11 Best Forensic Kits for Kids in 2020

Forensic kits for kids are a great way to pass the time for kids. They are also useful for improving the problem solving and imagination skills of the kid. If your kid is into this type of toy, you should try them out! There are a dozen of products in the market, and most of them are perfectly suitable for the kids. However, there are some little differences between the products.

Top Seller Forensic Kits for Kids

Scientific Explorer Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit Kids

  • There two mysteries in this forensic kit. Your kid can complete eight different separate activities that are designed to improve the analyzing and decoding skills of your kid!
  • Each activity will force your kid to think like a detective. This game is also great to play with your kid. If you are looking for a spare time activity, this is a good one in many ways!
  • The toy kit is suitable for kids above eight years of age!
  • The set Includes baking soda, citric acid, flour, suspect cards, ph strips, filters, cups, markers, bags, a decoder, cylinder, test tube, cap, painting.
  • If you are looking for a high-quality beginner forensic kit for kids, you should try out this one!

Alex Undercover Spy Case Detective Gear Set Kids Spy Kit

  • This spy case is perfect for continually traveling parents. It’s an excellent set if you want your kid to carry around all of his stuff in just one bag!
  • The toy is the winner of the dr toy’s best vacation products award.
  • The set comes with a case, ink pad, binoculars, and a flashlight. It also has a magnifying glass, brush, fingerprint powder, marker pen set, code files with booklet, and batteries.
  • The forensic kit is suitable for kids above eight years of age.

MindWare Science Academy Detective lab

  • This toy is graet for teaching the basics of forensics. It’s a great toy to improve the critical thinking and analyzing skills of your kid.
  • The experiments are safe and fun for the kids. It will improve the problem solving and creativity of your kid!
  • The set will teach your kid about pH level and chromatography.
  • Your kid will feel like a forensic detective with this one! The set is great for teaching how to lift and compare the fingerprints. It’s excellent to improve visual skills and comparing the ability of your kid!
  • This company also produces other science kits so you can buy all of them in one place!
  • The set comes with everything you need, and it’s suitable for kids above eight years of age!

Crime Scene Forensic Science Kit

  • If your kid is serious about this detective thing, you should think about this toy!
  • The story in this toy is crazy, and it requires the utmost attention of your kid!
  • The set comes with actual forensic tests you can use. It will show your kid the evidence which will help your kid to solve the mysteries!
  • The set contains fingerprint examplers from suspects, which is fun to solve!
  • It also has bloodstain for your kid to test(synthetic blood).
  • If you are going to buy this kit for kids, make sure your kid suits the age limit. It’s recommended for kids above 16 years of age!

Ravensburger Science X CSI Crime Scene Investigation Activity Kit

  • There 12 different science activities which are perfectly suitable for the kids!
  • The set combines science with fun, which increases the learning for the kids!
  • The projects are easy enough for most of the kids. Your kid can quickly solve them by themselves if the kid is above 12 years of age.
  • The set is suitable for kids above eight years of age!
  • The materials are pretty easy to use, and the set also has perfect illustrations!

4M Spy Science Secret Messages Kit

  • One of the cheapest kits out there. You can try out this one if your kid is just starting!
  • Beginner forensic kits introduce the crime world to the kids! Spy world practices are commonly liked by the kids, and this one is a great way to start your kids to the forensics!
  • There are eight different forensic tools included in the package. The set comes with everything your kid needs! It includes Super Spy Journal, X-ray Secret Notes, White Invisible Message Writer Pen, Black Message Developer, Secret Code Library, Morse Code Shutter Torch, Cypher Wheel, and Super Spy ID Card.
  • 4M is a good brand that produces wide ranges of toys, so this one probably works fine too!


The Home Fusion Company Science Matters Fingerprint Kit

  • Another cheap alternative if your kid is just starting.
  • This forensic kit can only inspect the fingerprints, so keep that in mind!
  • Fingerprint kits for kids are the essential part of crime-solving mysteries!
  • This is great for amateur kids out there who are beginners!
  • Your kid can easily collect evidence inside your home and play role-play games with ease!
  • The set comes with fingerprint tape, brush and stamp pad, magnifying glass, case record card.

Thames and Kosmos Fingerprint Detective

  • Another beginner fingerprint set which is excellent for collecting fingerprints.
  • Suitable for beginners who are looking to learn more about scientific investigations.
  • Your kid can easily use the black powder to dust for fingerprints.
  • This one can be an alternative to the one above. However, the quality is not that great.

SmartLab Toys Science Lab

  • This set is more pleasing on the eye. Most of the kids will love the design of this set because it’s colorful and educational at the same time.
  • If you want your kids to have fun and educate themselves at the same time, you can try this one!
  • It’s great for children of all ages.
  • There is a microscope and four evidence vials in the set, which is great for scientific crime investigation.
  • UV scanner and tweezers are perfect for little details.
  • There are eight pieces of evidence and evidence test sheets.
  • Three suspect sheets to be filled out by your kid. You can easily play roleplaying games with your kid!
  • The forensic kit contains 40 full-color pages that look pretty.
  • The quality of the product could be better, but it still does its job and looks pretty fun.

Alex Super Sleuth Kit Kids Spy Kit

  • One of the best spy kits out there for kids. The set comes with everything your kid needs.
  • It will teach your kid how to be a detective efficiently!
  • It will build academic skills through observation. The set is also great for improving creative reasoning, which is crucial for solving mysteries!
  • The set allows your kid to create composite IDs and take fingerprints from anywhere.
  • The magnifying glass works pretty well, and it can be used for other roleplaying games! The set also comes with items like fingerprint supplies, rearview spy glasses, secret markers, flashlight with batteries, code sets, and easy instructions.
  • The instructions are pretty easy to understand, and it’s suitable for kids above eight years of age.
  • If you are looking for the best forensic kits for kids, this one can work pretty well!

Minini Detective Training Camp latent Fingerprint kit

  • This set is perfect for the kids because it comes with a couple of role-playing elements. The glasses are pretty funky, and it will turn your kid into a detective instantly!
  • It’s so easy to collect evidence and help your kid with the investigation!
  • You can take fingerprints from any scene, and this is great for the kids. You can increase the socializing in your house without anything else!
  • It can also take the criminal’s footprint, which separates this kit from the other ones!
  • The instructions are pretty clear; if you can teach your kid how to use the kit, it’s pretty fun and entertaining!

How to Pick Best Forensics Kits for Kids?

Forensic kits for kids are pretty good for developing problem-solving and imagination skills. They will also be helpful for creative thinking because some problems require that skill too. You can also improve your parent-child time with these simple toys. They pretty easy to use if your kid has adequate age for the toy. However, there are a couple of factors that affect the purchase process. These factors can be listed as material quality, kit size, price, age, and value. Every set has different functions, so you will be better off if you know these factors!

Material Quality

The material quality of the products is generally the same. However, the fingerprint kits have some quality differences between them. Most of the fingerprint papers can get torn up pretty quickly. This can affect the durability of the kid if you have an anxious kid! This won’t cause problems if you have a slow and calm kid. Some kits need to be used with proper care. Make sure you think about this before you purchase the set!


Most of the forensic kits for kids have a cost of around twenty dollars. Some smaller kits have a lower price compared to this. If you want a high-quality product, you should pay more than twenty bucks, in my opinion.

The kit’s size can also affect the price. There are some bigger kits out there which have higher costs compared to other ones. You have to determine your needs and make your purchase according to that.

Kit Size

The kit size is significant, in my opinion. If your kid is really into the science and forensics world, you can start with bigger kits! These kits will last longer compared to the standard one, and they provide better value. Your kid can use the equipment for a long time because it will have more materials in it! Most of these sets can be used in a short time frame, so this is also important!


The skill and age level of the kid is critical. The forensics kit should be suitable for the kid’s skill and age level. If you have to buy something too hard for your kid, it will only cause problems. You have to make sure your kid can easily understand the instructions and apply them without any issues at all.


Every forensic kit has different materials in them. Most of the sets have fingerprint kits, and this is pretty common. However, if you want more benefits from the equipment, you should be checking out for more items.

If you are into roleplaying games, you should be looking for sets with glasses, binoculars, and other items. This will make sure you can increase the time spent with your kid.

Some forensic kits for kids also have other items that allow the set to be played by more than two people. This is great for socializing, and it will enable other kids to engage in the situation!


There are different types of forensic kits for kids in the market, and every one is suitable for kids, in my opinion. However, you have to determine the skills of your kid and make your purchase according to that. You have to make sure you are starting a kit suitable for beginners. You should never get a forensic kit for kids that’s too hard to use. If you have no idea what you are looking for, you should check the comparison table at the top!

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