ECR4Kids SoftZone Lincoln Tunnel Foam Climber Review

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  • This one is great for preschool children. It has a really great size and suitable for team play, three or four toddlers can play with this beautiful toy at the same time. They can practice teamwork and do physical activities on this one together! Can you imagine two toddlers trying to climb the top of this toy while helping each other? This is what develops social skills and you should be aware of that as a parent.
  • It’s made of soft but durable material. Polyurethane is really sturdy and it’s not harmful to your toddlers’ health!
  • Colours are really bright and shiny, most of the toddlers are loving it!
  • It encourages activity which is great for obese children. You can also take a look at gymnastic equipments for toddlers if you have obese kids!
  • You can easily use this one inside your house or a playroom.
  • Dimensions:  59.25″ W x 59.5″ D x 15″ H
  • Colours might be different for each product. So, you can ask the seller for a picture.
  • It covers 5×5 area, so keep that in mind before buying it!
  • It comes with velcro strips so you can attach the foam pads with each other.

My Honest Review on ECR4Kids SoftZone Lincoln Tunnel Foam Climber

This is a great product to have, it’s really durable and soft. It’s also really cheap but there are some better products on the market. If you are looking for a cheap activity gym for your toddler you can get this beautiful one! Foam is really strong enough to hold your children! It collapses a little when my kid uses it, but my kid is around 90 lbs so, I think it’s normal. Of course, there are more strong and better-looking products on the market but this one is really cheap! If your kid is below age 2 and you are looking for an activity gym this product can do the job for you!

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