Indoor Activities with Children

Now that you can do the hard job of finding time to spend with the family, you can get some ideas.

Your time is the most valuable thing to give. So, you might take your kids to the parks, beaches, and etc. However, sometimes things happen that way and we have to keep at home. Then, we have to find an indoor solution to spend their energy. Of course, you might have some good ideas but reading further won’t hurt.

Add new things to add fun

The current things at home could be okay but if you want to make something special, you have to add things. You can either buy or use things at home to make a new playing environment. For all the following suggestions, this adding remains basic.

Building a fort or crafting vehicles

You can use big toys, chairs, and tables to build forts. It’s better if you have two or more children at home. They could be siblings or friends. Think like everyone has a fort-base. Some of them will be creative and others will be reflective. That can be a cooperative team effort, too. You can encourage them by starting to build yourself.

Couch cushions, blankets, and tables will be materials of your fort. You can slightly assist them in carrying. After building a fort, you can invent many other games requiring a fort. This can be finding hidden items and bring to the fort and many other things. Just sense the mood and throw some ideas. Even more, kids may come up with those ideas once you start an influence.

They might have many toys but if you create an airplane of paper, they’ll get more interested and try the same or similar things. Combined with building a fort, they’ll have a house and a vehicle.

You don’t have to buy things for it. Still, if you had jungle gyms, this activity would be slightly more entertaining. Having more parts than just tables and furniture would be good.

Obstacle courses like parkour running

Simply, start a timer with your watch or smartphone. Then, tell them that you keep the track. Ask them to complete per course! Share the results with them no matter what. Indeed, it doesn’t matter.

The more items you have in the course is the better. So, you can use cushions, tables, chairs, blankets to build obstacle courses at home. In addition, if you have a climbing toy, it adds fun to your corse. Similarly, a swing set can be a good time consumer in the course. For instance, imagine that they have to swing before they jump on a balance beam to walk without falling. Then they continue on gymnastic equipment. Just before reaching the final, you can place a basketball hoop. They score and finish the run. After all, check the time and show. They’ll want to try again for a better score. Indeed, they will get used to running in. Eventually, they’ll score better time records.

You can combine parkours with forts. Actually, you can imagine many things!

You’ll feel like preparing them for a CrossFit competition.


You can play scavenger hunt, lego hunt, color hunt, puzzle piece hunt games at home. All you need to do is to explain how you play.

Hide things in the house and ask them to find. Or, you do not hide anything. For instance, “find green colors at home”.

Miscellaneous games

You can play hide-and-seek if you are sure about safety at home. Indeed, most people do. I really do not have more words for hide-and-seek because I never liked that game.

Toys like board games and puzzles can provide good playtime. Although we feel like electronic devices are better anymore, board games are still fun for some kids. I mean, the time has changed but Monopoly, Candyland, and Clue could resist. At first, they might not be interested. You can grow their interest by playing in front of them. Believe me, they’ll want to join.

Actually, I wouldn’t understand why people still play those board games without smartphones or computers. Similarly, many people might guess that many games are replaced by board games and puzzles. However, the traditional way of playing board games and puzzle games without computers is much more common. For instance, there are great Tabuu Apps for smartphones but people still play it the old way.


You can make up a unique story as I mentioned above. I mean, give meaning to the things around. Then, you get feedback from children. Of course, they won’t sit like ‘parents got talent jury’. Their feedback is their facial expressions and behavior. After, you add or remove things from your games at home. Finally, you’ll have a great playtime with your child or children.

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