRAVER DREAM 3D Paper Art Craft

  • I wanted to put this one into the list because it’s different.
  • If your kid likes 3D design, you should think about this set! It brings out the creativity of little artists!
  • There are three different sets on the sales page, and each one has a different theme.
  • The materials are non-toxic. They won’t cause any trouble for your kid!
  • The 3D origami kit is specially designed for the kids. However, your kid has to be older than three years of age.
  • The product comes with an 18 months money-back guarantee.

The animals will attract the kids, which will make them interested in the long run. The set also gives the kids a sense of accomplishment because of the creation they do. The animals look pretty real compared to other origami sets out there.

Melissa & Doug On the Go Origami Animals Craft Activity Set

  • The craft kit comes with everything you need. It includes 40 folded paper animals, which are fun for kids.
  • The origami kit is terrible for little kids since it contains small parts that could be harmful to kids.
  • There are 34 different animals in the set. It also contains six patterned papers. The paper size is average.
  • The instructions are clear enough for little kids to understand.
  • The price is cheap compared to other origami kits for kids in the market.

If you don’t want to spend too much on an origami kit, you should buy this one. It’s suitable for kids above six years of age!

Creativity for Kids Corner Creature Fold & Decorate 10 Simple Origami Bookmarks

  • Origami is a creative art, and this product is a result of that creativity!
  • Your kid can create their bookmarks with this beautiful kit.
  • The kit is suitable for kids above seven years of age.
  • It meets all of the ASTM D-4236 standards.

If you are looking for a small origami kit for kids, you can prefer this one! The colors are vivid, which is excellent!

Pinwheel Crafts Kids Origami Paper Folding Kit

  • I like patterns different than animals because it allows kids for better creativity!
  • The set comes with 30 different flower products.
  • The kit contains 100 pieces of paper. There are 30 buttons and jewels and a kit.
  • The instructions book is 40 pages long, and it contains all of the necessary information. The book could be the best one if you compare it to other origami kits for kids.
  • You can use this one as a gift since the box of it looks very cool.

The price is in the middle-end, which makes the product high-quality. I like the paper quality!

Origami Paper Double Sided Color

  • The colors are perfect for the kids. The vivid colors will attract the kids!
  • The set contains 200 sheets, which is excellent compared to other kits!
  • The pages are double-sided, which makes them extra attractive!
  • The edges of the paper won’t curl easily! The product is high-quality.
  • It doesn’t contain anything harmful. The smell is also standard.

If you are looking for a basic origami kit for kids, this can work pretty well!

How to Pick Best Origami Kits for Kids?

The origami kits for kids are pretty close to each other. They don’t have too many different aspects so you won’t have a hard time picking a good one. The best question might be out of hand right now. However, you can still find yourself a high-quality origami kit. There are a couple of factors you need to be careful about before the purchase. These factors are pretty easy to check. Let’s jump right into business and learn about these factors.

Number of Sheets

The number of sheets can be significant for some people. It allows for more practice, which results in more experienced origami makers. The kids are naughty when it comes to utilizing the most out of a single kit. They will make more mistakes compared to adults, so you will be better off if you buy origami kits with more massive sheet amounts!

Paper Quality and Coloring

The paper quality is pretty outstanding if your kid is a professional. You should be looking for high-quality papers if you want your kid to have the best experience possible. However, quality is not the most crucial factor, in my opinion. The kids aren’t professionals, so that they won’t be affected by it. The quality of the paper should depend only on one thing, and it’s the safety of the paper. The paper should not contain anything harmful. The coloring of the paper also really important. The coloring should not contain anything dangerous! The colors also should be vivid if you want your kid attracted to the origami kit!


The price of the origami kits generally starts around five dollars. These products can be harmful if the sheet amount is higher than fifty pieces. You should be looking for products priced between 15-20 dollars if you are looking to get most sheets possible. If the kits have patterns specially designed for things like animals, flowers, etc. the price can increase quickly.


These are the most important factors when it comes to picking the best origami kits for kids. If you care about these factors, you can easily find yourself a good origami kit. If you have questions, make sure you write them in the comments section!

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