Is Homeschooling Actually Possible?

Many people are now more positive to apply to homeschool and science kits. Since the industrial revolution, governments all around the world saw schools as a sign of civilization. However, the 21st century brought us to a point that we do not sympathize schools.

Several respectable writers now say that schools blocked skills. In particular, Ivan Illich on ‘Deschooling’ made an excellent explanation about school systems. Yet he didn’t mention about homeschooling as a solution. Furthermore, if we compare visible attractiveness of lives, deschooling looks better. The best teachers do not like school systems.

It really depends on your specific life situations and conditions. Thus, it is hard to say whether homeschooling is good or bad.

Homeschooling is actually possible thanks to many things like science kits.

Why did they choose to homeschool?

Children can get a more one-on-one share with homeschooling. In addition, they still have their right to attend and use public school systems.

I want to make something clear. In one hand, people choose to homeschool by thinking. On the other hand, most people continue public schools without even considering. People have schools traditionally accepted.

There are many things to consider. For instance, the pros and cons sub-title will help a lot. Even if you do not have any intentions, you will have by the end of this article.

The educational system has fallen. Everyone knows it but there is not enough effort to change it. Actually, it is not just about effort. There is something like a chain reaction to keep it corrupted and no one is strong enough to change it. In other words, it is not just about money. Rather, it is about millions of other fictions people believe; accompanying money issues.

Pros and Cons

For some, educational systems offer great opportunities. Actually, some people can improve their abilities at school. However, it’s not more than 10% of people. Indeed, almost at every school, there are bright stars and losers. Even more, you can flashback to your own school years to understand this.

That system is still the same. Although they claim that they improved the schools, believe me, they are principally same. Consequently, 90% of school attendants become a loser somehow. In addition, that so-called successful %10 won’t be that happy. Most of them end up with syndromic problems caused by a lack of imagination. Even if they are strong with their imagination and creativity, they will be ruled by obedient and uncreative managers. So, schools systems ensure unhappiness.

Schools’ systems are also why deschooling won’t make a huge difference. I mean, even if you skip schooling, you still feel the result of schooling because of the construction of society.

Pros&Cons Chart of Homeschool

This chart shows the facts and some of my opinion. I’ve seen 6 different schools in 3 different countries. Indeed, I’ve seen thousands of students and parents. I’ll update when possible or if I realize something more in the future. Of course, there must be more to add. However, further research and further study require funds. So far, I’ve read every serious book on my sight. Similarly, I’ve attended hundreds of conferences about schooling.

The Chart

Parents care more about the child’s learningAdministrative duties require teaching skills.
Spending time with their kids feels better. Kids use their time more efficiently. Kids can be more appropriate for parents’ goals and beliefs.Parents have less time available for themselves.
Homeschooling makes perfection of some skills more possible.Homeschooling is more expensive. At least check some science kits to have some predictions.
Lesson plans can be varied betterPlanning requires dedicated parents.
The best teachers and experts can teach your kid in the subjects you choose with your kid. Every penny spent means something worthy.Coordinating with employed teachers and experts can be tiring.
Only the desired fun activities can occur.Fun events will be among strangers, not friends.
You can join schools later. Meanwhile, you can take part in clubs, sports, and arts. Parents are kids are free to go wherever they please.School requires attendance. Schools do not allow extended absences.
Planned socialization skills develop very well.Developing unplanned socialization skills is harder when homeschooling.
No bullying.Less peer learning.
Concentrating on learning results with awesome progress.Adaptive concentration won’t be required so it won’t be developed.
More chances to meet adults and valuable people.Having fewer friends can be annoying for some.
Real-life situations teach better. Almost everything is learned in the first-person perspectiveIf there is an awesome teacher at school, your kid won’t see him/her.
Learning freedom will make learning more meaningful.Understanding society will require another orientation lesson.
Learning with kids’ own pace is awesome. No falling behind, no unnecessary repetitions.Comparing self with others is harder. Homeschooling parents have to wait for opportunities to compare their kids’ progress with others. Schools can offer an instant comparison.
Parents can find groups of kids to stick. Their interests, abilities, and skills can be more accurate. They cannot provide it in government schools or public schools. In other words, you do not have to categorize your kid with same-age-limit.Finding related groups and checking whether they are appropriate requires a serious effort. Repeating for different groups can be really tiring.
Enables you to successfully follow dreams.Might lack structure whenever parents fail to impress.
Good for self-motivation.Not great for exterior motivation.
Easy to raise professionals.Hard to explain when people ask.

You should understand the chart correctly. Both of the sides are written for homeschooling. In other words, it is NOT a chart to compare homeschooling with traditional schooling.

If you insist on a comparison, we can tell about the price comparisons. Private schools are your most expensive choices. Homeschooling costs quite similar or a little less compared to private schools. Public schools are the cheapest, in fact almost free. For example, while homeschooling, you’ll sometimes hire teachers or use homeschool science kits or special toys. Meanwhile, private schools will always learn about your options to trick you with marketing techniques. They’ll tell you that they have coding lessons. However, when you look inside, they are not more efficient that your own coding robots for kids. Although there are unique private schools worth paying, it’s hard to find a place because of the long queues.

Alternative Schooling for Kids

Not much like homeschooling, there are virtual online schools. Even some schools use this alternative schooling to reinforce the complete-learning method. Lessons are mostly live but they also upload the video version of them. I inspected some of the systems. So, I can say that most of them need to improve recording techniques. Similarly, there are some serious exams taken online. The problem is that they are all easy to manipulate. Therefore, they cannot improve their systems to gain global respect.

You should know some current school systems which are serious and comparatively efficient

  • STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This model is based on a comprehensive curriculum. When they include arts, they call it STEAM.
  • IB: International Baccalaureate. The pre-university system is widely accepted.
  • PYP & MYP: These programs are primary and middle years programs. Made for pre-IB.

These are accepted programs by schools and education authorities. However, they just play their own trumpets. We can just call them better compared to other public systems. Still, the amount of money they ask might exceed their actual quality in most cases.

After all, you should know about these.


After all, I tried to keep as objective as possible. However, you might sense some tendency. In other words, I admit that I personally support deschooling. They ask me why I kept working at schools. Then, my short answer is ‘consequences, consequences!’. As a matter of fact, the long answer starts with telling the life conditions.

If you plan to play double-agent, it creates conflicts. In other words, if you feel like choosing a decent private school and reinforce with your additional effort, you’ll fail. At least, have a little pity for your children; do not force them to study 10 hours a day. The best question to ask yourself is am I really mentally and financially powerful enough to educate my kid on my own.

I’ve tried to be brief not to bore you. You should also read the writers who earned their majority like:

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