How to define best web protection software for your kids

Xbox, PlayStation and more commonly, personal computers are like toys for kids. Computers weren’t built to be toys of kids but who cares. They do play now! In most of the developed countries, we actually ask them to research online. We all agree that the world wide web is not only consisted of funny cat videos and useful info.

Let’s first define what should the best web protection for kids should include. The term also widely used as parental control software.

Parental Guidance Software Should Include:

  • Multiple Profiles Feature

    Such a feature is very important if you have two or more kids. Regardless, even if you have only one kid, you should still choose to have different user settings. Eventually, you’ll be able to log-in the user you set for study time and another user you set for kid’s free time.

  • Content filtering

    This is also essential to my point of view. You wouldn’t like to ban the whole content but filter it in some cases. For instance, imagine a perfect movie and it has some nude scenes which are not important to the content at all. They sometimes filter or cut those scenes. Just like the TV versions of movies, you can filter and use it as a kid version of an important page. A content filter allows you to protect your kids without looking annoyingly protective.

  • HTTPS filtering

    Meant for general security. You might detect fraud easily but this filtering is pretty useful when you are not around.

  • Access scheduling

    is an amazing feature for parental control software. When you make an agreement with the kid, you can schedule these together. So, everyone knows what to do when, happy!

  • Social Network Monitoring

    This is very important because of Instagram frauds use the application as the transpassing method. For example, it is very unrelated to kids but the system is the same. The live function of Instagram could be used to broadcast football matches which would almost be impossible for filtered websites.

  • Remote Management

Parent Skills in Our Age

Above I mentioned about the skills of a good kids web protection software. It was pretty intended because after reading them, parent skills in our age will be better understood.

Keep telling about our time without computers, they won’t truly perceive a world without smartphones, computers and other techno gadgets. They were born into it and we need to understand the age to be useful to them. Many parents misunderstand the fact of protection and they cause their kids to be ignorant or too sensitive.

You have to put your communication skills with software skills together. You should provide an agreement to your kid. However, they cannot rule the family with your agreements. Only set the rules you can really apply. Rules with flaws are not good. So, if you set up some internet-use-rules, you must do your best to make it work.

As a teacher of elementary and secondary schools, I’ve seen thousands of kids and parents. We can write pages of books on this subject. Respectively, I tried to give the core idea on it.

A parent should know how the human brain works, how the current world wide web works, how schools work. You may not be able to make a new profession nor we expect so. However, it won’t kill to learn about the basics of these.

Basic Usage of a Parental Control Software

The best knowledge of usage starts when choosing the product. I mean, if you know about the features I mentioned above, you’ll shape the usage in your mind.

To learn on the act, set up the compatible software on your device. Use the wizard but at least read the details here. You’ll learn really fast because these are very parent-friendly. They develop software and they are really aware of their target population.

If the software seems difficult for you, please find our reviews on the particular software.

Until you learn to use better, try using with the standard choices and default options. Try to set up the remote notification if you had to leave.

The Advanced Features

You rock if you are intending to use at this level. This is for the parents who want their kid to be free until the edges. You will certainly use many advanced features to do so. You must have chosen a very good software.

Imagine content which has some bad things. If the content has many things useful despite some cracks, you can use the real-time filterer for the kids. I will wait like 4 seconds to browse the page and will block the cracks. Setting such a filter up is not too hard nowadays. The cloud is going on learning and while you are reading these, the system is really getting better.  Regarding the development factor, the software with more users will always be one step ahead unless the competitors come up with real upgrades. However, no matter how many more users they had, the software developers without innovation fall behind in time.

To conclude, you should consider the features of the software you are about to buy as much as the nature of your kids.

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