Best Fishing Toys for Kids in 2019

We composed the best options for fishing toys for kids in the market for you in 2017, and we updated the post in 2018 and 2019 again. Fishing games are generally suitable for developing hand-eye coordination skills. In addition, they are pretty enjoyable and keeps the kids engaged in beneficial playtime. Most of them easy to carry for travel situations; however, there are some bigger scale sets.

To reinforce the imagination and education with excitement in a fishing concept, the following toys can be your best options available. Some of these also can function as bath toys.

CozyBomB Fishing Game Toys Mega SetCozyBomb Fishing Toys for Kids 20198,6
PRESSMAN TOYS Let's Go Fishin'

Tolo Toys Funtime Fishing Bath Toy
Learning Resources Fishing Set
Lakeshore Magnetic Fishing Set
O-Toys 67 Pieces Fishing Toy Bath Magnetic Toys
Agooding Magnetic Fishing Playset

Updated Reviews of the Best Fishing Toys for Kids

2019 Upgrade of CozyBomB Fishing Game Toys Mega Set

CozyBomb Fishing Toys for Kids 2019

This mega fishing toy set for kids includes 57 very colorful pieces. While 46 of them represent fishing species. Combining, there are three poles, three nets, a-24-inch pool, a repair kit, an instruction card, and a draw-string bag in the pack.

The quality of the materials and greatness of the design make it the editor’s choice here as the materials are very durable and safe for kids. The seller and the manufacturer are straightforward going for the customers in warranty and replacement situations.

The extra poles make it usable by multiple players at the same time. So, it allows several kids to engage in social playtime as well. Color recognition, hand-eye coordination, and learning the name and looks of some sea species are great incomes. In addition to these, CozyBomb’s Fishing toy for kids is a multi-functioning set for several places. For instance, parents can let their kids enjoy the bathtime, beach, and pools with this toy in addition to standard rooms. The waterproof and water-friendly parts are stainless and resilient, as well. Moreover, the fitting of magnets is perfect and durable.

The vast majority of the buyers are more than content with their purchase, which makes it easier to trust. The brand is getting a better fame day by day. Actually, it’s not a surprise because customer happiness brings fame and, correspondingly, income. It’s not easy to get above four stars with about a thousand reviews. One would expect this toy to have better star ratings of customer reviews. However, better star-rated products might only have 50 reviews. In other words, you should also check the quantity of the reviews while checking the score.

Stereoscopic Fishing toys for kids By Cozybomb are our editor's choice

The toys are 3D, and the material is not plastics. The roller of the poles is similar to real rods, and more interestingly, the sound is also very similar. With all these, this fishing bath toy for kids has a more educative style because of the proximity rule in pedagogy.

PRESSMAN TOYS Let’s Go Fishin’

non-magnetic Fishing toy for kids

It’s a classic fishing game, which you probably know. Pressman Let’s Go Fishin’ toy set comes with 21 different colored fishes! There are four rods, and  The product is high-quality for the price. It’s also tested for harmful materials, and it doesn’t contain any. It’s suitable for kids above four years of age! It can also be played by 1-4 players, which makes it great for group activities. The set also plays a song when you are playing, which is funny. You have to also buy batteries if you want to use the toy set.

The fishing principle is not with magnets. Fish open and close their mouths as the wheel spins. The enjoyable playstyle is the best pros of this fishing toy. On the other hand, parts require gentle touches.

The aim of the game is to catch as many fish as possible. There are twenty-one fish to place in the compartments. On top of the game base, there is a switch to turn on before starting playing. When you turn that on, it starts to spin, getting its power from a C cell. Players can compete or cooperate during the game. The rods can catch a fish a time. If you made it like a competition, you could count the amount of fish, to name a winner. Even adults might enjoy it! Up to four players can play it as long as they are above age 4.

Game cards of Fishing toy

I can suggest this product for parents who are looking for a fishing game for kids but don’t know what to buy. This game is classic, and it has too many playing options. Your kid can easily enjoy this set with his or her friend. They are definitely suggested!

Tolo Toys Funtime Fishing Bath Toy

This is an excellent set for toddlers. It’s also a fun and engaging bathroom activity for rowdy toddlers! It comes with three different colored fishes! It also has a reeling function, which is necessary for skill development. Your kid has to use two hands if he or she wants to catch the fish! Magnetic worm hooks look absolutely cute and stylish. The product is absolutely quality and made of high-quality plastic!

I really like the set because of the colors and quality of the product! The quality is excellent, and it’s better than %99 of the fishing products out there! The reel is absolutely cool. Your kid has to use it for proper fish catching. It will develop a kid’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination.



Liberty Imports Magnetic Light Up Fishing Bath Toy Set for Kids

Fishing toys for kids available in the bath

The product comes with five different colored fishes. The colors are bright and look incredibly cool. This set has a turtle in it. The turtles and fishes light up when they are caught! The fishing pole is around 15 inches, and it can extend up to 25 inches! This is a great beginner and cheap set. However, if you have the budget, I suggest you buy the one above.

The quality of this product is normal. You get what you pay for. It’s really cheap and does what it says. The fishes light up when they are caught. This will probably make your kid happy and enthusiastic about the toy!


Learning Resources Fishing Set

Fishing toys set for kids

This is a great set to play pretend play games. It includes all the things you can expect from a fishing toy set! Your kid can easily practice math skills with this set. You can play games like ordering fishes from big to small size. Your kid is going to catch fishes with the magnet attached to the rod. This is great for their safety, no hooks on the rod. The adjustable net should be suitable for kids between 2 to 5 years of age.

This set is fantastic; it all comes with all the equipment your kid is going to need. If your kid is a fan of fishing, you should definitely get this fishing toy for your kid. I definitely suggest this one!

Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy

This set comes with a magnetic fishing and three different underwater characters. The colors are really vibrant, as you can see. Characters float on the water for easy fishing for the kids. They don’t carry any mold because the products are really high-quality and air-tight. Great for developing hand-eye coordination of the small kids. This product is also BPA free, and it’s Made in CHINA.

If you have a toddler between 1 to 3 years of age, this set is definitely good for them. It’s the basic toy set with a magnet. There are also other products on the list, so it’s up to you!

Melissa & Doug Catch & Count Wooden Fishing Game

wooden fishing toys for kids

Wooden magnetic fishing game suitable for kids between 2 and 6 years of age. This set is exceptionally realistic and comes with a play mat. Your kid and a friend of the kid can play the game. This set will easily improve the social skills of your kid. Your kid has to use the reel on the fishing rod to catch fish. This will make it extra hard for your kid.

This set is great if your kid easily gets bored with normal fishing toy sets. It’s realistic, and your kid might have a hard time catching the fishes. It can be played with two people who will help to develop social skills. I can definitely suggest this one if your kid is between 2 and 6 years of age!


Lakeshore Magnetic Fishing Set

Lakeshore magnetic fishing set comes with four different rods, and it includes 16 different colored magnetic fishes. The fishes are generally two to three inches in length, which is suitable for small children. However, I definitely suggest you watch your kid during the playtime. It’s great for boosting muscle control and hand-eye coordination like any other fishing set.

Fishing sets are generally the same. However, this one has quality. If you want to pay a little more and have the best-looking set with high-quality, this one should be good for you!

O-Toys 67 Pieces Fishing Toy Bath Magnetic Toys

This set has its own pool so your kid can play it outside of the bathroom. I think this set is more suitable for kids above 3-4 years of age. However, it’s a huge set, and it can work for almost any kid out there. There are many sea creatures inside this set. It also comes with three different poles, which means your kid can enjoy this set with his or her peers!

This set is a big one. You can play this set as a family or a big group. I can suggest this one if you are looking for a big set. However, some of the customers reported that pole sizes are tiny. Please keep that in mind before you buy the set!

John Deere Farm Pond Fish Adventure

John Deere Farm Pond Fish Adventure

I think this is the most realistic fishing rod out there, look at the rod and reel. The design and quality of the product are absolutely perfect. The rod is also able to play fishing sounds, which are great for engaging with your children. It also comes with five different vibrant colored fishes for catching. This toy is suitable for kids above three years of age because it will be really hard for kids below age 3.

This is a great set. However, if your kid puts the battery part in the water, the sound function will die. If your kids are a little bit small, you might be better off looking at the other sets!

Agooding Magnetic Fishing Playset

2D Fishing Toys for Kids

When I found this set, I got pleased because it’s made of a hundred percent wood. There are not too many sets out there like this one! The fishing poles still have magnets attached to it. It comes with 14 different designed fishes that can be caught with the magnetic rod. There is a small part in the middle of the fishes that are magnetized for the catch.

This is a great set, and it has the quality, your kid can easily catch the fishes because of the quality. The magnets don’t come off easily, although it’s made of wood! I can definitely suggest this set for kids between 2 and 5 years of age!

ATETION Master Of Fishing

attractive fishing toys for kids

This set is definitely, and it will catch your kid’s attention in a few seconds! You can start it with a simple key. There are also four different music options in the device. This product is green friendly. It doesn’t contain any harmful materials. You can easily enjoy this set with your kid because it has two poles in it. The colors are bright and shiny.

You can get this one if you have trouble keeping your kid’s attention on the toy. This set is made of vibrant colors, and it will definitely attract your kid with the music and other functions in it!


The toys we placed above are great for any toddler out there. They are great for improving hand-eye coordination in young kids. It requires an immense amount of coordination to catch the fishes in the water. Your kid has to carefully adjust the pole to catch the fishes. This greatly improves hand-eye coordination and dexterity in the young kids. There are some real models that have fishing reels on them. They will create a more realistic fishing environment, and they will force your kid to use his or her brain!

Such toys are also great for keeping busy small kids. They are essential when it comes to bathing. You can quickly get your kid active in the water with these fishing toys for kids. If you are having trouble with keeping your baby sane in the water, you can try bathing toys or fishing toys on this list!

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