ECR4Kids – ELR-12683 SoftZone Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set Review

SoftZone Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set is an activity gym for toddlers! The activity gym for toddlers is highly preferred by the parents. They are great for improving the physical activity levels of the kid! Most of the kids don’t get enough physical activity which can cause problems in the long run! This is extremely crucial for the healthy development of the kid. This product is perfect for improving the physical condition and social skills of your kid! Your kid can enjoy this playset with their friends with ease!

Pros & Cons of the Play Set

  • Perfect activity gym for toddlers.
  • There are three different color choices on the sales page which s perfect for teaching your kid about different colors.
  • The set is great for teaching your kid about geometrical shapes. You can also use it for education by playing little games with your toddler!
  • The toy is suitable for ages between 1 and 4 years old.
  • Bright colors are really good, it will make your toddlers’ experience more long-lasting.
  • Big padded foam shapes are really soft, it’s safe for your children to play!
  • It’s really a durable product, most of the parents sit on it and it doesn’t even bend.
  • Your children can enjoy this activity gym with his or her preschool friends which will allow more socializing.
  • Most of the kids use this product daily for their entertainment.
  • The ramp will allow your children to develop his or her motor skills! Your toddler can find it hard at to beginning but it will definitely improve oneself’s motor skills!
  • You can play various climbing games with your toddler with this beautiful soft tunnel climber toy.
  • You can easily clean the product with a semi-wet cotton cloth.
  • It doesn’t have any flaws it all, I can definitely suggest this activity gym for any family!


This is a great activity gym for your toddler. It can be enjoyed by two toddlers at the same time. They can play various climbing and tunnel passing games with this beautiful product. To be honest, this is a beginner level activity gym. However, it has two functions for your toddler to enjoy. If you want your kid to socialize with his peers, you can get this cheap activity gym for your toddler. It is also beneficial for his or her motor skill development. Your children can even develop some balance and coordination skills! If your kid is below age 2, you should always supervise him or her during the play. I can definitely suggest this one.

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