Jungle Gyms Indoors and Outdoors

Parents always want a safe and engaging place to provide their children. Coupled with the difficulty of going out to the park can be really challenging in a busy life. Moreover, the hurt risk of the parks adds more difficulties to an already time-consuming choice. Therefore, they prefer not to go. However, some parents choose to provide similar fun at home, inside the house or in the yard. That is the gym jungles.

Although gym jungles occupy a serious amount of space, people still sacrifice space to get ease and safety. In addition, as the manufacturers are aware of the space concerns, they have built more reasonable products. In the market, there are safe and clever designs.

Design of Jungle Gyms

Some of the jungle gyms require fixing to the ground to stabilize. However, I call it a better design when they do not need to be secured to the ground. I mean it is possible to calculate some physics to do so. Then, why not?

Generally, designs have bridges, king’s watchtowers, slides, climbers, and sometimes swings. In addition, if designs include a nice vision, they can see around and understand the facility better. Granted, toddlers imagine and enjoy thousands of feelings. So, they keep engaged and keep physically and imaginatively active meanwhile.

The clever design also allows several toddlers to play at the same time. Crawling tunnels and multiple swings might add to the design quality. Many outdoor toys for toddlers require certain similar features.


The quality of design also defines a serious part of safety. Correspondingly, jungle gyms should include grip handles and right angles for climbers. However, parental watch and supervision are essentials for almost every toddler toys. For instance, safety can be increased by featuring thin exercise mats beneath. Again, caring parents choose to watch.

The material of climbers, slides, swings, and gym jungles are also about safety. In other words, materials used should have certificates and they should be unharmful. In most of the cases, parts are made of hard plastic. Even though, safety changes from plastic to plastic. Different from those, there are also wooden sets.


Assembling should be comparatively easier if you plan to use such sets both indoors and outdoors. So, it shouldn’t be taking more than an hour to set up. Some parts can be really heavy so you should check or ask about the weight before you buy.

Assembling the gym sets require clear and flat surfaces. Indoors, slight adjustments can be okay. But if you want to use outside, keep the wind factor in mind and assemble them really stable.

Mostly, the manuals show how to assemble clearly. The screws should go to their correct places not to compromise. In addition, assembling might require two people. Your partner or friend should be there to help.

Age Range for Gym Jungles

Climber sets are usually recommended for 2-6 years old. The lower limit is about motor development while the upper limit relates to weighing limits. Many parents find it a worthy investment. Similarly, it’s better when they have multiple children to play at the same time.

Social, Creative and Imaginative

Children should play along with their siblings and friends despite all those TVs an tablets. So, they won’t feel neglected and won’t grow up lonely. Running and jumping together improve their social abilities. Toddler era and childhood are the key phases to develop social skills. People improve their abilities by playing games together when they are young. Consequently, those abilities define their future social power.

The importance of imagination can also make such products favorable. They already have a great deal of the imaginary world and they mix their social intelligence and physical activity to imagine even more. Thanks to improved imagination, problem-solving skills improve. Playing along with siblings and friends, kids develop quick thinking and problem-solving skills. Anyway, it is better than keeping in front of the screens all the time.

Motor Skills

Balance skills and gross motor skills improve by engaging such activities. They climb, crawl, slide, swing and learn to keep body balance while playing. In addition, they improve their kinesthetic awareness, agility and build required muscles when they have the true chance.


Actually, such sets are very expensive investments for a single child. However, the market can sometimes offer great opportunities. If you have several kids to play, that wouldn’t hurt so much. Above, we have talked about the many benefits of having those. As I cannot know about your financial situation, you’ll calculate the benefits/price formula. If it fits your other options or plans, you can get one. If you ask me, they worth the price.

Developing safe, engaging and secure environments won’t be always easy. When you have more than one child, using such sets of toys sounds more logical. Even if the ages of them are different, one kid plays and watches the other kid in the process. If you buy for a two-year-old, it makes at least three years of use.

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