Little Tikes School Bus Activity Gym Review

Any activity will be beneficial to your children. However, choosing the right one is really important. There any many manufacturers produces a different kind of toys for your toddler. As you can see Little Tikes school bus activity gym is one of that! I created this review to help fellow parents and families, who have some questions on their minds, as I did before.

This activity gym is suited for ages 1.5 and 4 years old. Picking the right the age category is really important for your child. If you get something irrelevant to their age, they won’t even touch the toy. I can definitely suggest this activity gym for toddlers!

You should also always search for the brand, some brands have a bad reputation and you must always stay away from them. You can also contact the customer support if you need more help about the product. Now let’s go back to information about Little Tikes school bus activity gym.

Information About Little Tikes School Bus Activity Gym

  • Your toddler can easily spin the tires and learn about the colors and shapes on it!
  • The dashboard of the school bus looks real as possible!
  • The spinning wheel is absolutely gorgeous, it gives your toddler feeling of driving!
  • There are traffic signs on the school bus for some traffic education.
  • Great for socializing with his or her friends!
  • 18 inches slide is suitable for safe landing, this toy is suitable for toddlers.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Doesn’t contain any harmful materials.

Customers’ Opinion About School Bus Activity Gym

Most of the customers¬†reported that this product is really hard to assemble and it’s true. If you are good at assembling you might set up the product in 60-90 minutes. It’s the bare minimum for good people. You also need to use screwdrivers drills to attach some parts. Other than that, this product is really great, it allows your children to socialize with his or her friends! The slide is really cool and it provides a safe experience for your toddler! If you are looking for an activity gym for your toddler you can start with this one!

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