Nuby Octopus Hoopla, Bathtime Fun Toy Purple Colored Octopus Review

Nuby Octopus Hoopla

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Bathtub toys

It might sound weird for the adults but bathtub toys are fun for toddlers and kids. Furthermore, they provide imaginative playtime and develops hand-eye coordination skills. If you are not lucky, kids can give you hard times in bathrooms. So, using some bathtub toys or making baths more attractive with some special bath lights are good ideas.

Here’s a recommendation; it’s cheap and effective.

Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy

  • This item includes colorful purple octopus in it. It also 3 rings to place around the tentacles.
  • It will help your baby to improve his hand-eye coordination.
  • Different colors and shapes will help your baby to improve his/her senses.
  • It will float in water and will make bathtime more fun.
  • 18 Months + / BPA Free

This is a really fun and addictive tool to play with. It’s really colorful and shines. The smile on octopus’ face will make your baby laugh. It’s a really cute and engaging toy. It will help your baby to improve his/her hand-eye coordination. Three rings in this product will help your baby to improve his/her hand-eye coordination. This is a hand-eye coordination toy. You can get this toy for babies 18 + months. This toy will float on water so you can use it in bath-tub or pool with ease.




Expect bathtub toys to be like:

Health and safety are the most important things before we consider anything else. The material should be BPA-free. Similarly, most of them are marked suitable for 18+ months.

They should include multiple interactive elements. For example, they can stretch or rattle. In addition, it should have something more playable. In particular, our recommendation ‘nuby octopus’ has rings to throw. It adds one more game and use style which is great.

Bathtub toys should be colorful. In addition, they should be made of silicone teething surfaces.

The design must be clever. It should be easy to clean. More importantly, it shouldn’t get dirty easily. The design affects this.

The bathtub toy you’re about to buy should be certified and must have warranties. It’s easy to say healthy but they must prove it with refund policies, certificates, and warranties.

Many bathtub toys also make future table decoration. 🙂

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