Best Options of Jewelry Making Toys for Kids

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Bead kits are one of the most effective toys for kids’ creativity in jewelry making. There are wooden, plastic or acrylic options. If you care much about the material quality, wooden is the best from many aspects. However, it doesn’t mean that the other materials are the opposite. They are also healthy and stylish. Actually, the choice is totally subjective and visual when people want to choose bead kits for kids as toys.

Let’s take a look at the options, then we are going to read about the reasons and other facts.

Best Bead Kits for Kids to Make Jewelry

You’ll see the leading products below. They are all top sellers and their customers are pretty happy with their choices.

IQKidz Pop Beads

Jewelry Making Bead Kits for Kids

  • This huge jewelry box has 520+ pieces inside.
  • They are all colorful and fashionable for 3 to 8-year-old girls.
  • Plenty of options enable hundreds of different combinations.
  • The pieces are BPA free plastic.


Melissa & Doug Bead Bouquet Deluxe Wooden Bead Set

wooden Jewelry Making Kits for Kids Bead Set

  • The wooden bead set from Melissa&Dough contains 220 beads and eight cords.
  • There is a handy wooden tray to store beads.
  • This is appropriate for 4 to 8 year-old-kids.
  • The brand is one of the cornerstones for toys.

This one is my favorite because it is wooden. The tray is very good to store them to present or to pack. If only there were more pieces to make it actually available for early school kids as well.

LolliBeads (TM) Make Charm Kits

  • Kids can create more than 500 thins using this set.
  • The box includes everything to play with these.
  • There are many different pieces inside.

This one focuses more on bracelet making. This will be wearable and kids can gift each other their creations.

HUATK Bead KidsSet for Jewelery Making

  • There are 450 color beads inside.
  • Kids can find 24 different shapes to combine 450 color beads creatively.
  • This is called suitable for 5+.

This a very colorful set with jelly looking pieces.

Bead Kits for Jewelry Making

  • 550 beads and 24 shapes are in to combine for hair bands, iron rings, buckles, diamond rings, cartoon pendants.
  • The pieces are made of acrylic.
  • This is appropriate for 5 – 7.


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Collection Wooden Bead Set

  • This bead set is wooden.
  • There are 3 40 wooden bead pieces and twelve laces.
  • Alphabet concept is included.
  • Kids can create things with names thanks to alphabet pieces.
  • The package is very cool and wooden.
  • It is very appropriate for 4+ kids.

This one is the best wooden bead kit available with letters.

ArtioHippo Stone Beads Tool Box Set Kits

  • This set is a very rich bead kit for kids.
  • The pieces feel like stones.
  • Appropriate for 6+.

Quefe 1500pcs Beads Kit

Content Rich Jewelry Making Kits for Kids

  • This kid set includes 1500 pieces!
  • Appropriate for 6+.

This has the richest content of all. There are 1500 pieces but most of them are letters. However, there are several shapes and colors for those letters and I believe kids can create many unique things with those.

Anlising Beads Kits Set for Kids

wearable Jewelry Making Kits for Kids

  • There are 1200 plastic pieces in this kit.
  • The pieces are colorful as usual.
  • Suitable for 5+.
  • The container is a plastic box with little boxes inside it.
  • Kids can use stars, fruits, letters, and flowers.

It is an affordable choice with many pieces.



Why Jewelry Making and Bead Kits

Bead kits are one of the concrete toys. People fail to feature such joy within kids’ playtime because they forget about them. People mostly ask their kids what to buy. More than this, they can’t even ask because kids come with their ideas and insist on those ideas. However, parents or relatives should be able to bring some ideas as well. It’s not oppressive if you manage to give them as surprise gifts.

Kids playing with bead kits can improve their hand-eye coordination skills. In a way, they become more relaxed and peaceful. Jewelry making starts inspiration for the kids to make discoveries and creative things. They discover their passion and they express themselves. There are several types of games to play with these.

Doctors suggest hands-on play types for kids. Jewelry craft toys help kids to develop hand-eye coordination, counting skills, co-operation ability, relating things, logical thinking and creativity. They will produce their own wearable accessories. Let’s visibly count some benefits of Jewelry Bead Kits for Kids:

  • Free Play,
  • Imagination,
  • Creativity,
  • Learning,
  • Discovery,
  • Hand-eye Coordination.

The jewelry craft toys we suggest above are environmentally friendly. They have their certificates.

What to Expect from Bead Kits as Jewelry Crafting Toys

Managing our expectations help us judge the toys better. It’s the same for jewelry toys as well. We cannot expect them to be real gold. However, the manufacturers should feature quality materials with many pieces if they want to be able to contest in the market.

Rich Content

The number of pieces is very important as the age goes up. For instance, a fifty-piece bead set might be enough for a three-year-old girl while an eight-year-old would satisfy with 1500. The number of pieces allows more combinations and creations. I wouldn’t take a crowded content as rich. Because featuring the same piece a hundred times isn’t good, I would look for variety as well. So, we call it content-rich if the box includes hundreds of different pieces with different colors and, if possible, different materials.

Material Quality

We expect no paint covers or easily broken materials. Material quality affects playtime. If you do not choose carefully, the broken pieces might disappoint a lot. Imagine that your kids made a necklace but some pieces fell because of lacking quality. It’s quite disappointing.

Another thing about the material quality is the feeling it gives. If they look faded or cheap, why should kids bother playing with them? They want to create fashionable things. Even more, many kids playing with jewel craft toys want to wear them as well. They want wristbands looking cool. They generally want to write names on them to wear themselves or sometimes gift to their friends even as birthday gifts. So, the quality of the pieces is very crucial. Kids of our time won’t be fooled easily and you shouldn’t fool already.

Suitability & relevance

Sellers announce the appropriate age range for their products but they mostly to not mention the suitability and relevance. It’s easy to say almost all toy manufacturers can guarantee themselves by adding 3+, 6+, etc. However, it’s not enough for me. I believe, they should also include a paragraph of relevance. Parental supervision solves many suitability and appropriateness problems but it cannot solve relevance problems if there are.

For school kids or preschool kids, relevance is very important. For instance, if there’s no visual guide showing what to do, kids might not be able to enjoy it as expected. You should know what they do at school to bring them better toy gifts. However, you mustn’t always bring the same.

Relevance is also why we show you different types of best bead kits. You’ll find a relevant one to buy above.


The price must be affordable but it shouldn’t compromise the quality. Production of bead kids is nothing expensive. The manufactures won’t require artists or engineers for this. So, we expect affordable craft toys.


If you found a relevant, appropriate, affordable, and quality bead kit for jewelry making kits for kids, you should go for it and write your comments about it. Especially when the customers share their kids’ reactions to toys, it helps other parents a lot. We’ve shared the best picks so far. I hope we can improve the post as more contributions come from the readers and customers.

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