The Best Musical Instruments for Toddlers in 2019

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For the parents believe music is essential for development, we prepared a list of the best musical instruments for toddlersTo be sure about the quality and the appropriateness to little ones, we carefully went through details to prepare the list.

Learning music requires dedication, and early ages must be the best time to start that commitment. However, kids generally do what they have in front of them. So, parents should feel the responsibility and provide some music toys for their kids. Maybe, they’ll thank their parents in the future after their magnificent performance moving crowds.

We can find almost all sorts of musical instruments for toddlers and kids now. Therefore, we have better chances to raise virtuosos because we can start even earlier now. The most important things about these toys are their usability and attractiveness. Before they can develop their gross and fine-motor abilities for the genuine instrument, they’ll get used to the instrument type with their toy substitutes.

Some social skills and behaviors also develop with music commitment. They’ll be more self-confident individuals when they have better talents.

All of us can agree to the idea, but how many of us can supply this opportunity? With this in mind, we tried our best to come up with the best musical instruments for toddlers. For our purpose, they had to be affordable, similar to real pieces of equipment, worthy, logical, and attractive at the same time. Ideas of previous buyers and genuine customer reviews are taken seriously, as well. Here we have many things that the music shop won’t tell you.

The Best Sets of Musical Instruments for Toddlers (sets of percussion instruments)

Below this topic, we’ll see the options that come in sets. In other words, set instruments are packs or bags of musical toys. They’re with various pieces of musical instruments, and they feel more like toys. These are very attractive for toddlers and kids. So, they’ll be more like starter sets. The protagonists are xylophone for these packs. Are you looking for a xylophone? Buying one of the following sets of percussion instruments for kids will be more logical than buying a single xylophone. I mean, they’ll cost almost the same.

Musical Baby Instruments by YISSVIC

Set of the best musical instruments for toddlers

  • Here is a good Xylophone Tambourine set of 7 types with 12 pieces for preschool kids.
  • The set fits in its bag to carry and store easily.
  • The set has vibrant colors and looks very attractive. Besides, the sounds are vivacious and exciting.
  • Materials are safe and stable for +3 year-olds. Sizing of these is very appropriate for little ones.
  • These instruments keep the kids engaged and develops their musical interest, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills.
  • Single or up to four kids can enjoy the set at the same time.
  • The Kids musical instrument package includes:
    + Tambourine,
    + Egg Shakers,
    + Hand Bells,
    + Wooden Xylophone (eight different sounds),
    + Wooden guiro,
    + Rainbow bell stick,
    + A bag can that carry all of the things above.

This product of YISSVIC is a pretty good option if you wish to inspire your children for music. Moreover, perception skills for sounds can improve with these. Distinction ability of different sounds can start here. They use high-quality wood which makes to product safe and dependable. They are crafted and polished very well.

The quality reflects a better value for its price. The set pieces are pretty durable. For instance, there’s almost no customer complaint about the previous features and specifications.

OAMCEG Toddler Musical Cheap Instruments

set of 8 different musical instruments for toddlers

  • OAMCEG’s product is a set of wooden percussion instruments of 9 types with 12 pieces for toddlers and kids.
  • Preschool kids will love it because they are colorful and they sound fun.
  • The set has a bag to store and carry properly.
  • Materials are mostly-wooden, and parts are high-quality.
  • Several kids can play at the same time.
  • Playing these inclines the progress of many early development skills.
  • Package of this set includes:
    + double egg shakers
    + two maracas
    + dual wrist bells
    + a Xylophone with eight notes
    + a tambourine
    + a rainbow bell stick
    + finger castanets
    + rainbow tower
    + jingle stick
    + zippered carry bag.

Most likely to the previous toy we’ve seen, you will feel the quality of the materials and enjoy the well-polished details. The value for the price is advantageous. However, I’d expect a better bag rather than a bag like a sheet protector.

Buself Toys like African Musical Instruments

15 different types o f wooden percussion instruments for kids

  • This set has 15 types of wooden percussions with 26 pieces.
  • Toddlers and preschoolers can enjoy it very well.
  • Storing and carrying will not be hard thanks to its storage bag.
  • These are pretty versatile toys to encourage early musical practicing and increasing beneficial playtime engagement.
  • Design and material quality make the set parts accurate for kids physically and emotionally.
  • Multiple kids can play together.
  • The set offers more than fun, and the brand has an award for its collection.
  • You’ll get these mostly wooden musical instruments:
    + rainbow xylophones with wooden mallets
    + wooden tambourine with head
    +finger castanets
    + egg shakers
    + egg handle maracas
    + jingle band bells
    + jingle stick shaker
    + smiling face bell
    + wooden claves
    + wooden guiro scraper
    + pellet drum
    + bell rattle
    + handle bells
    + storage backpack.

Buself Musical set is a broader set compared to the previous two. Its price is slightly higher, but it is reasonable and understandable, and material quality is equal or better for this one. Value for quality is entirely accurate, and we can recommend this if you’re looking for a rich set.

Particular Musical Instruments for Kids

Below, we’ll see the best options for the best single musical instruments: guitars, pianos, drums, saxophones, trumpets, and clarinets. I haven’t added xylophones here because they are more logical to buy in packs with other percussions. I gave importance to durability, availability, value, proximity (being closely similar to a real instrument), and of course, the cost. Apart from this, I also picked a fantastic piano mat to show below.

Combo with over 10 Color Coded Teaching

Color coded musical teaching toys for toddlers

  • A Clarinet + a Saxophone + a Trumpet
  • Their color is silver and looks cute and attractive with the colorful keys.
  • Functions are color-coded, and kids will learn faster and more effectively. The design, especially the colors, make it easy to follow the notes. While playing things, kids will feel that ease and love it.
  • The seller imports these instruments from Italy.
  •  The price on the site is the one price for all three instruments.
  • It has a list of songs to teach quickly. Those 14 are as follows:
    + Fanfare 1, 2, and 3 songs
    + ABC
    + Old MacDonald
    + Mary Had a Little Lamb
    + Where is Thumb-Ken
    + Little Sally Saucer
    + London Bridge
    + Ring Around the Rosie
    + Itsy Bitsy Spider
    + The Wheels on the Bus
    + Row Your Boat
    + Happy Birthday

They produced these instruments for kids. Therefore we should rate and judge them accordingly. So, they are pretty good for young ones to practice, get encouraged, and learn a great deal. Of course, like most of the other toys, these require parental administration before, while, and after using. In particular, wind instruments require proper cleaning. Considering the things, these are awesome, and we suggest it. Especially if you intend to buy wind instruments, these will be your best options.

Classical Toy Guitar for Kids

Classical Ukulele Guitar Musical Instrument

  • This toy guitar can function as a first guitar instrument for musical practicing for toddlers.
  • You can teach kids the basics of guitar, like strumming, primary rhythms, and some other techniques. Meanwhile, their auditory skills will get better.
  • The design is suitable for kids because the materials won’t hurt their fingers and plastic parts are not harmful type. Still, components won’t break easily, and they are sturdy.
  • Lightweight is an essential feature of this to make it easy to care and practice.

Strings are carbon-nylon, parts are ABS plastic, and the design is viable for kids. The overall quality is very good for a simple toddler toy. This guitar is considered a high quality educational musical toy. The size of it is made to fit tiny toddlers. So, I must note that it is 17 inches in length and 5 inches in width.

If the sizing is OK for you, there’s almost no other concern. So, this is by far the best guitar if you want to buy a guitar online for toddlers.

IREAV Beat Instrument Hand Drum Toys

drum instrument for toddlers

  • This wooden, ballad drum instrument toy is one of the top sellers.
  • It has a beautiful and cute design as well as being non-toxic.
  • I shared the picture showing the dimensions.
  • Kids can exercise it to develop musical abilities, and it contributes to brain development as well.

Drums are simple, and there’s just a little to mention. So, this one exceeds the expectations to be one one of the best simple toddler drum options in the market.

Speaking of drums, I believe you should also see the drum set option below.

WolVol Electric Drum Set for Kids

Electric Big Toy Drum Set for Kids with Movable Working Microphone to Sing

  • This set has a drum set, mic, chair, adjustable drum sticks, and pedal.
  • It’s pretty engaging and entertaining for kids.
  • This one is one of the top products for brain and muscle developments.
  • The microphone adds a great function to this already multi-functioned musical instrument for kids.

The seller of the product also offer some promotions, and it depends on the time you visit. Besides, even without those, this one is a valuable pick. However, the price is reasonably higher. This drum set can also play music. So, they serve entertainment versatility very well.

Children would remember such a toy for a lifetime. So, it also makes a perfect gift because when we gift something, we want it to be appreciated. Children will use it for hours, and it’s attractiveness almost never fade even for bigger kids.

The happiness of customers, positivity of reviews, and overall quality make it after all one of the best picks. This is the ultimate drum set for your kids if you’re interested in getting a drum set as musical instruments.

Piano and musical keyboard instruments for kids

I believe the piano is the most crucial instrument for musical perception. This main instrument is like a lifestyle.  The best piano players started piano at very early ages, and they keep practicing many hours every day. Even the virtuosos of other instruments mostly started music with piano. Therefore, I’d suggest starting with a piano. So, I enjoyed preparing the following list of the best piano instrument toys for toddlers and kids.

37-Key Kids Electronic Musical Instrument Piano Toy Keyboard

The best musical instrument for toddlers and kids piano microphone

  • This piano set has interactive instruments and accessories.
  • The microphone is not just an accessory; it works actually.
  • There are eight demo rhythms to play or play along.
  • There are several sound controls. Kids can mix drum sounds, animals sounds, and piano key sounds to make mixes.
  • 11″(L) x 24″(W) x 24″(H) are the dimensions.

These features are not easy to find. Moreover, they made these features so kid-friendly that they mostly discover the functions of their toys while playing. Creativity, musical skills, fine and gross motor skills, and many more capabilities are very likely to be increased. They will also be inspired while this electronic keyboard keeps them engaged. This toy electronic keyboard is by far the best of the musical instruments for toddlers and even bigger kids. The cost truly reflects the value. If possible, it worths increasing the budget you spared for toys expenses.


24 Keys Multi-Functional Amy&Benton Toy Piano for Baby & Toddler

24 keyboard best musical instruments for toddlers

  • This is a portable mini piano for toddlers and kids.
  • It has 24 keys and some functions, for example, the microphone.
  • This piano serves well for baby development milestones of progress. It also enhances hearing abilities. Kids train and improve their hand-eye coordination.
  • Other multi-functioning features are also quite enjoyable. There are eight percussion tunes, four different sounds of different musical instruments, 22 tracks, play&record function, karaoke mode, LED for creating an ambiance, external MP3 connecting, and of course, a microphone. With all those, this is an entertaining machine itself even for little party boys & girls.

This not only an excellent piano for beginners but also good entertainment for families. All those features let you spend some creative family time. It also has man other surprising elements. It works with 4x AA batteries, but it has an auto-energy-saving that triggers after two minutes of idle time. This power-saving function can be turned on or off. External devices like MP3 players or smartphones can establish a connection to work together.

It’s the cheaper option of the previous one. The two products are pretty alike in quality, but the first one is a better class. This one has dominated the competitors with intelligent features. Still, they are left to customer choices because no noticeable difference can be proven. The first one serves as better equipment, and this one serves as a better entertainment. The choice is yours. By the way, this one cost almost half of the previous one when we last checked in Sept. 2019. If you ask me, I say I’d go for this one.

BONUS – B. Symphony Musical Toy Orchestra for Kids

If you want to teach music instruments’ names with their sounds:

13 musical instruments to teach toddlers and kids

  • This is a great toy to introduce the kids with sounds of thirteen different musical instruments.
  • Interaction to change the instrument won’t re-start the song. So, this can lead to creating unique sounds for each playtime.
  • This toy has fifteen different classical music.
  • The colorful design gets enhancement from perfect LED lights to make it even more attractive.
  • With all its features, B. Symphony Musical Toy Orchestra is a great developmental toy for toddlers and kids.

This is like a sort of toy masterpiece. It allows imaginative play and provides earning musical creativity skills and perception. It teaches a great deal about music without playing the equipment. So, this is like a side buy for families. However, this is not cheap enough to offer as a side buy. There’s a different version of this with seven instruments for cheaper. Still, I would feel something missing if I didn’t share this one.

Bonus 2 – Keyboard Playmat 71″ – 24 Keys PianoKeyboard

Play Mat Keyboard Piano Gift for Boys & Girls

  • The keyboard playmat is a very imaginative product to buy for kids.
  • This sturdy mat has four demos with 24 sensitive keys.
  • It has sounds of piano, saxophone, violin, clarinet, trumpet, banjo, xylophone, and guitar. As kids walk or jump between the keys, they can also change instruments choosing among those eight musical instruments. 71″ length and 28″ width allow enjoyable movements and playing experience.
  • Playback, recording, and playing demo functions are very lovely with adjustable volume.
  • It works with 4x AA batteries. You’ll have to get your batteries elsewhere.

This one is not an instrument, but it functions very well to teach and entertain kids with musical instruments theme.

Different Purposes of Musical Instrument Toys for Toddlers

Seeing our list above, we can infer that these toys and pieces of equipment have different purposes. Let’s define the two primary objectives: practicing and entertaining. The other side goals are: teaching and developing skills. Now, try to distribute these main and minor functions to the products above. After that, try to match your intention; find the purposes of toys that cover your will. Then, you’ll be able to choose the best option for musical toys for kids.

A product above doesn’t have to serve just one function. All of the products above provide multiple services; some of them covers all. The final touch for the choice depends on your individual ideas.

If your purpose is teaching, entertaining and development, you can also read our topic about the best musical toys for babies.

Products for Training (practicing) Instruments

Let’s take the guitar as an example. The primary purpose of that product is to start training the guitar. It is designed to enable kids to practice because real guitars would be way too big and bulky for them when they are just toddlers. If you really want your kid to play the instrument in the future, you’ll have to choose one of the training instruments to start early-age practicing. Other products might develop a habit. Then, that habit would turn into something entangling. In other words, we call it proactive interference or proactive inhibition in pedagogy. That means it will be hard to adapt original equipment in the future if the instrument they play is lacking proximity. The proximity of a thing is the similarity to real or genuine.

After all, if you have the intention to grow a musician, training instruments will be your choice. More than that, you’ll avoid many others. However, products for teaching or introducing to musical sounds will not be those things to avoid.

Speaking of teaching…

Toys for Teaching Music

All of the training instruments can be counted as teaching tools as well. More than the design of a toy, your style of usage will determine the teaching level or intensity. I mean, even the last product (the mat) can turn into a teaching material thanks to parents. So, I suggest you shouldn’t mix up the terms; tools, and aims. Jumping on a mat perfectly shouldn’t be the entire of the target, but it would be an entertaining introduction to musical sounds.

Training or teaching tools can be entertaining, as well.

Speaking of entertainment…

Toy Instruments for Toddler’s Musical Entertaining

Some sometimes make some musical toys purely for entertainment. As I expressed before, they could turn into teaching toys. However, they cannot turn into instrumental training or practicing, no matter how talented the parents are.

For the vast majority of the world population, music is entertainment. Therefore, it’s very natural if you’re looking for those. On the list above, there are also great products that can do it. Those keyboards allowing karaoke, the mat to jump with sounds can be pretty entertaining for the family.

Products made for practicing, teaching, or entertaining can also provide physical and emotional development for children.

Speaking of development…

Musical Toys for Development

In one way or another, all of the products on the list are also musical toys for development. As those toys engage children, they’ll develop their perception, social skills, gross and fine motor skills, their patience, understanding, discovering, creativity, etc. In fact, all of the toys can reinforce development even more if the parents are creative and lively themselves.

Decisive facts while choosing the best musical instruments for toddlers

Above this title, I believe we’ve already handled the most decisive point: the purpose. Now, below this topic, we’ll be inquiring about the features and specifications of the best musical instruments for toddlers. When we finish our discussion, we’ll have understood what to expect from these products and how to decide the better one. I underline that you should define your purpose before thinking about things like material quality, functions, price, warranty, etc.

Material Quality

Musical stuff requires their specific materials for their sounding parts. Except for these, brands can show their quality with the rest. We can understand material quality so easily. Check the parts and they must be wooden wherever possible. Some parts will be plastic and they should be non-toxic BPA free and sturdy plastics. If the polish wooden parts very well and show their discreetness with color parts we can say they had good material quality. You can trust our list on material quality because we checked those for you.


The design and production quality will define the products’ sturdiness. Generally, wooden musical instruments are strong. The connecting parts and polishing are also very defining.


Good brands produce lightweight musical instruments for kids because it must be so. Mainly, the size already affects the weight and of course, it is easier to produce lighter instruments in this case. Still, make sure you checked how heavy.

Functionality and Versatility

The first rule is to make products compatible with their main function. I mean, a guitar made for practicing should provide training facility. So, realistic musical instruments are easier to understand.

Musical instruments for entertainment and teaching should be multi-functioning and versatile. As we’ve seen above, the keyboards with play/playback/record/demo functions can offer a great deal of entertainment. Their compatibility with smartphones and computers make them better. Pianos as toddlers’ musical instruments are leading when we sort all the musical instruments by their functionality.


I can suggest a formula if you want to put your emotions to a comparatively more scientific chart. First, write down the things that you want for these instruments. After that, give them weight. For instance, you can give one point for physical engagement and give one and half points for teaching features. These values might change depending on the things you give importance. Then, divide the points to the cost. I think the results will reflect realistic things. Needless to say, the toys getting higher results from this formula will probably be a better choice for you. By the way, try to remember the characteristics of your children. So that the resulting choice can be good for you and them at the same time.


The sellers of the products in our list claims that they have no-pain return policies. But this can change if you use products. So, if you think something is seriously wrong with the instruments or toys, send back without giving them a try. On the other hand, you shouldn’t exaggerate your expectations from the musical instruments for toddlers. I believe, one can define what to expect from musical toys for toddlers after reading so far.


To sum, parents should:

  • define the purpose,
  • check our list or make a new list for themselves,
  • write down the least of expectations and add some better expectations,
  • anticipate some extra functions,
  • put a star near the instruments or toys that brought them some creative ideas,
  • narrow down the options,
  • compare prices with our value/cost formula,
  • check shipment details,
  • make sure they got the possible discounts,
  • share their experience with others to help.

I’ve tried to be as brief as possible. I hope you got the essence of the topic.

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