EverEarth Wooden Garden Activity Cube EE33285 Review

EverEarth Wooden Garden Activity Cube EE33285

EverEarth Wooden Garden Activity Cube EE33285


  • This is a highly stimulating toy for any toddler out there.
  • Perfect wooden garden activity cube for any kid.
  • Suitable for kids above 12 months of age.
  • It’s also a great toy for socializing. Your toddler can easily enjoy this beautiful toy with his or her peers.
  • Painting is absolutely perfect on this product. High-quality water-based painting.
  • It comes with creative shapes including; cubes, triangle and beads.
  • The product is made in China, but it’s high quality.
  • Four side panels are made of plywood.

This is a great wooden toy if you want to make your kid engage in an activity without any noise or lights. The materials are really safe, the water-paint is extremely great. Most of the customers are really satisfied with the quality of the paint. Beads are tied inside the lines, they won’t come out easily. Therefore you don’t have to worry about choking. I can definitely suggest this toy for toddlers above 9 months of age.

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