10 Best Kids Ski Helmets in 2020

Ski helmets are the most important thing when it comes to snow sports. They will provide the protection and comfort your kid needs. However, there are some terrible products on the market. If you want to buy the best possible kid’s ski helmet, you should check out my tips below of this article. I will also share the top sellers in the market so that you can pick a suitable model for your kid and yourself!

Top Seller Kids’ Ski Helmets

OutdoorMaster KELVIN Ski Helmet

  • There are nine different options on the sales page.
  • You can pick the small size for kids. It has the comfort and the safety you are looking for.
  • The abs shell part is reinforced, which can withstand the impacts. The shock-absorbing EPS core is high-quality.
  • The product is made in a Matte finish, and they all look good.
  • The size is adjustable. It’s great for the perfect fit.
  • The earpads are comfortable to wash since they are removable. You can wash them in hand or machine!
  • The ventilation of the product is perfect. It comes with 14 individual vents, which are great for the next-level vent.

Retrospec Traverse H3 Youth Ski & Snowboard Helmet

  • This ski helmet is specially geared towards kids!
  • It comes with different safety certifications, which are a must, in my opinion! The certificates include: ┬áincluding EN 1077: 2007 for ski helmets and CPSC 16 CFR, part 1203 for bicycle helmets.
  • The outer part is made of durable abs, which is great for bumps and bruises.
  • The foam interior is pretty comfortable, which also protects your little one!
  • The chinstrap works perfectly for little kids. It will keep the whole head in place.
  • The product comes with plush earmuffs, which are great for keeping your kid’s ears safe and warm!
  • The rear part has goggle clips to keep your little rider’s goggles safe.

Giro Launch Combo Kids Snow Helmet

  • One of the best ski helmets for kids in the market. The product has tons of designs on the sales page, and they change almost every year.
  • There are different size options, which makes it even suitable for toddlers.
  • The product also has a set that also has the goggles in them. You can buy a matching set within seconds!
  • The in-form fit system allows you to fit any kid out there! The base of the helmet allows for an ergo-friendly fit!
  • The product can have an adjustment rate of 6 cms, which makes it suitable for any kid!
  • The helmet ventilation is average compared to other ski helmets. It has vent gaps on the top, which allows hot air to escape!
  • The goggle is normal-quality, but it still does the job.

If you are looking for a complete set for your kid’s ski adventure, you can prefer this one! It comes with everything your kid needs, which makes it a great product! The product also has one of the best designs that makes it extra attractive for little kids!

Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet

  • This is an all-around product that provides everything your kid needs from a ski helmet!
  • The price of it also makes it suitable for low budgets.
  • The ski helmet meets most of the safety standards, which is perfect.
  • ABS and EPS construction is standard for these type of ski helmets.
  • The product comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty, which is cool!
  • The padded chin strap provides additional comfort your kid is looking for.
  • This snow helmet is suitable for bigger kids.

If you are looking for all in one product with high-quality materials, you can prefer this one. However, it’s suitable for bigger kids and teenagers, so keep that in mind!

Retrospec Traverse H1 Convertible Ski Helmet

  • There are ten vents on the product, which allows for maximum temperature regulation. This is extremely important for snow sports because the hot weather will disturb the performance.
  • There are dozens of designs on the sales page. You should find a suitable model for your kid!
  • The helmet is convertible, which makes it double good. You can change it to a bike helmet, which increases the value of the product!
  • The outer part of the product is made of ABS exterior, which is the highest quality material you can find.
  • The interior part is made of EPS foam, which is the standard for these helmets.
  • The helmet has all of the safety standards, including EN 1077:2007 for Ski Helmets and CPSC 16 CFR, Part 1203 for Bicycle Helmets.
  • The goggle clip works well. It will keep the eyewear attached without any problems at all.
  • The plush earmuffs are removable, which makes them great for washing and keeping clean. They will also keep your kid’s ears warm and safe.
  • The adjustable knob works well for the kids. It will suit most of the kids without any problems.

Odoland Snow Ski Helmet and Goggles Set

  • This one is perfect if you are looking for a complete helmet and ski goggle set. It comes with a detachable goggle, which is great for snow sports.
  • The set provides protection and comforts your kid is looking for.
  • It also has different color options on the sales page. However, the colors are pretty primary, but they do the job effectively!
  • The helmet and goggles are made of premium material. The set will last around for a reasonable amount of time.
  • The ventilation is perfect, in my opinion. It comes with 12 air vent holes, which is enough for proper ventilation. Your kid won’t even feel the hot air when he or she is wearing this helmet.
  • The ventilation parts have adequate parts for air ventilation, but they will also keep your kid’s head warm and safe.
  • The helmet has a flexible and comfortable design. The detachable lining is handy. Earmuffs are removable for easy cleaning.
  • The adjustable band is perfect for adjusting it correctly for your kid’s head.
  • The product is lightweight and perfectly suitable for the kids!
  • The product also has a carry bag, which is excellent for little travel sessions.

Gonex Ski Helmet

  • There are five different color options on the sales page. Each design looks perfectly fine for the kids. The colors are pretty bright and attractive, which makes them extra tasty!
  • The materials are premium grade, which provides maximum protection.
  • The integrated molding makes the product e extra durable, which is essential.
  • The shell part of the product is made of the hard polycarbonate shell.
  • The ear pad is detachable, which makes it great for cleaning and storing.
  • The design of the helmet is lightweight, which makes it perfect for the kids. It will not tire out your kid, which is great for longer training sessions.
  • The inner padding is made of thickened plush, which lasts longer than other products.

The product has most of the safety certifications, and it has a 1-year warranty. There are five color choices on the sales page. It also comes with a sturdy box that allows for easy carriage!

Giro Launch Children’s Snowboard Ski Helmet

  • The product is fully adjustable, which makes it great for the kids.
  • It also has dozens of different designs on the sales page. The models are perfectly suitable for the kids.
  • The in-mold construction is perfect for hard snowy weather.
  • The price of the product changes according to the design and size!
  • You should determine the head size of your kid. If it’s too big, it won’t effectively. However, the product is adjustable so you can determine the size of your kid pretty quickly!
  • Some of the logos are made of stickers, so you can remove them and allow your kid to enjoy the helmets without any logos on them!

If you are looking for fancy snow helmets for your kid, you can pick out these versions!

Anon Kids’ Define Ski-Snowboard Helmet

  • The fidlock system is straightforward to use for the kids. Your kid can secure the helmet within seconds.
  • The helmet can be secured with one hand, which makes it perfect for little kids.
  • There are different designs on the sales page, which makes it suitable for the kids.
  • The built-in goggle design is excellent for kids with glasses. If your kid wears glasses, you can use this product without worrying about anything.
  • The ventilation of the product is pretty excellent. It won’t cause any warm underneath.

If you are looking for a high-quality product, I suggest this one for your kid!

Zacro Ski & Cycling Helmet


  • I like the dual helmets because they will help families on a budget. If you are short on the budget, you can buy this one for your kid. It can be used for biking or skiing without any problems.
  • The product comes with stickers that allow your kid to personalize the helmet. This will create a unique effect on the product!
  • The outer part is made of ABS material, and the inside part is EBS foam like any other product.
  • It meets the CPSC and ASTM standards, which makes it even better.
  • There are suitable sizes for every kid out there. However, I mostly suggest this one for kids bigger than twelve!
  • The design is pretty good despite the price.

If you are looking for a price-performance product, you should check this one out! The product can be made unique, which makes it great for the kids!

How to Pick Best Kid’s Ski Helmet?

There are a couple of things you need to check before you made the purchase. The ski helmet purchase is essential for your kid’s snow sports experience. You need to pick proper equipment for your kid to experience it to the fullest. You need to check the material quality, comfort, design, compactness, brand, and price of the ski helmet if you want to make a successful purchase! But, first of all, you need to ask your kid about what he or she prefers. This will determine your final purchase because the kid should love the item you are going to buy. Anyways, make sure you read the tips below and find a suitable model for your kid!

Material Quality

The material quality of the outer part is essential for durability. Most of the external parts are made of durable ABS material. However, strength should not be your only concern. Most of the kids would like want to wear new looking products. So the helmet should not show any scratches and bad spots on it. This is especially problematic for little kids! Make sure the product you are buying has a durable outer part.

The inner part of the helmets is made of EPS core material. This should be high-quality if you want your kid to avoid the impacts. Some of the helmets also have foam padding, which adds extra protection. You should make sure the product you are buying has adequate quality!


The comfort is essential for professional kids out there. Most of the helmets will stay on the kid’s head for a long time. Therefore, you need to buy comfortable helmets for your kid. The inside part of the helmet is vital for comfort. Most of the interior parts are made with EPS material, which is the standard here. However, you can find some products that have foam pads that reduce the effect of the impacts.

The earmuffs are a cool add-on for comfort. You can use earmuffs separately most of the time. However, some products have installed ear muffs in them, which can be an option. If you are buying the helmet for long term usage, you should inspect the quality of these earmuffs!


The design of the product is especially essential for the kids. Most of the kids wouldn’t even touch the snow helmets they don’t like. You can try out different options for sure. There are some helmets which have cartoons which can be attractive for little kids. If you have a grown-up kid, you can check out more basic designs or ask the kid about his or her opinion. The design is one of the most important things when it comes to kid’s ski helmet, in my opinion.


The compactness of the product is another factor. If you are always traveling, you should avoid bulky products since they will consume a lot of space. Most of the kids also like lightweight products since they will be accessible on the head. Make sure you inspect the product properly if you want to find a suitable ski helmet for your kid.


The brand of the product affects the quality directly. There are some well-known brands out there, which produce specialized products for kids! You can try out Anon or Giro brand if you are concerned about style and design. These brands have exclusive products geared towards kids.


The price of the product is another factor that affects quality. You need to check out the attributes of the ski helmet and make your choice according to that. There are some mid-end products between 30 and 50 dollars most of the time. If you want high-quality products or full sets(goggles and helmet), you should pay more than fifty dollars. However, there are some perfect products below that price too! Make sure you do your research well if you want the best possible ski helmet!


The ski helmets are the necessary component of snow sports. It will directly affect the health and performance of your kid. Therefore, you need to find the best ski helmet you can find. I covered the top ten ski helmets for kids in this article and hope you will find them helpful!

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