Munchkin Squirtin Bath Toy for Toddlers, Barnyard Friends Review

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Munchkin is already an excelling brand for bath toys because they got the idea. They offer awesome products.

Any other brands can do it. When you get the idea, it is not really hard to produce such toys. However, the bigger part is getting in the market competition. I could say they are lucky enough to get the snowball in time.

The idea is to make skill-developing toys with attractiveness. If the toy catches their interest, they will grasp and play with them. Correspondingly, their eye coordination and motor abilities develop in time. Bright colors stimulate sensory development. More importantly, while they are engaged with these, they also use their imagination a lot. Forthwith, parents have easier times in bathtime and mix it like a playtime.

When you unbox it, you’ll find all four pieces in one cover. Actually, it would be better if they used different covers for each. Still, all of them are colorful and attractive. It’s easy to anticipate why they are so attractive. You’ll find yourself playing with these. All those faces look friendly though.

There was an eight-piece option but I couldn’t find it. You can search for a different time and may find it. For now, we have this four-piece one. The reason might be the negative customer reviews of 8-pieced one. These remaining four pieces are perfect. I can call them very clever because they accepted the mistake and improved quality. In other words, improvements don’t always come by additions; sometimes you have to make subtraction!

We first reviewed it in Nov 2016. Now, we update it in June 2019 because we’ve watched it and seen changes.

Munchkin Squirtin Bath Toy

  • This product has 4 different animals in it.
  • You can easily teach the names of the animals with this one!
  • It’s just not a bath toy for toddlers it will also help them to learn!
  • It’s really useful for bath games and you can use it everywhere.
  • Includes four different water-squirting, floating barnyard animal friends.
  • A fun way to teach animal names and sounds in the bath.
  • Great for underwater bubbles and bath games.

It can be used as a farm toy!

It’s really a dream for every kid to have a farm, feed animals and be friends with them! It will come true with this simple product. It contains four different animals chicken, sheep, cow, pig. You can also name this product as a farm toy for toddlers! It will improve your kids motor skills. You can have your kid to recognize the animal names and sounds. Sounds are really realistic and will entertain your kid. Animals have bright colours and shiny. The product is made from durable material, and more durable than most of the bath toys! You will never worry about chipping or breaking!

Pros of Munchkin Squirtin Bath Toy for Toddlers

  1. The water doesn’t really get in unless you squeeze and submerge them.
  2. You have to dry them after every usage or it will get moulds.
  3. You can check how to clean bath toys here.


  • Need cleaning carefully after usage, some parts might cause mold inside. (Actually, this problem seems to be solved when they reduced the piece number from 8 to 4.)

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