10 Best Kids Bike Seat Cover in 2019

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Bike seat covers are among the fundamentals of the bikes, and they are more critical than accessories. We already cautiously behave while choosing the best bikes.  The main concern is the comfort, and brands know it. Style follows, and this one depends on the user. If you care about the quality of your riding experience, you should know that physical happiness increases our tendency for an activity. Seat covers can stop your complaints on unused bicycles. Children will love them!

The name of our article includes the word ‘kids’ and ‘bike.’ Still, most of these products are used for indoor and outdoor bikes for both for youngs and grown-ups. These covers can turn a disturbing saddle into a very pleasing seat. They also protect you against the effects of your sweat on your skin. Please note that they are not replacements of seats; they are just covers for chairs.

Characteristic features of the bike seat cover options in this post

Here we reviewed some kids’ bike seat covers that are top sellers in the market. Most of them are unisex, and they have drawstrings to make them adjustable. However, narrow seat covers and full seat covers are not compatible. Therefore, you’ve to be careful. Don’t worry; you’ll understand what to buy at first sight.   I’d go for a gel seat. You might even change the type of your saddle to narrow if the user of the bike won’t be overweight.

You won’t see many different options because we’d love to show you only the best of your options. The following products are pretty alike in quality and the materials. Respectively, prices are very similar, and they almost leave us with the style and color options to choose from. However, sizing and gel material can differ a little. I believe color options will solely be certain things for your choice.

AISHEMI Soft Child Bike Saddle

  • The design of this saddle is fantastic! There are also two different designs on the sales page.
  • It will attract your kid to bike!
  • The non-slip fabric design is excellent for comfort. Your kid won’t be distracted by the bike seat during the ride!
  • It’s effortless to install. You have to pull the rope to make it suitable for your bike seat!
  • It’s made of high-quality silicone and sponge, which might be the best material after gel bike seat covers!
  • The concave design is suitable for the kids, especially the girls.
  • Size: 6.6*9.4inch
  • Hussle free money-back guarantee.

If you are having problems attracting your kid to the bike, these cushions can work well since children love them! The colors are vibrant, which is attractive for the kids! The money-back-guarantee is also really cool!

N3od3er Kids Bike Saddle

  • The curve design is comfortable for the kids.
  • There are other design options on the brand’s page. You should check them if you are buying the saddle for your boy.
  • It’s made for standard sized rails. You can easily attach it to most of the seat post clamps with ease.
  • The soft foam padding has excellent comfort. Your kid can comfortably ride the bike for hours!
  • SIZE – 230mm x 150mm
  • It will fit most of the bikes between 14 and 24 inches!
  • Different patterns are suitable for other genders.

I like the quality of this saddle. It does everything as advertised and won’t let you down! If you are looking for a high-quality product, you should try this one!

ViMall Bike Saddle Cover

  • The foam part is made of silicone, and it’s high-quality.
  • The memory foam works pretty well for constant use.
  •  It will absorb shocks and offer your kid the best ride possible!
  • The concave design is comfortable. It won’t cause any pressure on sensitive body points!
  • Adjustable drawstring holds cover secure in its place.
  • You can easily install this one on to your current one with ease.
  • Size : 27*19*3cm,Item Weight : 150g
  • There are seven color options on the sales page.

This one is comfortable because of the materials used. It also can be used on any bike, which makes it great!

WINNINGO Child Bike Gel Seat Cushion

Gel bike seat cover

  • This seat cover uses silicone and foam cover with shock-absorbing. These materials make it very comfortable for small children.
  • Sizing fits small seats thanks to its drawstring.
  • Dimensions are 9,6″ to 6″ width. Be careful about these dimensions because it is peculiar. Other covers are either 11×7 or 7×5.
  • It won’t slip thanks to its undercover.
  • You can choose between pink, blue or black options.

Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover

gel with drawstrings bike seat cover

  • This bike seat cover has an extra soft gel material to provide better comfort.
  • The material quality allows users to ride for long hours.
  • It has the universal dimensions of eleven inches and 7 inches. Besides, the drawstring enables adjustments.
  • This cover can resist water and dust.

LuxoBike Padded Gel Bike Seat Cover

different color options of bike seat gel cover

  • This cover fits narrow seats.
  • It has a thick and comfortable gel pad. This feature gives comfort for long rides.
  • Thanks to the back cover, it won’t slip.
  • 11×7.
  • Guarantee with no pain.
  • LuxoBike Padded Gel Bike Seat Cover has six different color options.

Domain Cycling Premium Child Bike Gel Seat Cushion Cover

bike seat cover for girls

  • This bike seat cushion with gel is a lovely cover for girls’ bikes.
  • Sıft silicone, lycra, and gel are the materials.
  • It won’t slip.
  • Guarantee with no pain.
  • Dark blue and pink are the color options for Domain Cycling Bike gel seat cushion cover.

Roam Padded Bike Seat Cushion Cover

best bike seat covers for narrow seats

  • This pad cover is soft like a pillow.
  • The drawstring helps you adjust the size both for kids and adults.
  • The backside blocks slipping.
  • 7×5.
  • Very durable materials.
  • Probably the cheapest of this quality.
  • There are three color options for Roam Padded Bike seat cover: Dark-blue, red, or black. However, whenever I check, black seems to be sold out.

Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover- Extra Soft Gel Bicycle Seat

very soft gel bike seat cover for narrow saddle bicycles

  • This cover is probably the best choice of bike covers for narrow saddles.
  • The features of this cover compete with those which are sold for double price.
  • This extra soft gel bicycle seat is the editor’s choice for narrow seats.
  • There are four color options for this one: black, dark blue, purple, or red.

Decisive facts choosing the best kids bike seat cover

There are some crucial things to make the best pick from the best bike seat cover options. We’ve already brought you the righteously trimmed list, but it’s always better if you understand the decisive facts, too.

Sizing of the bike seat covers

The main divisions of cover sizing are narrow and full options. There’s no other important sizing info because they could either be 11×7 or 7×5. The dimensions of saddles and covers are unrelated to the aspects of bicycles.

Better brands add a drawstring to their covers. These covers have two main benefits. First, drawstrings allow adjustment for little fractions. Second, they make covers no-slip, and they fit better.

dimensions of narrow bike seat covers

The picture above shows the dimensions for one of the broadest seat covers made for narrow seats. The previous sentence is correct.

Full seats’ dimensions are visible in the picture above. Width is 11,” and length is 10 or 11″.

To sum, you should pick the right option: narrow or wide. Otherwise, they won’t fit. Besides, choose the adjustable and better fitting one. Flexible products might be able to provide some tolerance, but they won’t look genuine. Thickness is another vital sizing thing. This specification is visible and vital.

Fundamental materials of saddle covers

If you realized, we do not have many features and specifications below the product pictures, unlike most of our other reviews. The main reason is they have simple elements. Mostly, brands share similar specs for those simple elements. Still, gel covers make them slightly better. For some reason, some people won’t like gel covers. Nevertheless, we have an option for those who don’t want gels.

Materials are essential for saddle covers as no one likes them to slip or slide. The contents should be combinations of silicone, lycra, and gel. Some might use a sponge instead of gel, but we preferred gel covers in our review post. We also cared about the top material so that they won’t rub or strain.

Common materials with their summaries

Silicone: You know this cover type mostly because of the phone covers. Silicone adds to the durability. We wouldn’t call silicone as a sturdy material, but if the purpose is to sit on them, that’s not hazardous.

Gel: When they use the gel as a material in seat covers, it provides excellent comfort. However, the brand should be covering it appropriately. The position of seams and types of other cover materials gain significance. In particular, if they are easy to pierce or rub off, the gel will become a trouble. The gels are perfect economical solutions for covers.

Lycra: For almost everything expected to fit very tightly, lycra comes to mind. It is the name of a brand and became a type of cloth material. Lycra can stretch but can provide as well. So, these make it a perfect fundamental for covers and some other sport gears. Last but not least, lycra is super durable.

We expect materials to be eco-friendly in addition to being comfortable. They are surely shock-absorbing, but they must also be breathable and must have a considerable amount of moisture tolerance. You shouldn’t wash them in machines.

Types of materials define the level of comfort for bike seat covers. We should remember that comfort was the reason for us to start looking for bike seat covers.


We wouldn’t know the amount buyers are prepared for. Still, we give place to performance/price products. In 2019, the reasonable pricing should be between $10-$20. We gave importance to price fact because higher price offers are almost the same or worse than these covers. We’ve checked their prices several times for three years. We’ve also cared about the feedbacks and ratings by the actual users. I can’t define accurately, but some color options have slight effects on the price.


If the user is not overweight, you might even consider changing the saddle type. In other words, narrow seats would always be better. Therefore, covers for narrows seats are the best options if they are made of silicone, lycra, and gels. Depending on the importance of the issue, I’d spend up to $20 for bike seat covers. You might save some if you buy several products from the same seller.

These things are what we care about while we are buying for ourselves. I hope these as well as work for you.

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