Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone Review

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Xylophone Wooden Toy


  • It has two different color options including; yellow and red!
  • Your baby will enjoy the sounds the product make!
  • Pound and make noises! It’s so simple and fun!
  • It’s suitable for ages between 12 months and 3 years old.
  • Xylophone materials provide easy sliding for better playing experience.
  • Other parts made of hundred percent wood, doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients at all!
  • This toy is wooden and color parts have water-based inks.

There are different types of play style for it. For instance, kids can hit the balls with the mallet. Then, it drops inside and make musical sounds.

You can slide out the colorful music pad. Each color causes different tunes. It’s a joy to play.

This kind of products is really great. They improve the motor skills of children with ease. This toy is also really fun and easy to play! All your kid have to do is hit the colored balls on the top! You can also easily teach a few colors to your kid with this simple wooden toy! You can play various teaching games with it! Since the toy makes different kind of noises your kid is going to fall in love with this product!

Why should you buy it?

I can definitely suggest this musical toy to parents who want to play with their children in their spare time! The balls also can be played separately which is a cool function. Hape company is really great when it comes to replacing broken parts. As you know, the xylophone part of the balls can get broken. In one case, the company instantly replaced the balls with a new one. I can definitely suggest this one if you are looking for a good wooden toy for your children. You can also read about the best wooden toys in this post. 

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