Maintaining Jungle Gyms and Similar Playsets for Kids

maintaining jungle gyms for kids

We like long-lasting products and buy accordingly. In like manner, something belongs to our childhood can last so long that our children also use them. However, such examples are getting fewer in number day by day. Still, it is possible to keep your jungle gyms for toddlers alive. So, if you purchased the right products, you’ll also use them as jungle gyms for kids. And, the story is the same climbing toys and other similar playsets.

climbing toys and jungle gyms for children

There are two main reasons that products suffer from aging. First, the product itself could be low-of-quality. Coupled with the planned obsolescence,  it becomes a real disappointment. Second, users can cause tearing while using. For example, if things need hardware checks, cleaning, and maintenance, users must to them. However, they usually disregard the importance, mostly because of having so little time.

With our reviews and list of suggestions for the best jungle gyms, those two main reasons are no longer two for you. Therefore, read and have ideas to maintain your jungle gyms. In the end, you’ll have zero reasons for your product to tear and use it for many years.

Tips to maintain jungle gyms

Even if the jungle gym you bought is appropriate for outdoors, you should not leave them outdoors if you won’t use them frequently. Protect them from weather conditions to increase their life. Otherwise, the color parts are very likely to fade. Even more, if you preferred wooden parts because they are healthier, weather conditions harm them and lead splitting.

Check hardware parts regularly

You should check hardware parts regularly. When you use them with your kids, you can easily check after you use. Even though you haven’t used them recently, check at least once a year.

This is primarily important for kids’ safety. In addition, it’s better when the parts of jungle gyms stay correctly.

You should check all the screws and bolts. It’s easy to detect if there’s a problem. You can tighten them if needed. Whereas, you mustn’t over-tighten them. Consequently, it will harm the material. Then it will require a harder tightening later. In the end, you’ll have to change parts or buy a new one. So, do it right to avoid wasting.

If the jungle gym you use is for indoors, you should wipe them. If you keep them wet, you’ll see rust and it is harmful both to the kids and the product. Even if it’s an outdoor jungle gym, you should keep them dry whenever possible.


When you clean them, they look bright and more attractive. Cleaning is good both for health and engaging kids in the gym playtime. Mostly, simply wiping is enough. However, you should annually disassemble the parts and clean the connecting parts, too.

Occasionally, you might need to change some parts like swing cushions or ropes.

Other Tips

You should check the stability of swings and ropes regularly. Similarly, if the swing hangs made of chains, check them and clean if needed.

You should check the slide if that’s an outdoor slide. In particular, if the slide is covered, there might be a surprise on it. I mean, birds might have used it.

Indoor jungle gyms won’t require that much attention. So, it’s enough to check annually.

Lastly, it does not have to be your responsibility. You can give quests to kids to share household chores. Checking and simple cleaning the gym jungles could be one of the kids’ responsibilities.

maintaining jungle gyms play sets for kids

There are Youtube videos for advanced care. For instance, to fix badly damaged playsets like jungle gyms…

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