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We are using all kinds of social media nowadays! Parents have a hard time portraying themselves as a family and this cause some insecurity issues! The social media you use can be different than other parents. Most of the families use Instagram because they can have more followers and display their life as a family! They can also follow other families and learn about their approach when it comes to raising kids or having fun. You can learn various things by following other parents in social media! The social media is a highly popular thing and it’s definitely one of the most important things in the 21st century.

Technology made it really easy to get information. This is a great thing if you think about, however, is it right to lean on social media all of the time! You have to be a perfect example for your kid and using social media constantly is not one of the qualities you should want! The social media put enormous stress on most of the people. You have to teach your kid to be just themselves, nobody can be perfect and everybody has flaws. Social media does a really good job of hiding these flaws! You should always teach your kid best qualities and family can teach to their children.

Technology has made it easier to simplify people’s lives by getting the information they need within a matter of seconds but are parents setting the right examples for their children by portraying themselves as people they are not. Parents can’t raise their children to be perfect or the expectations and stress will be an enormous burden on the backs of their children. Parents can teach their children that they don’t have to be perfect and just be themselves. Honesty is always one of the best qualities any family can teach their children.

Most Popular Social Media

Instagram is definitely the most used social platform out there. It’s really easy to gain some followers and audience there. There are some rules you have to follow make sure read the user’s policy before you jump in. You can post almost all kind of pictures unless it doesn’t contain any nudity. You should also stay away from hate speech and other general bad behaviors.

What You Can Post on Instagram

In my opinion, you should always look for an emotional response from your audience. You have to be careful about what you are posting because family pictures should be funny and beautiful. These are the most popular family pictures on Instagram nowadays. You have to look out for positive responses and stay away from negativity! If you love posting food pictures make sure you ask questions to your audience to get them involved. There are some good questions you can ask like ” will my kids like these meals?” or something like that. If you don’t have good food cooking skills don’t post it unless you are pro. You should always have to be funny and sassy in a way so you can get an emotional response from your audience.

If you want to post some quotes don’t put them on pictures of your family. You can always use description to add those quotes. You should not have an ego when you are posting. It can push people away because of the nature of it! You should try to take pictures which are unique. Unique pictures tend to get more visitors than other pictures.

Daily Picture Limit

You should not post more than three pictures daily. However, Instagram is not too strict about this rule. You can break this one if you are posting something really unique. Fashion pics of family or vacation pictures are okay! These are suitable for additional pictures. If you are re-posting other user’s pictures make sure you wait a while before you post the picture. You should never post after the original poster. It’s wise to wait sometime and let the dust settle.

Coloring and Filters

We all want to look beautiful especially women. They might have special clothes and they want to look beautiful in it. Filters should be used carefully in my opinion! You can get away with filters most of the time but you should proceed with caution. Most of the time, filters make look picture better than before. You can also always use black and white filters when it comes to Instagram. They are generally great at hiding flaws.

You can also use some coloring if you don’t like the pattern of the picture. Some pictures can look really different if you know how to play with colors!

Look Out for Hashtags

Hashtags are cool and most people love them. However, you should never go over the limits of Instagram. You can post as many as you like however they get less effective. I generally suggest 4-6 hashtags for most of the posts. If you want to add some details, of course, you can use hashtags and that’s perfectly fine! You should make sure the hashtags you use are suitable for your post. If you are out there eating with your family you can use some silly with a hashtag. You must not use the classic hashtags everyone using. They are overly used and most of the time they people push away. You should find something suitable for your family. Just try to be original!


Likes are the most important feature of Instagram. You should always get around %10 likes for your picture. This means if you have 1000 followers you should get around 100 likes per post at least. If you are not getting these amounts of likes you are doing something wrong. You should also stay away from like your own pictures if you have a very small amount of likes. Sometimes other social media platforms might be better for your family, you should keep that in mind too.


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