14 Best Fort Building Kits for Kids in 2020

Fort building kits for kids are beneficial when it comes to promoting fun and learning experience for them. These kits are useful for most situations. First of all, they can keep your kid busy for hours, which is essential. Your kid can learn to build new things with their friends with these simple kits! There are different versions of them in the market. You should think about your kid’s skill level and make your choice according to that. You can easily find a fort building kit for kids since there are too many in the market. However, I’m going to share the best ones here so you can make a decision!

Top Sellers





Crazy Forts, Purple, 69 pieces

  • I like the unique building toys when it comes to improving the kid’s creativity and imagination.
  • This is a great toy which can create a different type of buildings. Your kid can quickly build a cave, igloo, or pirate ship with ease.
  • The fort building kit comes with instructions that make it perfect for little kids!
  • The pieces are effortless to put together thanks to their design.
  • The materials are durable and high-quality.
  • The set is easy to complete, thanks to the instructions in it!
  • You might get a second set if your kid wants to build more prominent buildings!

If you are looking for a basic fort building kit which provides lots of fun, you can prefer this one! It comes with everything your kid needs!

Lakeshore Ultimate Fort Builder

  • This one is high-quality compared to other fort building kits in this article. The material quality is top-notch.
  • The design is pretty strong, and the pieces are straightforward to snap together. They can hold a decent amount of weight, which is great for creating castles and other staff for the kids.
  • The poles are extra sturdy, which makes them great for more significant projects. Some parents can even build two-layered buildings.
  • You can cover up your fort with blankets or sheets thanks to heavy design poles!
  • The step-by-step guide is easy to understand. Most of the kids can easily do their projects with this one!
  • The poles are 16 inches long, which makes them average. The set is suitable for kids between 4 and 11 years of age!

IF you want a high-quality fort building kit for kids, you should try out this one immediately! It’s great for kid groups, which makes them the perfect choice for any gathering! I vouch for this one!

Funphix 77 Pc Fort Building Kit

  • This will make you remember the old days. It’s so easy to build a fortress with this one!
  • The sticks glow in the dark, which makes them pretty fun for the kids!
  • It will create a magical environment for your kid, thanks to glowing sticks.
  • The set is 77 pieces large, which is the perfect amount for kids.
  • This one is great for teamwork and small projects.
  • The assembling part is harder compared to other ones. Some customers reported that pieces are hard to put together. If you can supervise your kid during the playtime, this one will be great. However, the kids might have a problem with this one!

If you are looking for a fort building kit with standard quality, this one can work well. It’s a great alternative thanks to glow in the dark function!

Everest Toys Crazy Forts, Glow in the Dark

  • Another glow in the dark fort building kit for kids!
  • This toy is pretty unique and high-quality compared to the other one!
  • This one has better quality compared to the one above!
  • It can carry bed sheets and blankets without any problems.
  • The guide is pretty clear; it allows your kid to create castles, houses, or tents without any problems!
  • The 69 pieces are pretty enough. However, you can buy a second set if you want to!

I suggest this one if you are looking for a better glow in the dark set. This one is better compared to the one above! It’s highly recommended!

Blaster Boards Kids Fort Building Kit for Nerf Wars – Creative Play

  • This one is great if your kid is interested in nerf wars. It works pretty well for small wars!
  • The parties will be better with this one! Your kid can build a different fortress with this one!
  • The building is pretty fun for any age. However, I suggest this fort building kit for bigger kids.
  • The stacks are pretty easy to put together. Even toddlers can do it; it doesn’t require too much effort. However, they are pretty solid, in my opinion.
  • The educational process of the kit is also perfect. Your kid can create a shield-wall. However, they want it!
  • The set comes with 184 pieces, which is pretty good.

The price might be high compared to other fort building kits. However, this one has different functions. It can act as a shield during a nerf war, which makes it different from other fort building kits in the market!

PicassoTiles Kids Fort Building Playset 72 Piece

  • I’ve to admit this one provides better learning opportunities because connectors are colored differently. This allows your kid to think more complex, which provides for better buildings.
  • The material quality is reasonable. However, it’s perfect for the price.
  • It’s excellent for steam learning, which makes the process much easier for the kids!
  • Your kid can build significant buildings with this one! If you have a secondary set, it will be better.
  • You can use this one for little parties or gatherings.

This one is great if you are looking for an alternative. It also has a reasonable price, which makes it extra tasty!

Straw Constructor STEM Building Toys 300 pcs-Colorful Interlocking Plastic Engineering Toys

  • This not exactly a fort building kit, but it works effectively.
  • Your kid can build small buildings with this one!
  • They can even build tents or castles thanks to the grand design of the product!
  • The set comes with 300 pieces, and the pieces look perfect. They have bright and vibrant colors, which makes them ideal for little kids!
  • It’s suitable for kids above three years of age!
  • It doesn’t contain any BPA or harmful products at all!

If you want an alternative for your kid, you can try out this one! It works well for small groups. You can create smart parties with this one!

Original Crazy Forts 69 Piece Set

  • The product is imported from China.
  • The price of the toy is excellent compared to other fort building kits on the market.
  • It comes with the glow in the dark balls. These balls help you to connect the pieces of the forts!
  • The balls will grow for hours, which will provide the fun for your kids!
  • You should use the bedsheets and complete the forts for your kid.
  • The materials are pretty durable and lightweight.

If you are looking for an original product that works quite well, you can try this one out!

Power Your Fun Fort Building Kits for Kids

  • Your kid has endless opportunities to create whatever he or she wants. This fort kid comes with 81 pieces, which allow your kid to express thyself fully!
  • The product comes with 52 connecting rods and 29 multilink spheres.
  • It’s made with safe materials. The product doesn’t contain any bpa at all!
  • The color of the fort building kit looks great in real life. It’s bright and shiny, which attracts the kids!
  • However, the quality of the product could be a little bit better. Connection parts seem to have problems! Putting together them is really hard. You have to watch your kids during playtime. If you have bigger kids, you won’t have problems since it’s sturdy and durable. However, if you want to buy this one for little kids, you must look at other products!

Matchaccino Construction Fort Building Kit

  • You can prefer this fort building kit for kids if you are looking to have different alternatives. It has three different designs on the sales page. You can also pick the glow in the dark version!
  • The product has the necessary amount of pieces. It comes with 28 geometric balls and 49 sticks!
  • The sticks could be better, but they are still perfect for the price you are paying!
  • This product is excellent for sparking the creativity of your kid. It comes with instructions that are pretty clear to follow for any kid!
  • It’s suitable for kids above five years of age.
  • If you are looking for a price-performance product, you can prefer this one!

Funphix Fort 154 Pc Set for Supersized Glow in The Dark Fort Building

  • This one can work quite well if you are looking for a more significant set.
  • It allows your kid to build elaborate forts thanks to different connection balls.
  • The instructions might be hard for some kids. However, this product allows for teamwork, which separates it from the others.
  • If you want to provide the kids with some challenges, this one can work quite well. It will also improve the social skills of the kid group, which is excellent!

Funphix Deluxe 296 Piece Construction Toy Set

  • This one is perfect for toddlers and kids. It’s suitable for kids between 2 and 12 years of age.
  • The product comes with instructions that allow your kid to create a variety of forts!
  • The fort building comes with a total of 296 pieces, which is the highest amount I see.
  • It comes with connectors, tubes, panels, keys, and screws. These things allow for a wide variety of creations!
  • The assembling process is pretty easy, which can be done by any kid.
  • You can use this one both indoors and outdoors!

Fantasy Fort Kit Pretend Play Construction Building Set

  • This fort building kit is different compared to other ones because it comes with wooden panels.
  • It doesn’t contain anything harmful to your kid, which makes it a great alternative.
  • The product comes with 32 pieces of wooden panels.
  • Each panel is 22×22 inches, which allows for prominent forts to built!
  • The cartoon building clips are perfect for building two-story forts!
  • This is also great for stem learning, which makes it’s an excellent alternative for parents.
  • If you are looking for a high-quality fort building kit for kids, you can prefer this one!

HearthSong 32-Piece Chalkboard Fantasy Fort Indoor Building Kit

  • The fort building kit is made of high quality 32 panels, which allow for different creations!
  • The square cardboard panels are 22 inches, which makes them perfect for building cubes!
  • The panels can be connected with hoop and loop links.
  • Your kids can get creative quickly, thanks to chalkboard finishes on the panels.
  • The panels are great for improving your kid’s art and creativity.
  • The chalks can be cleaned easily, which makes it even better!
  • If you are looking for an all-in-one product, you should buy this one!

How to Pick Best Fort Building Kits for Kids?

There are a couple of things you need to be careful about before you make your decision to buy fort building kits for kids. These things are pretty simple, and you will have an easy time if you read all of my tips. These factors can be listed as price, material quality, number of pieces, instructions book. I will scrutinize these factors, so you can have an idea of what you can buy for your kid!


The price of the fort buildings for kids is pretty close to each other. However, some high-quality products have an increased price rate compared to other ones. If you are looking for a high-quality fort building kit, you should spend more than fifty dollars, in my opinion. However, there are some excellent products below that price rate. You can check the last product on the list if you are looking for a price-performance product!


The design of the fort building kits is essential. The materials should connect with ease, and they should not cause any problems at all. Some kits are hard for kids. Adults also have issues with attaching them. You have to make sure the materials are high-quality and connect well with each other.

Glowing sticks are another option when it comes to fort kits. These will be attractive for any kid out there because of their function. You can also pick the color of the sticks if bright colors attract your kid.

Material Quality

The material quality of the product will vary a lot. You should be careful before you make your purchase. The material quality of the import products is pretty good, in my opinion. You can try them anytime you want. You should also read the customer reviews if you’re going to get the best product possible. If you are looking for a high-quality product, you can pick the top two products since they have adequate quality for most of the parents.

The material quality of the poles varies a lot, which affects the kid’s playing experience. The poles should be lightweight, but they should support a good amount of weight at the same time. Some low-quality fort building kits can’t even carry a bed sheet on them, which is disappointing for the kids.

You need to check out the material of the poles so you can be sure about the quality of it. PVC ones are perfect, but they are not used by many companies. You can easily find ones that are made of plastic. You need to check out the customer reviews see if they can carry the weight!

The connection parts of the fort building kits are also highly valuable. You need to check if your kid can use it without any problems at all. Some parts are tough to connect. Some kits are also suitable for bigger kits, which makes the connection process harder!

Number of Pieces

Most of the fort building kits have pieces around 50-60. You should be looking for products with higher amounts of pieces per package. This is especially important if your kid is going to play the kit with their friends. You can also buy two kits, which will increase the number of kits. This is important if you are looking to buy the equipment for group activities!

The size of the poles is really important, in my opinion. Smaller poles allow for more complex buildings, and they will more durable compared to other ones. They can also carry a lot more weight compared to longer models. Most of the poles have a length between 15 and 20 inches, which is the standard!

You should also check how many pieces the kit has. This is important if you are buying the equipment for group activities! You can also buy two or more sets if you want more pieces!

Instructions Book

The instructions books should have enough details. Most of the instructions books are not suitable for little kids! The instructions book is pretty important because it will allow your kid to build different buildings with the kid. If you don’t have any clue about the kits, you should be buying a kit with a detailed instructions book.


Fort building kits are great for any kid out there. If you are thinking about improving your kid’s thinking ability and problem-solving skills, these kits are the perfect answer. However, they are not suitable for little kids. If you are going to supervise your kid during the playing process, they can be a viable option. You should read all of the tips I’ve listed here and picked the best possible one for your kid.

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