10 Best Hair Dye Chalks for Kids in 2020

Hair dyes are pretty standard nowadays. Most of the kids want these beautiful gifts for their birthday parties and special occasions. In this article, we inspected ten different hair dye chalks for kids. You can also find a section below this article, which is about “How to Pick Best Hair Dye Chalk for Kids?”. You can jump straight into that section if you want to learn about the products and how to pick the best one. I’ve listed the top sellers and reviewed them for you. You can buy one of these hair dye chalks for kids instantly if you don’t want to read all of the research!

Top Hair Dye Kits for Kids

These are the top seller hair dye kits for kids in the market right now. These products are preferred by most of the parents and have plenty of information about them. You can also check the comparison table below if you don’t want to spend time.





GirlZone Hair Chalk Set For Girls


  • The set comes with ten different colors, and all of them are attractive!
  • This one is the best seller in the category. Most of the parents are satisfied with the quality of the product!
  • A single pen can be used for 80 applications, which makes the product extra valuable.
  • You can use the product for a long time because of the material quality!
  • The set comes with five vibrant and five metallic colors. The colors are perfect for any situation.
  • Your kid can easily express their creativity with this beautiful set. The colors are perfect to use for different kinds of occasions, which will improve the creativity of the kid!
  • The ingredients are a hundred percent safe and easy to use!

The set is suitable for kids above four years of age! The quality of the product is perfect, and the price is reasonable. If you are looking for the best hair dye chalk for kids, you can prefer this one!

XIMU 12 Color Hair Chalk

  • The materials are non-toxic and non-allergenic. They are also water-soluble, which makes the cleaning extra easy!
  • The product is safe for kids and pets.
  • The roll-up design of the chalks is excellent for preventing mess. If you have a naughty kid, you can still prefer these. The set will not cause any stain on your kid’s hands!
  • The hair chalk set includes a comb as a gift, which makes the application process easier! You can also mix different colors in it to get new colors!
  • The set is durable, like the one above. It can be used for over 80 applications.
  • The price is perfect for 12 pieces.

The additional comb is excellent for mixing the colors. Your kid can easily create their colors, which will improve the creativity and decision making of the kid! The set also has the quality, which is a plus!


VSADEY 12 Color Hair Chalk for Girls

  • This one is a hair dye comb package for kids. The set is the biggest comb packet in the market.
  • The colors are vibrant, which will attract the kids! You can also mix the colors individually, which is a huge plus!
  • The comb design makes the application process easier for the parents. It’s also great for kids so that they won’t leave any stain on their hands!
  • The materials are washable with a simple shampoo. You don’t have to pay for additional products which save you some money in the long run!
  • The darker hairs will have problems with the coloring process. You have to apply water spray before you make any application on them. If your kid has lighter hair, the product works flawlessly!

The set is suitable for girls above three years of age! It also has the quality you are looking for. You won’t regret this purchase.


  • The hair colors are easy to use. They can change the hair color of the kids instantly!
  • The price is average for six different colors. The color quality is also excellent compared to other ones in the market!
  • The comb design is perfect for kids. They can keep their hands clean during the playtime!
  • The hair chalk is made of FDA approved materials, which is perfect for the kids! You have to be careful about the safety of the kids!
  • The colors can be cleaned easily with standard shampoos and water. This is effective in keeping your kids clean and safe.
  • The colors are pretty vibrant, which is attractive to the kids!

The colors can be mixed, which is a huge plus. You are going to get more than six colors, which increases the value of the product. The company has a money-back guarantee, which might be useful if you are concerned about the quality!

Hair Chalk – Temporary Bright Color Set

  • The set comes with 12 different colors.
  • You can use the set for different occasions like birthdays and Halloween.
  • The materials are safe to use, and you can easily clean them out.
  • The set is suitable for kids above eight years of age.
  • The hair chalk set comes in a box that can be used as a gift. You have to cover it up.

This set comes with a money-back guarantee, which is a huge plus. It’s an essential level product for parents who are looking to dye their kid’s hair. You can use it without hesitation, but there are better products on the market!

Hair Dye Chalk Comb Temporary Color for Kids

  • This set has the quality you are looking for.
  • The price is a little bit expensive compared to other sets in the market!
  • It’s so easy to use because the set comes with combs. Your kid can change their hair color within seconds!
  • The set has Silver Gray, Dark Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Bronze, Rose Red, Purple, Green, Cyan Green colors in it.
  • The product is suitable for different occasions like entertainment parties, children’s activity, etc.
  • The hair comb set is suitable for kids above three years of age!
  • The product is easy to clean. It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients at all. FDA approved.

The combs are lightweight and compact, which makes them great for little trips. They have a length of 4 inches, which is small. Your kid can change the hair color within seconds, which makes them extra valuable. If you are looking for a mid-end product, you can prefer these!

ALEX Spa Ombre Hair FX

  • The set comes with three hair colors.
  • The number of colors is really low, but the quality is perfect.
  • The set is perfect for little parties of sleepover nights!
  • The hair dye kit is suitable for eight years of age.
  • The set comes with hair chalk applications. The spray and other materials are so easy to use.

The price could be lower for three color options. However, the product has quality. If you are looking for more realistic colors, you can try this one!

KC Republic Hair Chalk for Girls

  • The hair chalks are scented, which makes them extra attractive for the kids.
  • The scent of the hair chalks probably added more cost to the product, so it has a higher price compared to other ones.
  • The applicator stix is excellent for a clean application. Your kid won’t cause any mess while using this product!
  • This product works flawlessly for dark hair. If your kid has dark hair, you should prefer this one!
  • The set is pretty easy to clear with a pure shampoo.

If you are looking for a high-quality hair dye kit for kids, you should prefer these. The chalks are also scented, which makes them attractive for the kids!

Kids Jumbo Hair Chalk Pens Temporary Washable

  • The set is a price-performance product if you have compared its price to the other products!
  • The chalks are works by twisting, which will prevent extra mess on your kid’s hands!
  • The hair dyes can be applied to wet or dry hair. If your kid has darker hair colors, you should use the colors when the hair is wet!
  • The set comes with five vibrant colors, five metallic colors, and three glitters.

If you are looking for a complete set, you should buy this product. It has all of the colors you are looking for, and it also has the glitters, which is a huge plus! The price of the product is also reasonable.

Maydear Hair Chalk Powder-Washable Hair Color Safe for Kids

  • There are different colors on the sales page. You can pick from four different packages on the sales page.
  • The economy package is excellent if you are looking to save some money!
  • The colors are vibrant for the kids, and they can be applied almost instantly!
  • The set can be used for any occasion.
  • The product is FDA approved.

You can use the colors invidiually or mix them according to your kid’s needs. The material quality is perfect, and the sales page has more options for your other essentials!

How to Pick Best Hair Dye Chalk for Kids?

There are a few factors you need to be careful about if you want to find the best product possible. These factors can be listed as “Material quality, set size and colors, price.” Safety is a big concern when it comes to coloring products. This is a pretty primary factor, so I didn’t list it here. You have to buy products which are not harmful to your kid’s health. Let’s look at these factors and learn about the differences between the hair dye kits for kids.

Material Quality

The material quality of the products is generally the same. There are high-quality products in the market which cost more than usual. These products have smaller package sizes, but their quality is better. If you are looking for a little sample of colors, you can prefer these small sets. If you are looking for quantity, you should go with bigger sets, but they have lesser quality. However, most of the products have similar quality compared to each other. If you are concerned about the quality, you should pay more than a dollar for one piece of hair chalk!

Set Size and Colors

There are sets smaller as three pieces, which are not very usable. Most of the hair dye sets for kids have pieces between 6 and 12. If you are looking for a variety, you should buy the sets of over 10 ten colors. Most of the time, colors can be mixed, which makes the product extra valuable. If your kid gets easily bored, you should look into bigger sets, which will keep your kid busy longer than others.

You should also check the colors before you make the purchase. The colors should be suitable for your kid’s preferences, which will make the product more useful. If your kid likes vibrant colors, you should never buy metallic colors, which will bore your kid effortlessly!


The price of the products is generally close to each other. There are no well-known brands in the market which causes this. Most of the products are made in China and imported into the USA. If you are looking for a high-quality product, you should pay more than one dollar for a hair dye chalk!

Hair Combs or Chalks

There are two types of hair dyes when it comes to kids! You can use the hair chalks if you have a big kid who knows what they are doing. These are more practical and last longer than comb versions. You will get more dye applications for your money. However, if you have a kid who doesn’t work clean, you should prefer hair combs. They are accessible to applicate and will not cause any mess. The combs are suitable for little kids who have problems with clean work. You can also easily applicate combs to your kid, which makes them a good option. Bigger kids will be more likely to use chalks since they have better motor skills!

Some hair dye kits don’t work for darker hair colors. You have to read the product descriptions and customer reviews to avoid this. I’ve listed the ones which work perfectly with dark hairs so you won’t have this problem. If your kid has a lighter hair color, you won’t have any issues at all!


The factors are pretty straightforward for any parent out there. You have to determine who you are going to buy the hair dye so you will have a successful purchase. You have to make sure the hair dye chalks for kids you are buying doesn’t have anything harmful for kids. The products should be FDA approved if you don’t want to have any problems. My comparison list has the best products in the market, and you can be sure about their quality. If you have any questions feel free to leave comments below!

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