15 Best Explorer Kits for Kids in 2019

Explorer kits for kids are beneficial when it comes to educational and stem toys. These kits are a perfect way to make your kid love nature and explore it. If your kid is a curious one and you are looking ways to keep the kid busy, you should look into these explorer kits. There are tons of products in the market which are specially designed for this occasion. I listed the top 15 explorer kits for kids in 2019 for you, make sure you check every one of them to find something suitable for your needs.

Top Explorer Kits for Kids





INNOCHEER Outdoor Explorer Kit

  • Great wildlife exploration kit for kids.
  • The materials look pretty basic, and the colors are vibrant enough to attract kids.
  • Suitable for kids above three years of age.
  • It’s easy to carry around, thanks to the canvas bag.
  • Binoculars for kids are pretty useful. The eye area is also protected with rubbers, which won’t cause any harm to your kid’s eyes.
  • The flashlight is self-energizing, which is great for kid usage.

You don’t need to use batteries for the flashlight, which is excellent. Your kids can easily use this one since it’s straightforward to use. The price of the package is also low compared to other products. If you are looking for a basic explorer kit for kids, you can buy this one!

Mixi Outdoor Explorer Kit

  • The set is suitable for kids above three years of age.
  • Your kid can use it to twelve years of age.
  • The package is pretty big. It has all of the necessary thinks in addition to scissors.
  • Great stem toy for kids. It will improve the learning process in real good.
  • You can make your kid get used to camping, hiking, and traveling.
  • 4×30 binoculars are fun to use by kids.
  • The price is average compared to other products.

The material quality doesn’t seem that good, and colors are dull, in my opinion. You can still get this one if you like the additional products in the explorer kit.

Mini Explorer 9-in-1 Explorer Kit for Kids

  • It’s a great starter explorer kit for kids.
  • It has nine different pieces in it, which will increase your kid’s outdoor love in seconds.
  • The set looks exceptionally realistic thanks to its color and design!
  • This kit will hugely motivate your kid to explore nature and outdoors.
  • Binoculars are perfect for watching animals and birds from a distance.
  • The magnifying glass can be used to study insects.
  • %100 money-back guarantee.

If you are looking for a realistic-looking explorer set for your kids, you can get this one! This set works exceptionally well with all of its materials. I suggest this one.

Born Toys Explorer Kit for Kids

  • Seven-piece exploration set for kids works well.
  • It can work as a gift. Your kid can use this one for Halloween.
  • The safari cargo vest looks funny in real life.
  • The clothes in the set will motivate your kid to explore nature.
  • Suitable for kids above five years of age.
  • The flashlight works with batteries, which might be a problem for some parents.
  • It can be used as a pretend play toy.

The clothes make this one a great pretend play too. You can play roleplay games with this one! The flashlight works with batteries, which might be a problem. Other than that, the product is excellent and works, okay!

Moody Goat 21 – Pcs Outdoor Explorer Gear Deluxe Play Set for Kids

  • One of the most significant sets in the market.
  • It has all of the necessary materials in addition to luxury products.
  • This deluxe set has everything your kid needs for a nature adventure.
  • The compass works perfectly for teaching your kid directions.
  • The new set includes a cargo vest and hat.
  • This is a stem toy which will improve the brainpower of your kid.
  • The materials are incredibly high-quality, which makes it last longer than usual!

If you are looking for a high-quality explorer set for kids, you can get this one! It also has a money-back guarantee, which is perfect.

Pathfinder Pandas Kids Explorer Kit

  • The explorers kit has a high quality. The materials are nice.
  • It meets the safety standards, and it doesn’t contain anything harmful.
  • The kit comes with a bonus safari hat, which is loved by kids. Your kid can easily role play games, thanks to that hat!
  • There are insect badges in the kit which can be awarded by parents. You can keep your kid motivated with ease.
  • This one is a perfect educational gift for any kid out there. It will make your kid excited!
  • The explorer kit is suitable for kids above four years of age, but I suggest this one for kids above six years of age!

The set has binoculars that add some reality to the set! The compass is also significant for teaching your kid about directions. I suggest this one if you are looking for a cheap explorer kit for your kid!

Explorer Kids Outdoor Adventure Kit for Kids

    • This is great for developing the love of nature.
    • The set comes with everything your kid needs!
  • The material quality is almost the same as other kits!
  • The binoculars can zoom up to 5x.
  • The backpack is handy.
  • The kit comes with a scavenger hunting kit.
  • You can add this to your cart for hours of fun and learning.

This one is an excellent adventure kit for any kid out there. The material quality is standard. You can pick this one if you like the design!

Essenson Outdoor Explorer Kit & Bug Catcher Kit with Binoculars

  • One of the biggest kits out there.
  • The binoculars and compass are high-quality. Your kid can sense the quality of them.
  • The magnifying glass could be better for the price, but it still does the job effectively!
  • Safari hat is high-quality compared to other explorer kits!
  • The bug catcher works well, which will help your kid to see nature correctly.
  • You can teach your kid about basic directions and map reading with ease.

The flashlight is hand-charged, so you have to keep it ready for your kid! This might be a downside, but the size of this set puts this behind! The set comes with everything your kid needs and pretty adequate, in my opinion!

Born Toys Premium Explorer Kit

  • The set is all green, which is designed to make your kid love nature.
  • The materials are made of the usual quality.
  • You are getting a flashlight for this price, which is rare.
  • The set is not that big, but the material quality is excellent.
  • It has functional binoculars that work pretty well!
  • The real flashlight comes with batteries, which are a plus.

This set is suitable for kids above four years of age. I suggest this one if you are looking for a beautiful set.


GINMIC Kids Explorer Kit

  • This is a seven-piece explorer kit that can be bought if you are not sure your kid is interested in the topic!
  • The material quality is pretty good, but the pieces are low, in my opinion, but it still does the job efficiently!
  • The binoculars and flashlights have better quality than other products in the market.
  • I like the colors of this explorer kit. It will enhance your kid’s look in seconds!
  • It will encourage your kid to be a  brave explorer, which is crucial for improving your kid’s self-confidence! ,
  • The binocular can magnify the objects by 5x, which is a significant amount.
  • The vest and hat have a fresh design, and they look pretty real, in my opinion!
  • The gift set comes with a 12-month guarantee.

If you are looking for a high-quality set at a reasonable price, you should pick this one! The set is a little bit small compared to other products on the list; however, it has the quality!


Xplorerz 23-PACK Outdoor Explorer Kit For Kids

  • The package is so big, but the number is exaggerated, in my opinion. The set has useless products like plastic animals.
  • The materials have excellent quality for a little kid!
  • The extra stuff can be used like toys, which are great for little kids!
  • I liked the quality of the bag! It also has a beautiful design which can be used for other activities!
  • Bug kit is pretty helpful for curious kids! The new toys can encourage the kid to explore.
  • The kit is suitable for kids above four years of age!

This can be bought as a gift since it comes with all of the necessary stuff. The design of the bag is loved by kids, which makes it a great alternative. If you are looking for an explorer kit which also has some toys in it, you can prefer this one!

Windco Kids Explorer Kit

  • This one is great for developing outdoor skills. It can encourage your kid to be active, which is crucial nowadays.
  • It’s an excellent toy for developing physical and mental skills.
  • The binoculars have standard quality, and magnifying glass could be better.
  • The set has a reasonable price, which is average compared to other products.
  • It’s a little bit small compared to other products.
  • The set is suitable for kids above three years of age!

The product has a lovely warranty. You can return it anytime you want! The quality is average compared to other products. You can try this one as an alternative, but there are better products on the list!

Kidz Xplore Outdoor Explorer Set 20 pc

  • The price is perfect for 20 pieces. It has everything your kid needs.
  • The binoculars have good quality for the price.
  • The bug kit is handy and complete.
  • This explorer set doesn’t contain anything unnecessary. Your kid can use all of the items.
  • It also has a birdwatching kit, which is pretty unique.
  • The rubber eye protection is excellent for the safety of the kid. Your kid can also carry the set around quickly, thanks to the neck strap.

I like the design of this explorer set. It comes with everything necessary. The colors are great, which are suitable for little kids out there. You can quickly help your kid to explore outdoors with this set. It makes camping trips fun because this set provides value with great kits inside of it.

Unplugged Explorers 9 Piece Outdoor Toys Kids Adventure Kit

  • There are two color options on the sales page. You can pick your desired color. The prices are the same.
  • The set is small compared to other explorer kits in the market.
  • You can find better products out there, but the set has the necessary items that are pretty cool.
  • If you are looking for a small set, you can still use this!

There are better products out there which costs almost the same as this one. However, you can still use this adventure kit since it comes with the essential items.

KAQINU Kids Explorer Kit, 24 PCS Outdoor Adventure Camping Kit

  • I like this set because it has a reasonable price despite the size.
  • However, the set still has some unnecessary items.
  • The binoculars have the same quality as other sets.
  • The magnifying glass could be better.
  • The compass could be better.

If you are looking for a mid-sized adventure set, you can still get this one!

How to Pick Best Explore Adventure Kits for Kids?

This article is tough to write because there are tons of brands in the market right now. They almost have the same quality, which makes it hard to review the products. However, the explorer kits still have some differences, which can be noticed if you know what you are doing. If you want to have the best explorer kit for kids, you should be careful about the factors I’m going to list here. The elements are price, kit size, material quality. There are more factors, but I will get all of them in a few headings so you can understand better.

Kit Size

Explorer kits are starting around ten pieces, which are pretty adequate, in my opinion. If your kid is to explore, you can begin with one these sets. Explorer kits like this are handy when it comes to beginners. They provide you with necessary materials like a compass, flashlight, binoculars, magnifying glass, and a bag. These are the essential stuff a kit should have. These basic kits have all of the required materials so your kid can start adventure quickly. You can move on to more complex sets over time if your kid wants to continue his or her quest to explore.

There are sets bigger than 20 pieces. These sets can work great if you are buying them for bigger kids. They have new stuff like bug kits, flower kits, and so on! The complexity of the set should be suitable for the age of your kid, in my opinion. If your kid is an experienced adventurer, you should buy bigger explorer kits for kids! These kits come with everything your kid needs so that the kid won’t get bored quickly. I’ve listed five big sets in this article so you can check them out!

Material Quality

The material quality of the explorer kits is generally close to each other! However, there are some outliners on this topic! If you want a high-quality set, you should inspect the binoculars and flashlights, in my opinion. You can find the best product by just examining these pieces! Most of the kits use cheap materials and don’t have the necessary quality! If you want your kid to have a pleasant experience, you should listen to what I’ve said.

The bag quality also changes a lot. Most of the bags are made of nylon. However, there are some bags out there that are made of real leather. You can get serious and buy one of these kits if your kid is serious about exploring!


The explorer kits have prices that are close! It makes it hard to distinguish which is one is good or bad! However, there somethings you can make sure so you can get the best explorer kit for kids! You have to check the quality of the most important items of an explorer kit! These items are compass, binoculars, and flashlights! If the set has a high-quality compass and flashlight, it deserves a nice amount of money!


The product qualities are pretty close, in my opinion. However, there are some lovely products on the list! You can still search for other products online if you want to. It’s wise to do some research online so you can understand the material quality of the products! You can ask some questions about sales representatives or check the quality of the toy by yourself! Make sure you leave comments below so we can discuss the products! These are my tips about finding the best explorer kit for kids! I hope it will be helpful for your journey!

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