Nuby 16-Piece Floating Foam Bath Animals Set Review

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If you prefer animals theme for baby bath toys, I call it a good choice. Making the bathtime fun is important for me. So, please see this only as one of the many recommendations. Buying some pieces of bath toys won’t be enough to make it attractive. More than that, you can stick things on the walls, light the bathroom and the bathtub, use some squirt toys, wear your friendly face,  cover the water spout, and use the right shampoo for kids.

Having two pieces for eight different animals, it allows you to invent kinds of match games and have fun. Different from this, you can also use the other eight as a gift for someone else. More differently, you can keep them as substitutes but they do not seem to fade. I mean, the strong foam won’t easily tear.

Nuby 16-Piece Floating Foam Bath Animals Set

  • Nuby 16-Piece Floating Foam Bath Toy Animals set includes 8 different animals.
  • octopus, shark, turtle, fish, crab, seahorse, whale, and starfish
  • It made from soft foam and can easily float in water.
  • When you wet the characters can easily stick to bathtub wall.
  • It makes bathing really a breeze for your beloved one.
  • 3 Years + / BPA Free

One of the most important things when looking for a bath toy for your kid, you should always check the material it’s produced from. This product is BPA free which means it’s harmless. This product comes with 8 different underwater creatures which will increase your beloved one’s memory and animal vocabulary. Animals can easily float in the water. If you wet the characters they can also easily stick to the wall. You can easily stimulate a touching sense of your toddler with this simple product!

Pros of Nuby 16-Piece Floating Foam Bath Toy Animals Set

  • Your baby will try to peel them off from bathtub wall, which will improve his/her senses.
  • Your baby can easily chew on these! You don’t even have to use this in water. It’s multi-functional.
  • These products won’t get any mould inside, unlike squirters.
  • Bath Toy doesn’t have any foam or chemical smell!


  • They’ve made a mistake about the number of octopus legs! The toy has octopuses with six legs however it must be eight. It might sound ridiculous for you but it is a serious fact I have to mention. 🙂 Even its Latin name indicates eight legs, come on.

Other Ideas

You can combine these with the bath lights. How beautiful is it not?

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